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How to Reduce Facial Blushing with EFT Tapping?



In this video…

Sebastiaan emphasizes the power of accepting and normalizing blushing rather than solely focusing on triggers or feelings of shame and embarrassment.

While resolving blushing completely may require significant effort, he suggests a different approach: tapping on accepting the experience of blushing. This will help neutralize negative judgments and uncomfortable emotions.

Discover how acceptance paves the way for lasting change and find more information on getting rid of blushing in this insightful video.

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How do you see EFT tapping to get rid of blushing?

That’s a question I recently received. I’m going to give you an interesting answer today.

The question was, “When I’m doing my tapping, should I be focusing on the things that trigger the blushing? Or should I be focusing on the feeling that I have—the shame or the embarrassment—when I’m blushing?”

And the answer is…


That’s a yes to both questions.

However, what I have found is that there’s a way to address the blushing that actually gets you better results more quickly.

There are lots of causes for blushing. There are certain identity beliefs, like “there’s something wrong with me”. There are stuck feelings of shame, embarrassment, and humiliation from past experiences. There are a whole bunch of other things going on.

It actually requires quite a bit of work for most people in order to resolve facial blushing completely.

However, rather than just focusing on how to get rid of it, what I found to be very powerful is tapping on accepting facial blushing.

Before you sign off, hear me out.

I had been tapping on blushing for many years, and had reduced a lot of my Social Anxiety already. But the blushing would just be such a sticky issue. I couldn’t get rid of it.

Until I eventually worked with my mentor.

When we had these sessions, we were actually tapping into normalizing the experience of blushing, no longer beating myself up and judging myself for it.

Rather than just focusing on getting rid of it, the intention you want to have when doing your tapping is to first focus on coming to terms with the blushing.

You can ask yourself,

“Am I okay with the fact that I’m blushing?”

Likely, your answer is going to be,

“Of course I’m not!”

Then you might ask,

“Why not? What’s so bad about it?”

And then your answer might be,

“It means that I’m weak.”

That’s your belief system. You can then start tapping into that belief.

Even though I believe that I’m weak because I’m blushing, it makes me weak, a loser, pathetic, whatever the judgment is.”

“I accept myself and my feelings.”

Then tap to neutralize the belief that blushing equals weakness.

You might ask yourself,

“Is it okay for me to blush?”
“If not, why not?”

Another question you might want to ask yourself is,

“When I blush and other people see it, what does it mean about me?”
“What do they think when they see me blush?”

Most of this is just in your mind. Most of this is just an exaggeration.

But you might come up with things like,

They think less of me.
They think I’m pathetic.
They think I’m just a boy.
They think I’m shy.

Whatever it is that you think they think, it likely has emotions connected to it.

Let’s say you think that they believe that when you blush, it means you are inferior. When you actually consider that they think you’re inferior, you might think of a past time when you blushed.

They saw you blushing, and you recalled that.

When you recall that, it probably gives you all sorts of uncomfortable feelings. Those are the feelings you want to tap on.

In other words, what does blushing mean?

Nothing in life has any meaning except for the meaning that you give it. When blushing in your mind means weakness or that you’re a loser, then every time you blush, those beliefs will perpetuate the blushing cycle.

What you want to get to is,

It’s okay when I blush.
It doesn’t mean anything negative about me when I blush.

Anything that you can come up with that counters that, like “I shouldn’t blush because it makes me weak.”

That’s a belief to tap on.

“I am not okay when I blush.”

That’s something to tap on.

“If other people see me blush, they don’t want to hang around with me.”

That’s something to tap on.

Anything and everything that’s in the way of you being okay with blushing and being okay with yourself when you blush is a very valuable tapping target.

As you start chipping away at all of these tapping targets, you become more and more okay with the blushing. You become more and more okay with yourself.

Surprisingly, that’s actually going to reduce the blushing, and it creates fertile ground for the blushing to disappear completely.

Acceptance is a prerequisite for lasting change. It wasn’t until I accepted my blushing that I actually got rid of all of it completely. So, get tapping and work on accepting it.

For more information on how to get rid of blushing using tapping, check out this video.

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