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How To Start Conversations

Starting Conversations 101 Part 3/4:

I’d like to give you 2 simple personal examples on how to start conversations so you have an idea of how easy it can be to do this.

Example 1:

I was shopping for soccer shoes a few days ago and I saw two girls walking next to me.

They didn’t notice me and walked next to me.

I observed that they weren’t carrying any bags and I know that a lot of women here just go to the mall to window shop.

So I said to them that they looked like they’ve been strolling around the mall like forever (observation).

They laughed.

I then asked them if they were looking for something special (question), which started a conversation.

That was it!

It’s that simple. Observe something and say it. Most of the time, people will react to it. If not, you can after you state your observation ask a related question. But just stating your observation is great as well.

Example 2:

Last weekend I stepped into the bus to go back to the city and the bus was extremely crowded.
I stepped in at the same time as another guy did. Once we sat down next to each other -both isle seats- I said out loud what I was thinking to thje guy; how I loved that this bus was so spacious and far from crowded.

He didn’t really respond much, just grinned a bit. I was curious where he was from so I asked him. This started a conversation about his country, travel, diving etc.
Now I’m not desperate here to start a conversation with someone. It’s just a habit for me now to share with people what I’m thinking.
Because I have learned how to start conversations consciously first, and have kept doing it until it became a habit, it’s now very easy to meet new people and make new friends.

I’ve found out that almost everyone wants to talk to friendly, confident people.
And the more you do this, the easier it gets for you to just start talking about anything that comes to mind….
OK, you now know how to start conversations. You simply observe what is happening and you then ask a follow up question. Simple!
Now get out there and start having fun conversations with people and make some friends!

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