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24 Interesting Conversation Topics

“What are interesting conversation topics?”

I asked myself that question a few years back when I suffered from social anxiety and wanted to master the art of conversation. I felt I was a boring guy and constantly ran out of things to say.  I often froze up, desperately trying to think of ways to keep a conversation going.

Since it was so awkward I thought I’d gather all topics for conversation I came across so I’d never run out of things to say.

Every time I noticed myself or someone else talking about a great topic, I made a note of it. My list quickly grew to 24 topics for conversation.

In this article I will give you those 24 interesting conversation topics to talk about. You also get general advice on how to easily flow from one topic to the other.

And at [part 2/2] of the conversation topics series you’ll find some conversation exercises to build your conversation confidence.

However, while this advice can help you making better conversations, it’s still the hard way of going about things.

What’s the easy way?

FEELING CONFIDENT in conversations!

And that can be achieved without forcing yourself to awkwardly face your fears.

See, the reason why you don’t feel confident is because of negative limiting beliefs and fears you have. Beliefs like “I’m boring” and “I’m not good enough” and “people don’t like me” along with fears of rejection, disapproval, and looking foolish cause you to feel unsafe socially.

The anxiety that results when you feel unsafe causes your heart to race like crazy, worry about what others think of you, terrified they’ll see your nervousness and so on.

And from that place it’s VERY HARD to think of interesting conversation topics!

Even if you’ve memorised them…

Free of social fears however, you have access to your natural social skills.

And from this place of social confidence you’re just calmly in the moment, you listen to the other person, you naturally pick the right topics and conversation just flows.

You can get to this place of confidence by using a simple emotional release technique to eliminate your social fears and beliefs.

In this powerful video I guide you through an experience of this technique.

By following along, you’ll feel an immediate relief from your social anxiety and you will notice yourself feeling more confident, calm, and at ease.

Once you’re free of your anxiety in social situations and you feel calm and at ease,  picking interesting conversation topics is peanuts.

Pick The Right Topics For Conversation:

To be great in choosing interesting conversation topics, you want to train yourself to become really good at picking up what the other person’s favourite conversation topics are.

You do this by carefully listening to what they’re saying.

When they speak passionately about something, or when they bring up a topic very often, then pick that topic and ask more about it.

The best conversationalists are able to find conversation topics that everyone involved wants to talk about.

The List Of Interesting Conversation Topics:

Before I give you the list, I want to share something helpful…

… when I created the list of conversation topics I started to notice a few things.

After a few months I found out that it’s not really the topic itself that makes the conversation,  but rather the person or people who speak about it.

I started to realise that when you speak with someone, it is important to speak of conversation topics that you are both interested in.

What you consider to be interesting conversation topics might be boring to your conversation partner. And vice versa. When you talk about Star Wars with someone who doesn’t even know the series, YOU might be engaged and enthusiastic…

… but for the other party the conversation will likely be boring.

When the other party starts to talk to you about her uncle’s stamp collection, and you are not passionate about collecting stamps, nor do you know her uncle…

… you will be searching for ways to escape the conversation!

So try to look for topics of conversation that you are both passionate about. This enthusiasm is contagious and makes for great conversations.

This way you both really get into the conversation, you will connect, and everyone will be having a good time.

The 24 interesting conversation topics:

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Passions
  • Music
  • TV shows
  • Hobbies
  • Relationships and dating
  • Family
  • Travel
  • Holiday (Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving etc.)
  • Have you ever…?
  • Adventure
  • Leisure time
  • Food
  • Vacation
  • Clothing and fashion
  • Books
  • Marriage and children
  • Spirituality
  • Social life
  • Gossip
  • What is happening in your environment right now
  • The latest news
  • Something they are wearing / you are wearing and why

When reading the list of interesting conversational topics above, keep in mind that certain topics fit better in the one situation, others better in the other.

Also, the more you converse with people, the better of a feel you get for which conversation topics to talk about.

Practice makes perfect!

And again, if you want to feel naturally confident having conversations with anyone the easiest way is to release your fear and anxiety first.

I found a technique that helped me overcome my social anxiety completely. It isn’t changing your thoughts, deep-breathing and facing your fears…

It’s far more powerful than that.

I have a free social confidence starter kit where I teach you this technique over a series of videos.

Send it over please!

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