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The Social Phobia Syndrome Secret

The big problem with social anxiety syndrome (social phobia syndrome) is that it is such an unknown mental disease. Most people suffering from it don’t know that they are actually having a disorder.

A disorder that is treatable and curable!

How about yourself?

Are you suffering from it?

Maybe you have heard or read somewhere that what you are suffering from is something that might actually be considered as social anxiety syndrome. Or maybe you have searched for this because you suspect someone you care for suffering from it.

Either way, to find out your level of social anxiety, you can take the “official” social anxiety test here.

In this particular article I will go into the reasons why people keep their social phobia syndrome to themselves.

I’ll then inform you about the negative consequences of keeping it to yourself and not taking any action towards recovery, and I’ll finish up with advice on what your first steps need to be to overcome the syndrome.

Why Is Social Anxiety Syndrome So Unknown?

Aside from the reason I stated above, there are several other reasons why social anxiety syndrome is so unknown.

Since many people develop social anxiety syndrome when they are in puberty, they (and their parents as well), associate it with the changes that belong to puberty. But social phobia syndrome is not merely “a phase” in puberty…

When I developed my social phobia, I like many others, had no idea that it was an actual disorder.

I just knew that I was feeling very insecure and couldn’t be myself in social situations anymore.

I felt intense negative emotions and was constantly afraid of being in the spotlight, doing something stupid or becoming embarrassed. The emotions were so intense that I avoided most social situations.

And while doing so, I was on my own a lot of the time. While being alone, I would beat myself up internally about how much of a loser I was. And I constantly questioned myself as to why I just couldn’t be normal and enjoy a happy social life.

Because of this, I became really ashamed of myself and my “condition”.

I did not want to tell anyone, I wanted to keep it a secret. Even to my own mom I couldn’t tell it. I was ashamed of not being the strong kid that I believed she expected me to be. I didn’t want to be “weak” and was ashamed for the fact that I in my own eyes was a weak person.

If you are reading this and you have the social anxiety syndrome, know that you are NOT weak. This is not your fault. Social phobia is something that is in your mind, and your mind has caused this mental disorder to serve you.

But, how?! You might ask…

Too much to get into on this page, but you can read that here.

And aside from that, I had no idea that this could be treated! I thought there was something wrong with me. Something that I had to deal with for the rest of my life. And if I would tell to other people that I was so insecure, they would sure make my life even more of a hell.

This thinking is part of the massive amount of irrational beliefs people with social anxiety syndrome have to suffer from.

The reality is, most friends and people that care for you would love to help you out…

But I decided to keep it a secret. And I believe many people do the same which is why social anxiety syndrome is so unknown.

Consequences Of Keeping Social Anxiety Syndrome “A Secret”

Now I was very lucky. I somehow stumbled onto information that explained me how the mind works. And that whatever I was feeling could be changed for the better. As long as I would change my mind.

This gave me hope and motivated me to never give up and keep going until I reached the social confidence and social life I desired.

Since you are reading this right now, you are that lucky too. So please don‘t decide to keep your social anxiety syndrome a secret, because things can get really bad. Especially if you decide to be “the victim” and feel sorry for yourself while doing nothing towards recovery.

Because if you decide to be the victim, let me shake you up a little bit with some awful facts…

A social phobia will not solve itself. It’s not something that you “grow out of”. In fact, most likely it will get worse if you decide not to do something about it. Your negative thinking and low expectations and feelings of hopelessness might turn into depression.

You might reject job offers, live an isolated life and deteriorate the little social skills that you still have. Getting a partner and having sexual relationships will be close to impossible. And you might even start to hate the world and resent people in general.

This is just a little bit of how bad it can get…

The good thing is, you can decide today to take steps forward towards your recovery.

You can be socially confident in all situations and leave a happy, satisfying life with an amazing social life.

But YOU have to take the first step. And getting help is a great idea and I strongly suggest you do so.

The Start Of Killing Your Social Anxiety Syndrome

The first step in overcoming a problem is always to be aware of it and to acknowledge it.

Admit to yourself that you have a problem. And that if you don’t take action, you won’t get any better.

Then get into acceptance. Accept yourself despite your imperfections and accept your situation despite all the problems associated with it. Accept responsibility for your own life.

Once you are there, start building your future.

Easier said than done, I know. But look at it from this point:

“If I decide to take steps forward to overcoming my social anxiety syndrome, and I work on it with all that I got, my life will continue to get better each and every day”

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