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She Used to Be Super Anxious But Now She’s Socialising with Calm Confidence

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A former coaching client overcame her social anxiety completely and agreed to share her story of transformation. She goes into how she felt before coaching (extremely nervous), how she experienced the coaching, what other benefits it has created in her life, and how she experiences social situations now.

They still judge me but I don’t feel terrified. And it’s nice to speak my mind without fear. Fear used to have a big place in my heart and my feelings and my everything, but it started to go away and I started to feel better in situations. I now feel like I’m able to face any situation with no shame, no fear, no embarrassment, no “what if this happens, what if that happens”, everything goes smoothly. The situations and the people are still the same but the way I’m acting toward it, and the emotions I get when I interact with people is very different. It’s very calm and relaxed.


Sebastiaan: Hi, my name is Sebastiaan van der Schrier and I’m an ex-social anxiety disorder sufferer and I’m also a personal coach specialize in helping people overcome social anxiety. I’ve been doing that since 2009. It’s my sole job and I’ve been working with hundreds of people for thousands of hours.

I’m also the host of a podcast show where I interview Western traditionally trained psychologists and psychotherapists and coaches and researchers and authors for their best social anxiety secret solutions insights. And there are 60 podcasts with amazing top psychotherapists and coaches and so on.

You can find more about that here but that’s not what I want to talk about because in this video I’ll be introducing you to a former client of mine who I worked with over a period of time who went from extremely anxious in all social situations and you know feeling really bad about herself having a lot of trauma to feeling completely relaxed at ease and free to be herself in social situations and actually enjoying social situations and you know having a good time.

And its amazing transformation and when you hear our conversation and you look at her face and you hear the authenticity in her voice, you can see how happy she is, and you know, from where she had to come. And I think that after you’ve seen that, I might explain a bit more about how it is that that was possible and what technique we used. Because the technique that we used it’s a bit different than your typical, “Change your thoughts, be mindful and forcefully face your fears” approach.

Sebastiaan: All right. So, how are you?

Salwa: I’m good.

Sebastiaan: Yeah?

Salwa: Yeah.

Sebastiaan: Nice. Well, thanks for this. Are you nervous about this or not?

Salwa: No, I’m not nervous but it’s not like I don’t like my speaking English but that’s fine.

Sebastiaan: It’s alright. Yeah. I can understand you just fine. I’ve been always on the…

Salwa: Yeah, that’s not like perfect but you notice that I don’t have this good English of course.

Sebastiaan: It’s not a hundred percent perfect that’s correct but my English isn’t either, so I don’t care.

Salwa: Okay. That’s good.

Sebastiaan: All right, well, are things still going rare in life?

Salwa: Yes. I’m doing good.

Sebastiaan: Excellent. Nice. Okay, well, it’s very easy I just ask some simple questions and then you just answer them. That’s kind of how we go.

Salwa: Yes.

Sebastiaan: So, well, first of all, thank you for doing this. I think this is, this is gonna help some other people as well so thank you.

Salwa: Thanks to you.

Sebastiaan: Yeah. Right. So, I picked some questions from the internet that I asked this other guy as well, his name is Stevon. And because they make it a bit clear you know, they give us a bit of direction. So, first question is what was an obstacle that might have prevented you from starting coaching? So, what was something that you were like before the coaching, before we even started working together? I was like, “I’m not sure if I should do it”. Like what were your thoughts in your mind?

Salwa: Take a decision, take coaching, you can say that’s the question. Like I can say for me because the first time I like starting with EFT it’s what the first time I heard about it. So, it was like I didn’t know if it will work, if it’s worth it you know to put more money on this. And but I was hated and a lot about it because I wasn’t sure if it’s gonna work because I tried before other things and it didn’t work.

So, I can say that that’s it. I wasn’t sure about it and I wasn’t convinced at the start by that it would solve the problem by tapping. So, yeah, that’s…

Sebastiaan: It’s a common concern that people have, right? It’s kind of a weird, weird thing we think. How long did you doubt before you reached out for coaching?

