Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching You?

Do you always feel like somebody’s watching you?

Thankfully, I no longer always feel like somebody’s watching me anymore. But I used to feel like this constantly. Especially when I was “out and about”.

When I would walk on the street, I was sure everyone was observing me, judging me, and watching my every move. This felt extremely uncomfortable.

I was conscious of the way I walked (how do I swing my arms to look normal, how do I walk in a cool way?) and I was worried about my facial expression.

I had to appear normal, confident and cool at all times.

But on the inside I felt anxious, weird and as if I was being stared at the whole time.

I used to walk the newspaper, and even when I wouldn’t see any people in the street, I was still feeling as if someone or some people were starting at me, judging me. Maybe secretly from behind the curtains…

It was most probably just my imagination, but it just felt like that.

When you always feel like somebody’s watching your every move, you probably suffer from social anxiety.

If this is the case you came to the right place. Because this site is all about helping you overcome any and all social anxiety.

Do I still feel like that?

Since about 4 years or so I don’t always feel like somebody’s watching me anymore. And the funny thing is, most of the time people ARE watching me where I live now.

I love to travel and am interested in new cultures and I love sunny weather. So this year I’m living in Cebu, the Philippines. Being a white guy is kind of a rarity here, so I get stared at a lot.

The difference is that now I’m free of social anxiety, it doesn’t bother me one bit.

I smile and nod my head, I wiggle my eyebrows, make a funny face, stick out my tongue, ignore it or whatever. I just play with it when I feel like it, and other times I simply ignore it.

I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore when people are looking at me.

Read here how you can feel comfortable too…

And if you are ready to completely overcome your social anxiety NOW, getting coached from the comfort of your own home and the ease of sitting behind your PC, my Skype Coaching Packages where we use the power of EFT is what you are looking for to achieve social confidence in ALL social situations.


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