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22. Check out this powerful and simple healing technique

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In this episode…

I interview the developer of TAT; Tapas Fleming. An awesome Energy Psychology technique you would love knowing about so you can start using it to shed your social anxiety.

She says: “A lot of people feel like “oh I really want to release this, why haven’t I released this, what’s my problem why am I holding on to it?!”.. but it’s not something a person is doing consciously. It’s not in conscious control unless you’ve got a technique, unless you’ve got a way to connect with that (referring to what you want to release).

It’s kind of like talking to your computer and saying “turn on!” and then complaining “why is it not turning on? why is it not working? what’s wrong with me?” But you need a keyboard to be able to turn it on. You have to have a way in. TAT is a way to get in.

One of the cool things about TAT is that you don’t have to talk about it, think about it, or figure anything out. You don’t have to look for any deep inner causes, you don’t have to dig or search, you just deal with whatever’s up. Ow, I feel like I can’t breathe when I’m in a group of people.. and I start to sweat.. well, then you just work with that; you work with whatever’s there for you.”

Tapas’s bio:

After facilitating personal growth for many years, Tapas Fleming became interested in physical and energetic healing. She became a Licensed Acupuncturist and began her practice in 1987, specializing in the treatment of allergies. Searching for a simple, effective treatment, she developed TAT in 1993. Tapas soon realized that in addition to relieving her patients’ allergic reactions, TAT was clearing the effects of their past stressful or traumatic experiences in an easy, gentle way. Now she’s one of the most celebrated leaders in energy psychology.

Quoting Tapas:

“I recommend you keep a journal and take notes because you can get so much better so fast that it’s hard to relate to where you were an hour ago, or 20 minutes ago.”

Tapas’s empowering resource:

Jnaneshwar’s Gita: A Rendering of the Jnaneshwari

Tapas’s favourite quote

“Love is the only path. Love it the only GOD. Love is the only scripture. Inscribe this verse on your heart if you want to realise the dreams of growth.
-Papa G”

Tapas’s website:

Tapas’s website is here

Other resources mentioned

Biology of belief – Bruce Lipton

Get her Free PDF “How to do TAT” on her website, here

Her suggested webinars:
“Getting over bing a victim webinar”
“Healing rape and sexual abuse”
Can be found at the product section of her website, here

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