Salwa: I can say like two months.

Sebastiaan: Two months.

Salwa: It took me two months to take that decision to start coaching. Yes, it was at first because the first one I was the subscribe like getting emails from you and I was reading like a situation about clients, how their life where and how and when they started like EFT in coaching and how they changed. And every time I did about a review I said like you know, my situation is tougher and it’s not gonna work for me. It’s my situation is different. So, till I left to a point like I was so overwhelmed, and I couldn’t take it anymore. And that’s when I start the first step and I took, they start three sessions and that’s how I started to move on to move forward.

Sebastiaan: Okay. That’s how it kicked off. And you said you tried some other things before like what?

Salwa: Yes. I saw like two psychologists before and it was a good at a released as a temporary result, but it wasn’t permanent. I always turn back to facing the same problem, same emotion, feeling down and it wasn’t working like it’s wasn’t solving the problem from their word. It was good as a relief as a support but alone it didn’t work.

Sebastiaan: Okay. Gotcha. And so, your concerns were well I’m not sure if this EFT thing is gonna work for me and you know I hear about these other people that make the transformation in your email but I’m, my situation is different, I’m tougher for me it won’t work.

Salwa: Yeah, exactly.

Sebastiaan: Okay. And what did I find as a result of the coaching? Did it work?

Salwa: The final result or the first like at the start, I can tell at the defiance in general I can say like because I used to be so overwhelmed in social situations and nervous, I find like I start to relax, enjoy my time in social situations between people. I used to be calm and have peace in my mind because all the time it was the twaddle the situation. I can say like the results of coaching it was in many different areas in my life, not just socially. But it moves of, moves to different areas I can say.

Sebastiaan: Okay. Like what?

Salwa: Yes. Okay like after being relaxed and social situation enjoying my time I started to feel like I’m getting like closer to my, to what I want, what I don’t want. I could like arrive to airport like I can really trust myself later on after all lots of sessions like because every time I have a decision to take or any even getting out to any place, I just like trying to make an excuse like to go, to not go for it or any to talk with one of my family to like to correct I don’t want to go. And try to talk about to take their opinions and the smallest thing to the biggest.

And but now no, it’s not the case like wherever I wanted to go or it’s me who decide this. I don’t go to anyone to ask their opinions or to ask what they see about it, is it good or not, my family. So, it’s something really important for me in this level.

And I can say also like what else I can say? I like also after many sessions, I can tell like I feel now supported. Before it wasn’t the case also because I never used to choose anything that I really wanted, I really makes me feel so happy. I just go what the other people used to think it’s bad for you to do this, it’s better for you to take this decision and go for it, forward to it.

And now, I’m not going to what they really see, it’s the most suitable for me and the most but what would be more happy for me if I do this or that. I go exactly to what I want from the inside and I follow this. So, I feel like I’m worthy to have this and this. And that brings happy for me, happiness from the inside. Much more important than following what they see.

Sebastiaan: Awesome.

Salwa: Just worth it right here. Exactly.

Sebastiaan: So, with self-worth because you know, I’ll just have to explain that I guess for some of the people that let see this because you know, I talk about it a lot and psychologists talk about it, but it basically comes down to you know, how you see yourself, how much worth and value do you think you have in the world. And you know, how much deserving of success and happiness you believe that you have. And you know, that has as you say increased.

Salwa: It wasn’t the case, yes. It wasn’t a case before now it’s like number one for me. Like everything what I really see, what I really feel it’s the most important like what I am convinced about and what I want.

Sebastiaan: Awesome.

Salwa: Yes.

Sebastiaan: Cool. Yeah. Because we worked for a whole bunch of sessions I think that’s important to point out. She reached out to me maybe two years ago or a year and a half ago?

