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Do you always feel like somebody’s watching you? I no longer always feel like somebody’s watching me anymore. In fact, thanks to “tapping” (more on this in a sec) and various psychological principles I’m now totally OK with whatever people think of me. And that is incredibly liberating, especially given that I currently live in the Philippines.

See, being a white guy I stand out here quite a bit. And I don’t feel like somebody’s watching me, many people are watching me! But it doesn’t bother me one bit anymore. Nor does it bother me, when I’m back home in the Netherlands. However, it used to make me extremely awkward and self-conscious.. Especially when I was “out and about”. When I would walk on the street, I was sure everyone was observing me, judging me, and watching my every move. This felt extremely uncomfortable. I was even conscious of the way I walked (how do I swing my arms to look normal, how do I walk in a cool way?) and I was worried about my facial expression. I felt pressure to appear normal, confident and cool at all times. But on the inside I felt anxious, weird and as if I was being stared at the whole time.

I used to walk the newspaper, and even when I wouldn’t see any people in the street, I was still feeling as if someone or some people were starting at me, judging me. Maybe secretly from behind the curtains… I know now it was just my imagination, but at the time it felt so true… When you always feel like somebody’s watching you, scrutinising your every move, you probably suffer from social anxiety. Luckily, you can overcome any and all social anxiety.

“I’m no longer self-conscious”

Since about 7 years or so I don’t always feel like somebody’s watching me anymore. And like I said, the funny thing is that often people are watching me where I live now. In 2008 I traveled for the first time to the Philippines, and lived here for 2 years. Now that I have a lovely two-year-old daughter here, I live here longer-term. I get stared at a lot here. The difference is that now I’m free of social anxiety, it doesn’t bother me anymore.

I have neutralised my emotional reactions to other people looking at me.

As a result, I now either smile and nod my head, wiggle my eyebrows, make a funny face, or simply ignore it. I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore when people are looking at me. This is possible for you to.

If you’re interested in learning HOW, you definitely want to check out my homepage where I share my own story and give you some insights.

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