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Lia: Hello everyone! My name is Lia from Team Social Anxiety Solutions.

Today, I have Sebastiaan van der Schrier, a former social anxiety [disorder] sufferer. Now a social confidence coach, also from

And we are here today, to talk about the upcoming 30 Day Social Confidence Challenge.

And so, basically this will be just a very brief interview for you to know more about it.

…and so, let’s get it started!

So, Seb, what is the Social Confidence Challenge?

Seb: It’s a simple but powerful challenge where I help you understand how to tap for social anxiety. 

I’m going to guide you through specific tapping exercises, so that each day, you’re going to get some relief, each day you’re going to feel a bit more empowered, each day you’re going to understand more about why you’ve been suffering?, how you can free yourself, how you can liberate yourself, and actually get to a place where you enjoy socializing.

Lia: Why should I join?

Seb: Well, you shouldn’t join. 

But if you want to join, you might want to join if you’re suffering from social anxiety. 

That’s [it]. I could stop right there. But I’ll say a little bit more. 

Because there’s a lot [of things that] ‘you should know that you don’t know – that I’m going to share with you within this challenge. 

Further, there’s only so much that I can share on my YouTube or in the podcasts. 

When I have a whole 30 days (that we now have), that I can sink out (which I have). 

Then, I can be a lot more strategic. 

So, things follow each other. 

So, what you learn after five days is built on what’s been done in the previous five days. 

And yet, each day in and of itself stands on its own also. 

So, you can even just pick a couple of days to do. 

[If] that sounds interesting to you. And you’re already going to make some progress. You’re going to feel a bit better. 

But the most important reason that you should join this is you want to reduce your social anxiety because that’s what it’s going to do. 

This is going to be super exciting. 

This is not just any challenge. That’s why I’m promoting it so heavily. 

I’ve really poured my heart and soul into this. 

And thousands of people have gone through this and reported life-transforming results, including people who have been stuck for decades. 

This is really, really amazing!

So, that’s why you should join. 

Lia: Amazing!

So, in our YouTube channel, we’ve been talking about the journey to social confidence.

And we have some viewers who haven’t yet started the journey.

So, if I’m someone new, who doesn’t know anything about tapping, how this will be helpful for me?

Seb: This will be helpful wherever you are, at any level. 

So if you’re completely new, you’ll get enough information so that you understand what to do and where to go. 

I literally take you by the hand and I lead you to where you need to go. 

It is very, very simple. 

If you’re more advanced, even if you’ve done a lot of inner work already, you made some progress. As long as you still have social anxiety, this is going to be helpful for you. 

So yes, that’s it. 

Next question, please.

Lia: Next question is, “is this scientifically proven?”

Seb: Yes, it is scientifically proven. 

There are 102 studies backing up its effectiveness, published in prestigious journals. 

And it’s in the top 10% of most researched psychotherapy techniques. 

And there are five meta-studies done on proving the effectiveness of Tapping – showing a very large effect size. Meaning, it’s very effective. 

And, meta-studies are the highest level of scientific research. 

They’re the strongest proof.

They’re even above the gold standard of randomized control trials of which tapping has a lot. 

And most psychotherapy techniques only have one meta-study done and Tapping has five meta-studies done. 

So yes, it is scientifically proven. 

They just don’t know exactly why it works. 

They just know that it works because they’ve compared groups to each other with control groups in the way you know proper science and these are the results that have come out of it. 

Now, I say proper science because if you Google, you end up at Wikipedia, which is normally a very informative site (which you can edit yourself, that’s what it’s famous for). 

It actually says that EFT is pseudoscience but isn’t pseudoscience at all. 

In fact, it meets the criteria for evidence-based treatments set by the American Psychological Association for a number of conditions including test anxiety, public speaking anxiety, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). 

So, it has valid science backing up its effectiveness. 

And, you know that Wikipedia says that it’s pseudoscience. Well, these people probably have a bit of a chip on their shoulder about anything that is alternative. 

A couple of years ago, there was a petition that was signed by 9,000+ psychotherapists, doctors, and so on. 

And it was just laughed at by the but the Wikipedia guy because he just doesn’t like alternative stuff. He likes pulling it to the side. So let him do that. That’s fine. 