Salwa: Two years, two years, yes. And I think I do stuff like coaching sessions one unit they have going.

Sebastiaan: Yeah. So, we had three sessions then and then there was a long period of like a year or a year and a half.

Salwa: Yes, yes.

Sebastiaan: And we reached out again, and we just finished our coaching couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago or something and that was our twentieth third session, yes.

Salwa: Twenty-six.

Sebastiaan: Yes, twenty-six in total.

Salwa: Because when I took the first period, the first session I said like yeah because I said I used to, I started to feel, first of all, the first three session was like I mean accepting what was happening with my life in my childhood and it was very good for me, but I didn’t arrive to social a social confident and I didn’t get that social anxiety still I still have it. So, I started with another three sessions and you know, because we were working in deeper things and that child was so traumatic, so it was like I needed like more. Then I don’t I started big long sessions after the first sessions.

Sebastiaan: Yeah, because and this is what I tell people when they reach out to me. Sometimes you know, you can resolve social anxiety in three sessions. In fact, about 35% of the people that I work with their social anxiety has gone in three sessions. Where in other situations where you have a very traumatic past and you know, we won’t go into detail as to what that was, but it was very dramatic and there was a lot that had to be cleaned up.

Salwa: Exactly.

Sebastiaan: And often when you have a very traumatic past and your current life situation is so, you know, out of balance and you know, let’s just say messy, there’s a lot more that you have to deal with and come to acceptance of first before you can actually start addressing the deeper stuff that has led to. And by deeper stuff I’m talking about childhood trauma, beliefs that come from their stuck emotions from way back when before you know, you first need to come to acceptance of the problem that you have. You know, Carl Jung, whatever you resist-persists.

If acceptance is step one and from that place you can start to do a deeper healing and you know, there that’s what we did in the second period. Yeah.

Salwa: Yes, exactly. Yes, correct.

Sebastiaan: Okay, all right. So, what specifically did you like most about the coaching?

Salwa: Oh, that I like most I can say like first of all I was happy I was working on the childhood because it used to put me down very much. It’s one very important for me and I didn’t know that I will work on this by the way when I thought like we’re gonna work on social anxiety like working something I don’t know like psychologist’s stuff I didn’t know I would go back to the roots or the problem.

And I really like this because it’s solves many problems where in my head that I wasn’t aware about. And also, all what I like more, I like how things started to change in my life. Like you know, working about the beliefs and the values that I wasn’t aware how much they were affecting me and how it started to change, how I start to change too that the believe that I used to live my whole life on them like suddenly it started to change. And I’m going like choosing what I really believe, like going to forward to what the thing that I believe just not what they put on me and they put on my head. And you know, and that was something important for me because it was affecting every decision I take.

It’s just what I don’t believe in. I used to work, and all this believes with all the believes not when it doesn’t work for me. It wasn’t for my situation. And I was trying like this session helped me so much to go along with what I really want because work and because my living my life with according to their beliefs made me the best what they want me to be. Like I could the best thing, the best person doing the great work, doing everything great just the way they want, just the way their beliefs are but because it was contradicted with what I believe.

So, working on this helped me a lot like to free myself and to be like in harmony with the and along with the with what I see, with what I feel. So, it was something very important. So, I’m not with fight with my stuff anymore.

Sebastiaan: Yeah, yeah. Getting rid of the inner conflicts so that you can actually be aligned with what it is that you want, and feel happy as a result.

Salwa: That’s something was really important for in the session that was taking us.

Sebastiaan: Yeah, yeah.

Salwa: Yes. And the confidence also. I can talk about this because I got it like two sessions after long sessions, not from the start but everything as the sessions go on I like things start to evolve in different areas as well personality and like I could start to breathe again. Like I feel like I’m getting closer to myself and those wasn’t there anymore, there before. So, just the people what they want, what they see everything is just them. I’m just like I didn’t feel like I am I exist. And through coaching and sessions I start to get closer to what I am. Yes, in peace.

