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Develop Self Discipline To Solve Social Anxiety

Imagine having the self discipline to accomplish your goals and dreams. What if you would simply follow up on what you say you’re going to do.

Saying hi to that one stranger every day. Keeping your diet and always going to the gym when you have planned to do so. No excuses!

But, that sounds like hard work, I can’t do that!

Wrong. You can do that!

It’s just that you don’t have enough discipline to do so.


In this article, I give you an easily understandable rundown of what self discipline is and how to build your own discipline muscle. In the most effective way possible.

What Is Self Discipline?

It is doing the thing you have planned to do, regardless of your emotional state. You follow through, no matter what.

It is doing the thing that is important, that what builds your self discipline muscle and will get you ahead in life. You ACT, even though you don’t feel like it in the moment.

Why Do We Need Self Discipline?

Without any self discipline you can’t achieve a thing in life. You keep being a slave to your thought patterns and emotions.

“Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward.”

Napoleon Hill

We stay stuck in fear because we are too lazy to do something about it. And we stay overweight because watching TV is more comfortable than the gym.

When you actively try to build our self discipline muscle you are taking control back over your live. You are letting your logic rule.

What this amounts to is being able to get over social anxiety because you can push yourself to do the things that will move you forward in overcoming it.

You can achieve your goals of losing weight, improving your social skills or anything you can think of. With enough discipline, it’s not merely a dream, it will become reality.

Developing this muscle with the tips below will give you a feeling of power, inner strength, control and confidence.

How To Do It Successfully

  • Make improving self discipline as easy as possible: By that, I mean that you should make building the muscle as easy as possible. If it’s saying hi to a stranger, then go to where there are a lot of opportunities to do so!Know the exact place. Know an escape route when it becomes too uncomfortable for you, etc. Plan the whole thing in detail.
  • Hard work: Most goals are difficult to achieve. If it is conquering social anxiety then this is not an overnight thing. It will require hard work. So, expect this. Put in the hard work! Do what is necessary.
  • Eye on the ball: Keep yourself focused on your outcome. Your long term goal. This is the key. Short term thinking causes discouragement which will make you want to throw in the towel and give up.FocusIf you focus on the long term you see a bad day for what it is; just a bad day. Long term thinking causes you to persist when the going gets tough.
  • Not the performance, but the muscle: Whenever you think, you will suck this day anyway, still do it. It’s not about the performance, it’s about showing up and persisting. It’s not about how well you do, it’s important that you do.Showing up and performing really bad is still great because you are building the muscle anyway, because you showed up. Showing up and doing the thing equals building the muscle!|
  • Early in the day: Do the thing you have planned to do as early on in the day as possible. This way you minimize possible worry about the task at hand. And, you also feel confident and proud for the rest of the day after having done it. Nice.
  • Same time: Do the task at the same time every day. This increases the speed of implementation of the new habit. Plus you know what you can expect every single day.
  • 30 days: In general it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to install a new habit. So use your will power to do the thing every day and use your persistence to keep at it for the 30 days.What you will notice is that the first day is the hardest. Then the first week to 10 days there’s a lot of resistance. Your whole system is rejecting the change, it wants to stay comfortable. You have to remind yourself why you are doing this.Then the next 10 days or so it becomes a bit easier. After the 20th day until the 30th it starts to become routine.And then what you will start noticing is that you actually want to do the thing after the 30th day. It’s now more normal for you to do your new habit than it is to go back to your old way of being.

All in all, building self discipline is like building any skill! Challenging in the beginning, but more and more easy and normal the better you get at it. And believe it or not, you will start to like the challenge!

You take one small task that you think you can master for a month and you stick to it. After a month you’ve build up more discipline muscle. Now tackle a bigger challenge. Same procedure. Then after that month an even bigger one.

Once you can do this you become self disciplined and you gain power over your mind, body and emotions. The way to success, happiness and long term fulfillment.

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