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EFT Tapping Therapy

EFT Tapping Therapy To Solve Your Social Phobia?

EFT, what is that?Well, EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT therapy is basically an emotional form of accupuncture, execpt we don’t use any needles.

With EFT you tap on specific meridian points on your body while being focused on your problem. In doing so it can eliminate negative emotions and limiting, irrational beliefs.

Now this probably sounds very weird and out there, but stay with me, let me explain. And for scientific proof, visit this page where I have collected research being done on how EFT works.

EFT combines elements of cognitive therapy, somatic intervention, and brief exposure therapy.

It is an amazing tool that you can use to get rid of any and all negative emotions and limiting beliefs. I’m talking about fear, anxiety, grief, guilt, anger, sadness etc. So this tool is very useful to help you get over your social phobia.

In fact, it’s the best I have found in my long search for the best techniques, tools, strategies and therapies…

Dr. Catherine Saltzman: “EFT® has helped my clients deal successfully with addictions, grief, fears, phobias, performance issues, self-image and stress.”

How Does EFT Therapy Work?EFT is based on Chinese medicine, a discipline of over 5000 years old.

The basic premise of EFT is that…

“All negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system”.

And when you tap on specific meridian points, while being focused on your problem, the body’s energy gets balanced and by doing so the negative emotion disappears.

What?! Am I crazy?

I know, it sounds hard to believe, but trust me, I have your best intentions in mind. EFT therapy really works.

It is a weird looking process, but it is extremely effective. We are talking about near 100% success rates in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

When I first saw a video of EFT therapy some 3 years ago I thought it was the biggest nonsense out there. I felt it was some sort of a scam to get desperate people’s money.

I can remember thinking “Yeah right! I’m tapping on some points of my body and that is going to give me faster and better results than established forms of therapy and medicine? Get outta here!”

I was actually pretty annoyed as I though that people that were teaching EFT therapy were trying to make a quick buck out of people that were in very challenging situations.

But since the promises were so great I couldn’t stop myself from being curious. What if it was true?!

So I slowly started to read more and more about it. I found hundreds of videos on it and saw thousands of testimonials from people that claimed to be healed because of EFT therapy.

That’s when I started to weaken my disbelief in the technique.

Because if there are so many testimonials and video’s, and the manual on the basic approach of EFT is free…

… then there has to be some truth to it, right?

But I was also afraid of becoming too excited and later on being disappointed again (as I have experienced with several other remedies claiming to be THE solution for my social anxiety).

I Slowly Started To Realize It’s PowerI became a bit more convinced of the power of EFT therapy when I tried some of the online video’s and felt some relief. Just a little. But enough for me to decide to go and pay a skilled EFT practitioner to work with me.

This blew all my doubts and disbelief out of the water. After one session I felt much more calm, confident and accepting of myself.

This had a more instant and profound impact than all the other techniques I have found out there. The remaining sessions finally cleared me of my struggle with social anxiety.

By then I was hooked of course. I started to study all there was available and successfully applied it to my friends and family. I took workshops, watched DVD’s and read all I could possible find on the technique.

EFT is still in the experimental stages, but it’s scientifically proven that it works. But it’s not been found out exactly WHY it works. But hey, you probably also don’t exactly know how your computer works, yet you are using it now because it helps you.

Same thing with electricity. You probably have no clue how it exactly work, yet you reap the benefits from it! How about doing the same with this amazing tool?

I am a qualified, advanced practitioner of EFT therapy myself.

And aside from different techniques I work with from other forms of therapy, EFT is the main tool I use in helping people to overcome their social anxiety disorder.

But don’t just take my word for it, try it out!

Look online for resources. Try out my online video on eliminating anxiety that you feel in the moment. See if you feel a difference.

To learn more about my experience using this technique and what this technique can do for you, Visit Here.

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