Sebastiaan: Cool.

Salwa: Yes.

Sebastiaan: Yeah, it’s a beautiful transformation observing it. And how is it that you feel socially now?

Salwa: Now, I can see I’m so relaxed and so calm and that’s what I like more about because I really used to be very nervous, very anxious. Now, I can socialize very normally. I don’t like overthinking about situation when I’m in a social situation. It wasn’t the case before. And what most of all like I can speak out my mind that’s what I also get it from the session and from the coaching.

Like when we are in situations when our discussion I used, I usually I use it like in a situation like I speak out my mind and if I did, I just talk like that I give the perspective or the idea or like a majority of the people. And I never like I don’t want because I don’t be criticized, I don’t want to be judged. But now, I like to speak off my mind even if I get them and what’s happening now I don’t feel like I’m afraid when I speak them out.

Before when my heart is not beating when I say something is different from the majority because you know they judge who, they still judge but the emotion that I get after judgment is not, I don’t feel like terrified and it’s nice to speak it without fear. Here was it so killing for me. It was a big, it was a big, it used to have a big place in my heart and my feelings and my everything and it has started to dare, to go away. I start to feel better in situations even when I face insecurity I feel like I’m able to face it with no like no fear, no shame, no embarrassment. You know, what if this happened or this happened? No, everything goes smoothly.

You know, the situation like still the same and the people still the same by the way I’m acting toward it and the emotions I get when I interact with people is very different. It’s very calm and relaxed. Like it’s not I used to feel like I’m always in war you know, I always I have to defend myself if something happened or I’m scared for things to happen. Now, this is not the issue now. It’s more calm, relaxed.

Even if things happen it comes automatically so you go, you will respond like very calm with the things comes easily. This is no complications in the situation like used to before.

Sebastiaan: Yeah. It’s really what the coaching does or like what the tapping does, and you know the variety of approaches that we use. It helps you to just be aligned with yourself, it brings you back the balance because anxiety and I’m also saying is a bit educational for people watching this. As anxiety is just telling you, “Hey, it’s not safe to be you or this situation isn’t safe for you so be careful.” Be on alert.

Anxiety is really your system being in survival mode and there are reasons for why your mind, your system believes that you’re not safe and by going back to where that comes from, the stuff from your childhood and you know, we didn’t just work on your childhood you know for a big part because that’s where the core of it is. But there are experiences that you have in life from which you learn beliefs and fears and emotions that get stuck. And that get you retreating in your here and now.

And by cleaning that up, yeah, eventually you just come to a place where you’re calm and it’s natural to socialize and its fun.

Salwa: Yes, exactly.

Sebastiaan: And it’s…

Salwa: Because I love to a point before like I couldn’t enjoy any moment anymore but now I can enjoy the simplest thing alive. And that’s what I’m so happy about, it brings happiness and like I feel happy about it. And I like it, yes.

Everything I’m doing now like I feel like yeah, except there isn’t more it’s in meaning, now there is the meaning like you’re like reborn because everything before wasn’t all the feelings, the emotions were then I for me I can say. But now it’s going to live it.

Sebastiaan: Beautiful, awesome.

Salwa: Yes, exactly.

Sebastiaan: And you also made some big life changes in the outside world eventually, didn’t you?

Salwa: Yes.

Sebastiaan: I would like you to if you like to talk about it, but you know, you can maybe keep it very basic. If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine too. Don’t worry about it.

Salwa: No, I can say that I was going to my life was really going systematically like doing things because. Okay, before coaching and for session I become like so serious, so serious of how I talk, how I behave like I don’t want to go into problems I don’t want to, I was so afraid and even to face anything even in my life.

But twists sessions because I was getting closer and closer and things it becomes, things become clearer to me. I can say that last to a point like things that I used to do in my life that used to make you not just unhappy, it’s used to it was killing you from the inside. Like I wasn’t happy I was sad, I was satisfied with what I was doing…

Sebastiaan: Workwise.

