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Irrational Beliefs Are The Main Cause Of Your Negative Emotions

Knowing about what irrational beliefs are and being able to track them and change them will dramatically influence your life.

Find them, get rid of them and put other beliefs in place and you will change how you interpret the same experience. And doing so will result in positive emotions.

The article below will inform you on how to go about this. Good, what are irrational beliefs?

As explained earlier in belief system a belief is a thought/idea you have made real. And the accumulation of all your beliefs is called a belief system.

And, to repeat it once more (it‘s that important), our belief system is the lens through which we look at the world, through which we experience reality.

So when we change the beliefs, we change how we experience reality. In other words, when we change our beliefs about reality, we change how we feel (about reality)! Here comes my definition of irrational beliefs… Sit tight!

Irrational, negative beliefs are the beliefs that are not logical and/or the beliefs that are not serving you. But they feel as if it they’re very real. Now because it feels so real you are convinced it is the absolute truth.

They may be for example, beliefs about how possible it is to overcome your social anxiety. And how easy or difficult it will be to do so. How capable you believe yourself to be and who you believe you are as a person (“I am unworthy” is an irrational belief for example).

They may be beliefs about other people, beliefs about what things mean and beliefs about the world. The key here is to track the irrational, negative beliefs that are the major contributors to our social anxiety.

They cause you to think from a limited, pessimistic and paranoid perspective. You’re constantly thinking:

——–“What if X will happen?!”——–
What IfX Will Happen

I had a whole bunch of irrational beliefs.

A big one that was a major contributor to my social anxiety was that I thought everyone was out to get me.

Either to make fun of me, to try to embarrass me or even to fight me.

Now that I’ve changed that belief to one that makes me feel more comfortable life is much better.

I’ve changed it to:

Everyone wants to be my friend and wants to make me feel good

And because I’ve now convinced myself that the above belief is true I’m now living in a much friendlier world. Did the world around me change?

Nope, not one bit. I only changed my beliefs (in other words, how I view the world) and because of that I feel different about the world.

Now I obviously didn’t only have to change one belief and voila I’m over my social anxiety. I wish it was that easy! No, it’s all those irrational, negative beliefs together (the negative part of your belief system) that are causing the negative emotions that are responsible for your social anxiety.

When you look through the lens of “everyone is out to get me” you interpret anything that might possibly mean they are “out to get you” as the absolute truth and you will react accordingly. This will cause confusing and uncomfortable situations.
For example…

Take my old irrational belief “everyone is out to get me”.
out to get me
Say you have that belief as well. Then in a certain situation you might sense somebody being “out to get you” and you might muster up the courage and say something about it and stick up for yourself…

…Then that person that according to you is “out to get you” reacts by saying he was laughing because of something else and asks you what your problem is… jeez!

Then you will in turn interpret that as if he’s setting the whole thing up just to get a rise out of you and make you feel embarrassed…

And so it goes on… It’s all so stupid! Your negative, irrational beliefs are responsible for this and in a coming article I’ll tell you how, once you’ve traced them, you can change those negative, irrational beliefs into positive beliefs that serve you.

Because when you change the belief and look through the lens of “everyone wants to be my friend and make me feel good”, you will interpret the same situation described above completely different.

And even when someone might actually be “out to get you” for whatever reason, you most likely interpret that otherwise as well. You then might think he’s just playfully teasing you to show some affection. “Wow, that dude is really a nice guy, trying to keep the conversation going“. And you might tease him back for fun or laugh at his harsh intended comment.

What happens is you filter the incoming information differently.

Because remember:

Nothing in life has any meaning, only the meaning YOU give it. In other words, the beliefs you have formed are because of the meaning you have given to the world around you. So why not track the irrational beliefs and change them to beliefs that are serving you?

In that way, you filter incoming information through your positive beliefs and make different meaning out of what is happening in the real world. That meaning you give to it is then responsible for your good feelings. What we want, right?

How Do You Find Your Irrational Beliefs?

OK, this could be a little challenging (but that is an irrational belief in and of itself!) , but what you do is you imagine a situation where you find yourself having social anxiety.

For example when you are going to a party and people are going to ask you questions.

Once you have the situation in mind ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I feel uncomfortable in this situation?
  • What’s so uncomfortable about this situation?
  • Why is it so difficult to feel comfortable in this situation?
  • What stops me from feeling comfortable in this situation?
  • What negative things are bound to happen in this situation?
  • What are people thinking of me in this situation?
  • Who am I that I feel uncomfortable in this situation? What does it say about me, my identity?

Now the answers that you come up with are personal and they are your own irrational beliefs. Don’t be surprised if you have a lot. You can have a few, but

you can have 50 or even more as well.

Examples can be:

  • I do not deserve positive attention from people
  • People will try to make me feel uncomfortable
  • I am the ugliest, most insecure and fat person in the world
  • If they ask me about X I will become embarrassed
  • If someone compliments me it’s because they want to get a rise out of me
  • If I get ashamed here everyone will know about it
  • If I say something stupid they will talk bad about me all night long
  • I cannot comfortably speak to people
  • I’m an insecure person

This is what irrational beliefs are. Now the good thing is that you can change your beliefs. From negative beliefs to beliefs that serve you and give you good emotions, the one we like big time!

Check the articles below for how to do this yourself.

The most effective way to totally change your negative beliefs into positive ones and to completely anihilate your social anxiety (this includes changing all the your emotions into positive ones) is through using my Social Confidence System. Here I guide you via articles, audios and videos from social anxiety all the way to social confidence.

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