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In this episode…

When I suffered bad time, I’d spend an hour writing a simple text message.

“What if I say the wrong thing?”

“Can this be misinterpreted?”

“Do I sound cool? “

“Does this come across needy or lame?”

“Will they understand it, or do I need to explain it clearer?”

“Can I send this already, or should I wait?”

“I hope he doesn’t get upset when I write this.”

Etc etc etc.

And I’ve even debated hitting or not hitting a like button for ages. And then debating afterwards whether or not I made the right decision the whole day!


So, I get it if you worry about being seen, heard, or recognized.

But, you can actually choose to be anonymous.

No need to use a picture. Only use your first name (or heck, even use a fake name).

And hey, if you never make any comments, you can participate completely anonymously!

It’s not necessary to make comments.

However, as you read everyone’s experience under the videos, and you can relate… and you go “OMG, these people are just like me, they get me”..

… you might be inspired to participate after all.

And when your social anxiety is really bad, you might bit by bit begin to climb out of your misery…


Two more days left before we kick-off!

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