What you’re after is an experience and when you actually experience the Tapping done the right way, you will feel the shifts in your body and then you’ll know for sure “OK, this is the real deal”. 

So that’s what we’re doing inside the challenge. 

So, try it out!

See it for yourself. 

There you go. 

Lia: Alright, the next question is actually from someone.

Her name is Anna and she asked: “I tried things in the past and it didn’t work. Why will this work?”

Seb: Because this is different than anything you’ve tried in the past. 

And I’m not saying this will work per se but I don’t know you. You are in a unique situation, you are a unique person. 

I just know that, if you’re just dealing with social anxiety, you’re not dealing with other issues like severe depression, bipolar, or multiple personality disorder or other stuff, then, this will be very effective for you. 

Just because changing your thoughts as they work or meditation or hypnosis or facing your fears… those are different. 

Those are different than this. This is a completely different approach. 

Well, we use a different strategy. We use a different approach. We use a different techniques. 

It’s very possible that you’re going to get different results. 

This has worked for me. 

It has worked for hundreds of clients. 

I’ve been promoting this since 2009. 

My first video on YouTube. 

You can hear the psychotherapist on my podcast. You go back to the first episodes. We’ve got 50+ episodes with psychotherapists, doctors, bestselling authors, [and] researchers. 

You can find video testimonials on my channel. 

It works for other people. 

It worked for social anxiety. 

If you just had social anxiety, it’s likely that it’s going to work for you, too.

There you go. 

Lia: And all it takes is just for you to try.

Seb: Exactly.

Lia: Yeah.  Next question. “I sat and only been able to calm myself down, but it always comes back. Will this make my anxiety disappear, completely?”

Seb: Right. 

So this 30 Day [Social Confidence] Challenge is not going to resolve your social anxiety forever. 

That’s the bad news. 

But, I’m saying that to be realistic. 

If you’ve had social anxiety for your whole life, you’ve tried a whole bunch of things, you know, you’re stuck with it. 

You’re not gonna resolve it in 30 days with just a bunch of emails and a bunch of videos. 

That being said, I don’t want to minimize the transformation that you can make either.

Because people who have reported [that they] no longer feeling anxious in certain social situations, having the anxiety disappear faster and [they are] no longer being triggered by certain person; feeling more hopeful, being more optimistic, being more self-compassionate, not beating themselves up [any]more. 

These are huge changes. But they still had the rest of the journey that they needed to walk. 

Because from my perspective, if you want to get to a place where you feel normal and natural around others. 

And you can just be yourself. 

Where it’s no big deal where it’s just normal, natural. 

If [don’t need to think[ about what you’re saying… it just comes out. It’s just automatic. 

And to get to that place. That’s a journey that requires time, dedication, energy. 

But this is the start of that journey, this is a kickstart – a flying start. 

And it’s going to be very, very helpful. Very empowering. 

You’re going to feel very different –  much more empowered, much more optimistic, reduced anxiety, better about yourself more self-compassion, at the end of these 30 days.

When you actually show up, you put into work, that is.  Not if you don’t do anything. 

If you just sign up, and you know, you don’t, you don’t read the emails, and you don’t follow along with the tapping exercise that guides you through, you’re not going to get any results.

It’s easier than watching Netflix, but you know, if you want to have 2022 [to] be where you feel better, where you are more confident, where you are more at ease with yourself, where you have less crazy thoughts running the show all the time, then you want to join us and start and do the exercises.

Lia: Loud and clear.

Okay, next question.

Can I participate anonymously?

Seb: Yes! You can participate completely anonymously if you want. 

Nobody will ever know that you’ve participated. 

So you get an email every day and at the bottom of the email, you’ll have a video. [When] you click on the video, [it will bring] you to a particular page.

Underneath that page, you have the ability to post a comment. 

You will see hundreds, sometimes more than a thousand of comments underneath these videos [from] people who are sharing how they’re feeling. Who are sharing their transformations. Who is sharing their suffering – the problems that they’re dealing with. 

And for a lot of people give them a sense of community a sense of support. 

Speaking of support, we will be in there. 

People from our team.

People from the previous challenge.

People from inside our Social Confidence Club.

People who have made powerful transformations – who are going to encourage you to keep going. 

