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My Story

How I Overcame My Social Anxiety

““I suffered from severe social anxiety for over a decade. I faced some of my worst fears (from to approaching women to public speaking, and from purposefully getting myself rejected to purposefully embarrassing myself) and got really disappointing results.

The standard solution to beat social anxiety of “changing thoughts, affirmations, journaling, being mindful and forcefully facing fears” did not work for me…”

I did feel a lot more confident after facing my fears. But the confidence I gained was only temporary…

… a few days later I was back to feeling anxious and insecure.

It did not work. And that was absolutely terrifying…

I feared I’d have to live with my social anxiety for the rest of my life.

In 2006 my despair led me to search for solutions that did work for me. I eventually stumbled upon a powerful emotional release technique that has -with persistence and the help of some brilliant therapists- allowed me to beat my social anxiety completely.

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