Salwa: What I was doing … Yes. And I know it’s hard changing and I know how much it’s hard to change your life and start over again from scratch. And I didn’t, I don’t think I would be able to do it without a coaching session and to do it like peacefully. Maybe I will come to a point if I didn’t take a coaching session I’m doing it like but not in a peaceful way.

But now I can tell you that all the decision that I take regarding my life what I want to do in my life, what I want to go forward it was it comes very natural, it comes very relieved, very relaxed and I’m happy with the changes. But I’m happy with that decision that I made recently in my life and I’m not afraid from this and also all the people around me everyone, everyone went out of this decision was against it. And it was a scary world like everyone, “How are you doing this? How are taking this this is a step? It’s wrong. It’s wrong. You’re gonna fail. You’re gonna… It’s wrong what you’re doing at this age”.  Like don’t do it and nobody encouraged this…

Sebastiaan: One guy, right? One guy?

Salwa: Yeah. And I’m happy with it and I feel empowered to move forward. And there is no fear that I’m happy about it and if sometimes I want to put like the earth at look like “What if you fail?” They were always telling me you may feel like it was sure that I will fail it. They were telling me in my face like “You were afraid, don’t do this”. And I started saying that if I fail in this decision that I’m gonna take it’s maybe like a positive experience for me. I’m not gonna, it’s not gonna put me down and gonna like it’s not gonna kill me.

I would learn from it and move some things because they’re living in life in anxiety and living the life that they want and working what they like. See, it’s better for me to work this and that it was killing me from the inside but making them happy but it’s not that issue here.

Sebastiaan: Yeah.

Salwa: They say that it’s good for them, it’s… nothing you can’t do. Like everyone has the head stone to hear this world, to do something that makes me, him, that makes him feel happier and move forward in his life. Otherwise that won’t be alive. It’s just beautiful.

Sebastiaan: Yeah, yeah. So, basically what you’ve now cultivated over a period of time and I kind of want to bring that back is because with the sessions that we had like forward momentum was built so your inner stand. And that’s a typical thing what happens when I work with people. It’s like your inner strength goes up. You become more resilient, you accept yourself, you start to like to appreciate yourself. You feel you trust yourself, you respect yourself and that builds you up so solid that even when you know, you make a big life decision and other people you know, are saying, “What are you crazy?” You’re gonna feel it doesn’t even affect you because you’re so convinced of yourself that “Hey, I’m following my heart and I know that that’s the best thing to do”.

Salwa: Exactly.

Sebastiaan: I was referring to the guy that was positive about it. Wasn’t there a guy that was positive about that?

Salwa: There’s a just one firstly inside the coach, there’s just one guy at my work like who came to me and then he told me “Look, what you did it’s, I see that it’s very special and it’s very brave”. And then he came to me like and he for every and YouTube like follow your heart for happiness. And this is what he said something like don’t let anyone who want to tell you that you are going to fail. Follow what you’ll see that it’s what and this I really appreciate him this guy is very like he’s very, very good friend. And he’s the only one in all this whole situation that they supported me and whenever there is a discussion about this because they were not believing at all and everyone was criticizing, he is the only one who said, “What she did no one get will do it and I respect what you did, and I encouraged her”. So, it’s nice like to it’s nice to see like there are people who see things like this.

Sebastiaan: Yes.

Salwa: Yes. And I like this. It’s a really a good moment and I really like his support. Although, even if it wasn’t their support I will keep moving forward but it’s nice to see someone actually just going get your things like you and supports you were like, you know.

Sebastiaan: Yeah.

Salwa: Yes. In this situation, in any situation in life. In general.

Sebastiaan: So, it’s a good friend to keep around, someone like that.

Salwa: Of course, of course. Yeah.