Because they were where you once were at the start of that challenge. 

And they’re going to help propel you forward. 

And because all of that is going on, it’s a community.

And you’ll feel safe to actually express yourself and some people then feel called to actually participate in the comment section. 

And that might be YouTube. 

Now you might want to go through it, it’s completely anonymous. 

That’s okay, too. But that’s an option that you’ve got.

Lia: That’s right.

And I know that they can sign up using a fake name or whatever names [they] are comfortable [using].

Seb: That’s fine. 

Lia: And I’ve seen participants in the past who changed their [fake] name [to their] real name at the end of the challenge.

Seb: Right.

Lia: So [that’s a] progress in and of itself.

Seb: Exactly.

Lia: So two questions left. Someone says this before.

So the concern is, she wants to join now. But [they] don’t have time for this. [They’re] busy with other stuff. What can you say about it?

Seb: Make time for it. That’s the main message. 

How important is it for you to overcome your social anxiety? 

How much is it affecting your life? 

What’s going to happen to your life if you don’t overcome this? 

How will 2022 be going for you? 

You don’t have 15 minutes a day? Really? I mean, REALLY? Come on! 

Everyone has 15 minutes a day. 

You can get up earlier. 

You can stay up later. 

You can lock yourself up in a car. 

You can find 15 days if this is important enough to you. 

So, this is going to be a bit of tough love coaching. 

But it’s bullshit. It’s nonsense. 

You have time – if you make time for it. 

The question is: how willing are you to actually overcome this? 

And there’s also a big part of this problem is that, consciously, yes, of course, you want to overcome this, but subconsciously, you do not want to overcome this.

And everyone is struggling with this. 

And it’s one of the three keys to overcoming social anxiety. 

Actually, overcoming and neutralizing the subconscious resistance. 

Now, because of the deeper part of your brain (your subconscious). 

Does not want you to be free of anxiety. 

It believes that you need that anxiety to be protected. Because if you just yourself, you’re going to get rejected, criticized, put down, humiliated, blah, blah, blah, etc. 

So it’s not safe to be yourself. 

It’s stopping you from making this change. 

It believes it needs to do that. 

And therefore, it sabotages your conscious efforts to do something. 

And one of the ways that you experienced that sabotage is by excuses. 

Like, “I don’t have time for this”. “I’m too busy and don’t feel like it”. 

And that’s what you’re going to experience throughout the challenge as well. 

That’s why we have everyone supporting you encouraging you. 

Lia: Right.

Seb: Because, yes, you need to use your willpower in order to do these simple exercise. 

It’s actually entertaining – the emails are entertaining. 

You’re going to learn a lot about yourself. 

You’re going to discover lots of things about yourself. 

You’ll have interesting stories. 

You will feel emotional.

You will laugh.

It’s going to be an emotionally rich experience. 

And when you do the Tapping, you’re going to feel relieved. 

So it’s all feel-good stuff. 

It’s very empowering. 

And yet, you’re going to experience not wanting to do it. 

And coming up with excuses: “ah… I’ll do a double tomorrow”. “I can’t get myself to do it”. 

You need to then force yourself to actually do it to surpass that initial resistance. 

And throughout this challenge, we will be covering a lot of information on resistance [like,] specific tapping exercises to move through that resistance and to reduce and reduce and get rid of that resistance. 

And in doing so, your motivation will go up, up, up, up up! 

But at the beginning, before you actually get started, that resistance is strong. 

And therefore, based on statistics of the previous three challenges, more than 50% that join, don’t even ever get started. 

Probably because of excuses like this: “Oh, I don’t have time”. “[I am] too busy, blah, blah, blah”. 

You can find the time. Make the time, make this your top priority. 

If you do not overcome this, what’s your life going to be like, in a year from now? 

In five years from now? 

Is that the future that you want? 

Or do you actually want to do something about this? 

This can work for you. 

So make your priority show up. 

We’re happy to help you. 

Okay, that’s it. 

Tough love coaching. 

Lia: The big challenge seems so promising and has lots of value in it.

So many people are asking: “Why are you offering this for free?”

Seb: Well… I got locked down in the Philippines last year (2020), and it was at the start of the pandemic when I was there to spend time with my daughter. 

