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Creating Interesting Conversation Starters

Starting Conversations 101 Part 1/4:

Before you can start using all sorts of interesting conversation starters, it is important to first become comfortable with starting conversations.

To get yourself to become comfortable, read

Become Comfortable Starting A Conversation With Anyone

…and follow the steps. If you’re comfortable enough right now, read on!

This 4 part article will teach you how to use your creative mind to the fullest and start thinking of ways to start conversations in a way that suits your personality.

How To Create Your Own Interesting Conversation Starters

Initiating a conversation is based on timing. There is a right moment to say your conversation starter. So, to come up with one in the moment itself requires complete confidence and awareness.

Since this is quite challenging, especially in the beginning, you can make it much easier for yourself.


Well, you make it much easier by creating your own conversation starters before you will be in the situation.

Let me explain…

There are a few places and situations you find yourself in quite frequently.

Think about standing in line when you are buying something, doing grocery shopping, chatting to someone of the opposite sex in a bar, going to the gym, walking your dog, ordering food, etc.

In these situations you meet a lot of people. People that you can talk to.

But in the moment you might not (be able to spit out one of your interesting conversation starters) know what to say, because you experience some form of anxiety or hesitancy…

… or you might think you have to say the most brilliant, perfect thing ever said in the history of human kind.

Even though that’s not the case, and a simple “Hey, how you doing?” is perfectly fine to open up most conversations, you can create and deliver interesting conversation starters in these moments.

But you have to think of them ahead of time when you‘re starting out.

So you can use your brilliantly creative mind while feeling totally at ease in your own home.

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