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My Story on Camera

Hi there, it’s Seb here.

Thanks for being here. I’ll share a bit about me and my life later on if you’re interested, but I’m going to use these first few seconds to share what I’ve learned that can help you overcome your social anxiety.

I have an important message to share. Sounds a bit dramatic, but if you suffer from social anxiety the following bits of info could potentially be life-transforming. It’s certainly been the case for me…

In 2006 I discovered a powerful emotional release technique and with that technique -and the help of some brilliant therapists- I’ve managed to overcome my social anxiety completely.

Throughout my journey to social confidence, I discovered several other techniques, mindsets and approaches that can help you get rapid relief and significantly shorten your journey to social confidence.

These techniques are not the typical deep breathing, being mindful, or changing your thoughts techniques. While those all have value, these techniques I’ll be introducing you are many times
more effective and efficient.

I’ll tell you about one of these powerful emotional release techniques in my story, and I’ll also guide you through an experience of it on video so you can feel the transformative power of it. Sign up to my newsletter below and I’ll send it over right away.

I suffered from severe social anxiety for over a decade. I won’t go into the whole story of how it was and how I managed to become anxiety-free (as I already do that here, and also in this video), but it was pretty bad.

I’d like to share two perspectives here regarding overcoming SA that will hopefully empower and inspire you to get rid of your social anxiety once and for all.

The current belief seems to be that it takes a lot of hard work to beat your SA and that, over time, you might be able to reduce your anxiety to manageable levels and still live a reasonably OK life.

The belief seems to be that you can NOT become anxiety-free completely.

And my invite to you is to be open to the possibility that this is…


This belief is simply the best result people who go through the most recommended therapy for social anxiety (CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) are able to achieve.
Since that is the case, the belief that you cannot fully resolve it has become mainstream.

But while CBT is based upon solid science and is great on some level (*I’ve learned a lot from studying it, and have built part of my work on some of it’s core principles) I’ve found there to be far more effective and efficient solutions.

There are powerful emotional release techniques available today that are easy to learn that can bring you rapid relief. When applied in a certain way, these techniques can reduce your suffering significantly faster than the standard approaches of deep breathing and practicing mindfulness.

And, with persistence and getting outside assistance when needed, I believe you can become totally anxiety-free also.

These techniques have been developed in the last 25 years -not my techniques, but scientifically proven to be effective techniques currently used by millions of people worldwide- and have helped me to become completely anxiety-free.

After years of fear, shame, guilt, insecurity, anxiety and feeling horrible about myself, I feel very fortunate to have been able to get to this place.
Life’s pretty amazing these days. I like myself, love myself, respect myself and connect with other people effortlessly. Socialising is enjoyable and I actually like meeting up with people. I look forward to it, and have fun being in the moment.

I have warm, satisfying friendships, enjoy my social life and I’m happy 🙂

Compared to how life was a decade ago that’s pretty miraculous. And, it’s not that I’m so special at all. I simply found this technique, learned how to apply it to overcome social anxiety -knowing how to use the technique is not enough, you need to know how to use it to beat SA, more about this soon- got help from therapists where needed and kept moving forward.

While it may sound cliche, you can do this too.

I invite you to try out these techniques that I’m talking about and will be sharing with you so that you can experience the relief, the peace, and the transformative power of them for yourself.

If you believe you can’t overcome it, you’re stuck. You’ll be close-minded and skeptical (this is a scam) or you won’t give anything a try (this won’t work for ME anyway so why bother).

Choose to believe that maybe, just maybe, there may be a possibility that you can overcome it. And then take action. When you do (use the techniques I’ll share with you) you’ll start making progress. This progress will reinforce the belief you can become anxiety-free. Which inspires more action and so forth. A positive feedback loop is born and you’re well on your way to overcoming your social anxiety.

It’s like Henry Ford said:

Since I mentioned “taking action” it’s time to look at the second common belief in need for an update:

“Overcoming social anxiety requires painful, scary, awkward exposures. It’s the only way.”


This used to indeed be the only way. We’re rewarded for pushing ourselves, to grit our teeth and “be a man”. Most of Western culture is obsessed by it:

“The only way to overcome fear is through it.”
“Nike – just do it”.
“Feel the fear – and do it anyway”
“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain”.

It’s like a badge of honour to face your fears. And that’s great and all, but what about these people who face their fears and still remain stuck?

Because I did face my fears as I share in my story. But it didn’t work and so I looked for alternatives. These solutions I’ve found helped me change my life.

The reality of the situation is that times have changed. Just like we now have an Iphone that we can “face-time” someone with on the other side of the globe, healing, therapy, and self-improvement has evolved as well.

You don’t have to forcefully face awkward painful situations. Don’t get me wrong, you do absolutely have to face your fears. But it doesn’t have to be so painful and scary at all…

… you can do “Non-Scary-Exposures” where you get rid of the fears and worries and concerns for the most part first. Internally, using these emotional release techniques.

You’re then as comfortable as possible before facing the situation you used to be dead-scared of.

Here’s what psychologist Steve Wells, who I interviewed for my “Social Anxiety Solutions Podcast” says about it:

“A lot of people are doing exposure therapy, feel the fear and do it anyway, and that’s good, but you know what, for some people that’s really harrowing, it’s really tough, and what techniques like this do is at the very least they take the edge off at the beginning so that it becomes a little bit easier. And over time, it becomes a lot easier.

With exposure therapy you still feel some anxiety usually, but with this technique, when you get over something you don’t feel it at all, it’s gone. That’s what you’re after.”

Now these perspectives I’m sharing here aren’t from reading books or philosophising. They come from real-life experience.

It’s OK to be skeptical, it’s normal, and just means you’re not easily fooled. And with plenty of unethical marketers out there trying to prey on the weak, it’s smart to have your guard up.

And hey, you don’t know me, I could be one of them!

So rather than believe what I say, or decide that what I share is nonsense…

Simply TRY IT OUT!

I’m sharing the technique with you for free. Just do the exercises and notice the results you get.

There’s nothing that convinces you like a personal shift in your emotions. It’s changed my life, and it can change your life too when you actually GIVE IT A COMMITTED TRY.


I wish you rapid relief from your SA, effortless social confidence, relationships full of connection and fun and a satisfying social life.

– Seb

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  • Sebastiaan has overcome his severe social anxiety disorder via an uncommon journey to social confidence. He’s been fortunate enough to be anxiety-free for years and he now enjoys a satisfying social life.
  • He has been studying solutions to social anxiety since 2002, and has the experience of solely coaching social phobics for thousands of hours since October 2009.
  • He has worked with and studied under several of the EFT Masters and tapping experts and has been receiving guidance and mentoring from his own high level coach since late 2009.
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  • Sebastiaan is the proud father of a lovely 3 year old daughter. He’s lived in South Africa, Thailand, and currently lives in the Philippines most of the time. He loves travel and exploring different cultures, has traveled to more than 20 countries, is keen on adventure, loves watching movies and documentaries (he hosts documentary nights), plays soccer 3x a week, enjoys badminton, hanging out with friends, meditation, personal development and new, unique experiences. He’s involved with NGO work and he runs his soon to be foundation
  • He’s passionate about learning the latest and best from East and West, likes stupid little catch phrases like this, and tries to take himself not so seriously.
  • He’s a man on a spiritual journey, meditates daily, journals daily, and is committed to helping to speed up the inevitable merging between Western traditional psychology and Eastern Energy psychology, and update social anxiety treatment worldwide.
  • His Values:

Love, Freedom, Connection, Peace, Joy, Fun, Adventure, Integrity, Self-Improvement, Contribution

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