Sebastiaan: And that’s you know, speaking from personal experience, you know, back in a day when I was still suffering from social anxiety and I was like, “Yo, I’m gonna start up my own business, I’m gonna coach people and this and that” people were also like “Yeah, you’re crazy. That’s not gonna work” and blah blah blah. And people were very negative and kind of just putting you down and not believing you and that kind of thing.

And now the people that I find that I’m surrounded with are also very much uplifting positive supportive because as you start to change things from the inside, the people that resonate with you are also you know, people that have more inner strength, more self-acceptance, you know. People that want me to do well and yeah…

Salwa: And yes. And the things that started to move to change as you said like the people that I started, even I start to meet people like from unknown like and people like I thinks like the same thing, the same thoughts, the same direction. And like if I said, “I’m doing this, I met someone later on like a friend”. And he said, “Good, I encourage you and I’m happy for you”. And I was so surprised, and things started to change is the people, I am meeting different people. And it’s nice, it’s nice and I was so surprised well how things changes even the people they are coming now to my life is different like and the start I was surprised like how they are coming now, from where they are coming. But now, it’s like normal things like I don’t accept, I accept just this. Those are the people that I’m forward, I move along with. So, that’s things become natural and normal. Yes.

Sebastiaan: Awesome, awesome. Let me see my list of questions. What are three other benefits of coaching? You know, you’ve given a lot of. I’m not sure if you can think of any other…

Salwa: Well, the one that I imagined I can say first of all I’m happy that I’m in peace with my childhood that the number one for me. Because there they are not putting me down anymore when I think about any event. Like I’m in peace with them. And okay, it happened but it’s not putting me down anymore as it used to be. And this is the very part of my life that I handle with.

I can say other things where of coaching like causing of what I want it wasn’t there anymore, something also important to move forward and not be affected by another people’s opinion and believes. That something also I am happy about it and I’m happy about like I’m able to speak off my mind because that is something very, it wasn’t clear before at all. I never used to speak out my mind and when someone doesn’t talk what he wants and to what he can do it, for me it was a soul-killing. Like my soul is out of me like I’m not, I don’t exist now.

I feel like I turn back to myself and this is something possible. It will help me during that coaching sessions. Like you become “Yes” and the greatest of you finally. And what I, yes, I was born with like getting back over again myself. Yes.

Sebastiaan: Awesome.

Salwa: Yeah.

Sebastiaan: Well, now when I look at the questions they’re a bit stupid but I’m gonna ask it anyway. Would you recommend coaching and if so, why?

Salwa: Yes, definitely I would. I already did someone like also he didn’t know, I didn’t know anything about EFT and I sent him in YouTube, like some things that happened to me like I said it to about you and I explained what is the EFT about and how does it work. Because he was overwhelmed, and things were not going well in his life. And then he was like proposing a solution like “If I travel to this country or to other country, things will be different”. And I said like, no, if you wherever you go with whatever you have they think this will happen again wherever you go.

So, it needs for you toward from your inner world from your subconscious mind. It need to be work wherever you are now before you take any step forward. So, it was my first advice for him to start taking coaching sessions as I start. Otherwise nowhere where you go things will happen that came over again. It’s important to take coach next session because we, but I, by our styles it’s you’re gonna do this EFT. I tried it before that’s the first time I went I knew about it and I was trying it before going to advance. It helped me a lot like because, it helped me a lot because I wish to feel relaxed and the more curve a little bit, but it built like not 100% but just in the moment.

But then I turned back very exhausted to home. No, because I act to be you know to be sociable and all these but because you are not being normal and it’s not that coming from the inside it’s was very exhausting. And with coaching session style because we arrive to a point we are not able by our starts when we are overwhelmed to work on these issues or to go back to the roots of the problems and solve it.

So, the coaching session very had not helpful is the way to go to heal yourself and to be like to get everything out and work on yourself to be in order to be healed. That’s I’m convinced like 100%.

Sebastiaan: Yeah.

