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Hi there, it’s Seb here. “Sebastiaan van der Schrier” in full, but since people have trouble pronouncing that -especially my last name!-
Seb will do.

Thanks for being here. I’ll share a bit about me and my life later on if you’re interested, but I’m going to use these first few seconds to share what I’ve learned that can help you overcome your social anxiety.

I have an important message to share. Sounds a bit dramatic, but if you suffer from social anxiety the following bits of info could potentially be life-transforming. It’s certainly been the case for me…

My Story on Camera

“A lot of people are doing exposure therapy, feel the fear and do it anyway, and that’s good, but you know what, for some people that’s really harrowing, it’s really tough, and what techniques like this do is at the very least they take the edge off at the beginning so that it becomes a little bit easier. And over time, it becomes a lot easier.

With exposure therapy you still feel some anxiety usually, but with this technique, when you get over something you don’t feel it at all, it’s gone. That’s what you’re after.”

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