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Turn The Eye Of Judgement Around And Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You

Let’s talk about the eye of judgement. You know what it is right? It’s that feeling that everyone is staring at you, paying attention to your every move. Silently judging you…

In the previous article I told you about some basic things to do when making eye contact. And in this particular article I am going to give you the most powerful mindset to take when you are still struggling with what other people think of you.

But before I go any further…

…Let me be a bit direct, blunt and totally honest with you about this issue as I had to deal with this for way too long. What you have to realize is this:

“What other people think of you is none of your business. It’s theirs. You cannot change it. And the things you cannot change, you should accept. That’s it. Be OK with it. It’s fine, think away people!”

Now that that’s out of the way.. Onto the mindset to take to

Turn The Eye Of Judgement Around

So how do we do this? Well normally I go into dealing with emotions and limiting beliefs (which is always the best way and will follow in the next articles), but this time you can actually logically turn this around in your mind.

What is the eye of judgement?

Well, it’s the “knowing” you have that makes you feel as if everyone is judging you. Constantly!

But are they really? It that really a fact?

Let me ask you some questions….

  • Are you afraid of people judging you?
  • Do you always want to look good?
  • Do you avoid looking bad at all cost?

I bet that were three yes’s…

Well, then consider this:

“Almost e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e is like that! Everyone is afraid of the eye of judgement. It’s human nature to always want to look good and never look bad. So basically everyone has a fear of social anxiety.

Now I of course know that since you are reading this, you probably have a more intense form of social anxiety. And so did I, that’s why

I’m writing this article for YOU.

So you can take advantage of this knowledge and turn the eye of judgement around.


Think of it in this way…

If you are concerned about looking good and afraid of looking bad… And everyone else is as well…

Then everyone is doing the same stupid thing!


Because others are busy trying to look good and avoid looking bad as well…

…then they are not judging you!

So What Do Others Think?

Most people, like 99% of all people are too concerned with themselves to be judging you!

People are egotistic and self centered like that. You see this when you go out to a social gathering. Everyone is trying to be cool, look good and avoid looking bad.

Only friends talk to each other because they’re afraid of doing something uncool and look bad. They fear the eye of judgement.

Don’t get me wrong, I was like this as well. But you can turn it around!

Others simply care more about looking good and avoiding looking bad themselves, than that they care about a stranger looking bad or being insecure.

Think about yourself in these situations.

Do you care more about how you come across or how some random stranger comes across?

That’s right, you are more concerned about how you come across.

Well, so it is for everyone else!

And even for people you already know it’s the same story. We all want to look good and avoid looking bad. It’s rare for people to truly not care. And trust me, you want to become that rare person as well.

You’ll live a free life full of joy and fun!

So anyway, we’re all actually playing the same stupid game where we care about what others think. While others care about what we think of them!

It’s actually pretty funny when you think about it…

But the good thing is that since everyone is too concerned with themselves to be judging you anyway, you can turn the eye of judgment around.

Just know that others are not judging you, that they are too busy with how they themselves come across.

When this epiphany hit me, I wanted to believe it badly. Was all my anxiety away at once? No, we’re living in the real world here.

But did it make a difference when I felt the eye of judgement? You bet!

I would just tell myself, “Well, they are too concerned with themselves anyway, so they are not judging me, even though it might feel like that. So I can feel calm and relax”.

And this would get me to be way less anxious.

I then turned this into an affirmation and I suggest you do the same. This is the affirmation:

“I feel comfortable because I know that people are too concerned with themselves to be judging me.”

In Closing…

I believe it’s better to be smart than to be intelligent. So be smart here, and turn the eye of judgement around. Stand out. Be the one to think to yourself:

“Hey, since everyone is already too busy about how they come across, judging themselves, they have no time to be judging me!”
And in the rare occasion that someone is actually judging you…

Hey, whatever he/she thinks of me is none of my business. It’s theirs. I choose to accept whatever they might think of me. I’m OK with it. It’s fine, think away people!

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