But I got locked in a city that was next to my daughter so I can’t see my daughter. 

And I don’t know many people there. 

I mean, I don’t know anyone [from] there. 

And so I was in quarantine for 28 days because the first 14 days didn’t count. 

And I had lots of time on my hands. I’ve been wanting to create a 30-day challenge already for a long time. 

But I didn’t have time for it or I didn’t want to make the time for it. 

That’s probably the real reason. 

And now I had nothing. 

I was working out online with my friend, I was having lunch with my friends online, but it was all online. 

And so I’m like, “Great, I’m going to dedicate this time to do something productive. To do something good”.

 There’s a lot of fear going on for people. 

And so, let’s make this something empowered. 

And especially for people with social anxiety because this stuff is eventually going to be over (fingers crossed). 

Right? That was my idea. 

This pandemic is not going to happen forever. 

Now we’re locked up inside. 

But eventually, we can go out. 

So how about we work on our social anxiety right now so that once we can go out again, into the real world, we get out into the real world with renewed confidence [and] more ease. 

I thought this is just the perfect time for it. 

And, you know, the more you give, the more you get. 

So that’s a good mindset to come from in life in general. 

So there you go.

Lia: And that amazing idea video of yours during that pandemic helped thousands of people.

This is our first time running challenge.  And before we end, is there anything else you want to say?  Any the last words?

Seb: Well….. yeah.  Yeah, show up. Sign up. 

And don’t just sign up – actually show up. 

This is really going to help you. 

But it’s only going to help you if you actually do the exercises. 

So, show up. 

Enjoy the challenge. 

[If] you feel like it, participate in the comment section. 

It’s going to help you more because you’re you’ll have more of a sense of community, this is going to reduce things for you. 

You’re going to build more self-acceptance. 

You’re no longer going to feel so alone. Because you’re going to see all of these other people that are dealing with the same issues that you’re dealing with. 

And a lot of people that struggle with social anxiety.

They think there’s something wrong with them. 

They think they’re not good enough. 

They think everyone’s out to get them. 

And the problems that you’re having are so similar. 

It’s not 100% the same for everyone, but there are so many commonalities. And you’re going to get a sense of, “Oh my god! I’m not alone in this”. 

And other people have overcome this. “I can overcome this too”. 

That alone itself is worth participating in the challenge. 

But then you’re actually going to do these practical exercises. 

And get relieved. 

Feel better. 

Have a better perspective. 

Discover the five stages to go from social anxiety to social confidence.

Discover the blueprint to social confidence. 

And you’re going to be guided step by step by step. 

This is really, really amazing. 

I’m very fortunate that I’ve been able to overcome this.

And I want to share how it is possible for you to overcome this too. 

Because it really is possible. 


I’ve been preaching this since 2009, for a reason – this stuff really works!

And it’s different than anything you’ve ever tried. 

100% guaranteed. Okay? 

So come join us! 

And this is going to rock your world. 

Kick 2022 off with a bang!

And finally, start putting that problem of social anxiety in the past so you can move on and create the life that you really want. 

Where you connect with people. 

Where you feel at ease.

Where you enjoy socializing. 

Where you have a good time. 

You know, you can be yourself. 

Imagine if you could be yourself with anyone, everywhere. 

What would life be been like? 

That is a journey to getting to that place. 

And it’s not always easy. It’s definitely challenging. 

And it’s an up and down journey but the rewards are worth it. 

And [if] you’re not taking action, [it] causes you to stay stuck in that suffering – to stay stuck in that pain. 

So it’s actually more painful and more challenging to not take any action. 

So come join us! Start to liberate yourself. 

First of January, be there!

Lia: That’s right. Last two weeks to go before we start our challenge.

And if you want to join… no! Join us!

Join us just go to

Seb: Exactly. 

Lia: That’s it!

We hope to see you all inside the challenge.

We’re very eagerly looking forward to see you there.

Not only just me, Seb, Mae. But all the rest of the people who will be helping us: in the comment section, from the club, from the previous challenges.

We are looking forward to seeing you inside.

Seb: Exactly. 

So go to 

Lia: That’s it.

Seb: Exactly right. 

Lia: Thank you, Seb.

Seb: Bye bye!

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