Salwa: It’s important to take this step. At least start like three sessions like I did for example like it’s very important to start and suppose that then they will be convinced that yet it’s the note that should be they work on it.

Sebastiaan: Yeah.

Salwa: I see this. Yeah.

Sebastiaan: Yeah. That’s also my experience with the tapping. If you’ve never done any tapping most people, not all people, most people just doing some tapping learning about the EFT you’ll already be able to get some results. And since that some results like feeling a little bit more comfortable is already quite amazing if you’re used to only being able to change your thoughts and in the hope that you feel a bit better.

I’m not dissing changing your thoughts because it’s very important as well but there’s a special element there. There’s something special about being able to change your emotions and then becomes a lot easier. So, a lot of people you know, they try to be tapping out like “Oh, yeah this is great. A little relaxation technique” and it helps my anxiety go from an eight out of ten to six out of ten.

That is just the tiniest sliver of what is possible when you actually look at, “Alright, now when I use this tapping with the help of someone else and I look at you know, what my what the causes of my current day social anxiety are, why I have these problems, why you know, I’m afraid of this and that in the other, why I feel ashamed, why I feel embarrassed” and you actually start clearing that up with the tapping and a variety of other tools.

Then you know it’s no longer, “Oh, I decreased my anxiety by tapping a little bit from an eighth to six”. Then you can actually get to a place where you’re calm and relaxed in social situations and you are free of anxiety, it’s gone. And you can freely speak your mind and it’s natural and you don’t come exhausted home from a social experience because you have to, you have acted in the way that you think that you should be, you set the right things at the right time, but you are very constructive. You’re getting to a place where you are just relaxed, and you are flowing, you are having good time. And yeah, awesome.

Salwa: Exactly, that is what is happening. Yes.

Sebastiaan: Great.

Salwa: That’s true.

Sebastiaan: Great. Is there, well, these were pretty much all my questions. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Salwa: I’m happy that I wasn’t stubborn long enough to take coaching sessions and I’m happy I started with it and with all that result and its permanent result. So, that’s what I’m happy about. Now, whatever I want to move forward like this are solved. So, I don’t have to turn back to them and I’m happy with this. And my, to help me a lot it’s all many, many deep issues in my life and I’m moving forward very empowered and I’m happy with this.

I really can, I really can never thank you enough for all the coaching sessions that you give it to me like it’s was incredible helpful and really, really, really benefit results. It was very truthful. And I really wish for everyone to start any really if they are based in situations, situations like this to take like tiny steps. It will work. It’s work. It’s very, it’s worth it, you know, to try it. It’s worth it. It’s because it works. And thank you so much for everything. Thank you so much.

Sebastiaan: Thank you, thank you so much. It was beautiful to observe your transformation and I’m grateful that you’re that you’re doing this and sharing this with other people and thank you.

Salwa: Thank you.

Sebastiaan: Alright. Well, this is where we will cut it. And yeah, good. But yeah, like I’m very happy for you. This is very awesome.

Salwa: I’m also happy.

Sebastiaan: Yeah.

Salwa: I’m so happy. I’m so happy.

Sebastiaan: You look good. Yeah. You look like radiating.

Salwa: Yes, I am.

Sebastiaan: It is good.

Salwa: And I’m really, really happy right now to move forward. I can’t wait. I want to start what I want to do in my life and I’m happy with it. I’m happy.

Sebastiaan: Awesome.

Salwa: I mean I’m exciting about it you know and I’m happy that there is no fear in that and yet anymore, you know. That’s something very important to me to take this fear out of my body.

Sebastiaan: Yeah, brilliant, brilliant. Well, keep in touch, send me an email every so often.  I’d love to you know, be kept in the loop on how you’re doing.

Salwa: Of course.

Sebastiaan: And thanks again. We’ll keep in touch.

Salwa: Good to see you. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

Sebastiaan: Thanks. Okay, bye-bye.

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