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Do you want to be inspired on your journey to social confidence?

Have you been asking yourself if you can overcome your social anxiety?

Did something happen recently that made you feel down on your journey to social ease?

If you answered yes to all these questions, stay tuned!

In this episode, Sebastiaan will be reading out 12 quotes from the experts who incorporated EFT Tapping into their practices.

Be informed and be inspired!

Go to and listen to all the interviews, testimonials, and even tap-along!

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Want to Be inspired on your journey to social confidence? Stay tuned.

So today what I’m going to do is I’m going to read out 12 quotes of people that I interviewed on my podcast, we’re talking about EFT experts, coaches, psychologist, psychotherapist, people who have incorporated energy psychology or EFT tapping into their practice. And have seen the results of their clients go through the roof.

A lot of these people are Western-traditionally trained, who have incorporated this new technique in their practice, and they’ve seen amazing things.

And I created this episode for you, because I want to inspire you to go back, and to go listen to some of these episodes because I started the podcast in 2015. And in the first year, I just interviewed people.

I interviewed maybe 50-60 people, or experts in their own right, and I picked specific topics related to social anxiety.

And I think you’ll find is not only very inspiring, I think you’ll find it very enlightening. And it will really give you the feeling like ‘Oh my god, I really CAN overcome this problem. I really CAN tackle this issue.”

So without further ado, here we go.

#1 – I absolutely believe there is hope for everyone. Ive seen people turn things around they thought were impossible. Whatever is causing the social anxiety, those things can be worked through. There are gentle and subtle ways to get to these things and clear them. The process does not have to be horrifying or incredibly painful. And you can find yourself amazingly surprised with the shifts that can happen.” – Sophia Cayer, EFT founding Master

#2 – “To me its not about managing it” (the social anxiety), you really want to go for the full deal; it absolutely can be shifted.” -Tania Prince

Tania Prince is an NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapy trainer, and EFT Master and Trainer

#3 – “When youre not feeling calm for no reason, when you cant think straight in a situation, and you cant act sensibly and resourcefully… or when the way youre behaving, thinking or feeling doesnt fit what is happening in the here and now, youre being affected by your past! Youre not born with social anxiety, it is learned.” -Gwyneth Moss

Gwyneth Moss is an EFT Master with certificates in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

#4 – “Paradoxically, accepting yourself (where you are) is the beginning point of recovery.”

“A lot of people are doing exposure therapy, feel the fear and do it anyway…for some people thats really harrowing, its really tough, and what techniques like tapping do is at the very least they take the edge off at the beginning so that it becomes a little bit easier. And over time, it becomes a lot easier.” -Steve Wells

Steve Wells is a psychologist and is trained to the highest level in provocative therapy. He is the co-creator of SET – Simple Energy Technique use and IEP or intention tapping.

#5 – “If were not good enough to love ourselves, how on earth are we even good enough for other people to love us? If we think poorly of ourselves, were naturally going to expect others to think poorly of us.” – Brad Yates, Hypnotherapist and EFT expert.

#6 – “Conventional psychology says lets desensitize you from that fear by forcing you to face it, little steps at a time where you grid your teeth and bite your finger nails, have your heart pounding and your knuckles white, and youre just miserable doing it… And all the time your subconscious is yelling NO dont make me do this!! …The simple thing is to just neutralise the subconscious resistance to changing.” – Lindsay Kenny,  Psychologist and EFT Master.

#7 – “The templates you learn in your family growing up are the templates you show in society when you are older. You learn the patterns from your parents and in school and you take these patterns with you into society.” – Williem Lammers

Willem Lammers is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and the developer of logo-synthesis.

#8 – “We coach around helping people build enough resilience so they can be out in the world with real people, but also have healthy boundaries ….Many people that have gone through this kind of process (tapping) become much more confident than your average person because youre building up your resilience.” – Rick Wilkes

Rick Wilkes is a highly experienced emotional freedom coach and EFT expert.

#9 – Unlearn and unpair your unwanted automated responses to your triggers.

“You can expect to no longer be held back by fear, or by the worry of being judged or criticized so you can actually move on.” -Rehana Webster

Rehana Webster, counselor, NLP Master, and EFT Master

#10 – “People dont judge you on one situation or one comment you make. If people do this, theyre not the kind of people you want in your life.” – Teun Melis

Teun Melis is a good friend of mine who enjoys effortless social confidence and has got an amazing social life.

#11 – “I realized a client can achieve real deep change more easily than with other classical therapy. With energy psychology, you dont have to go so deep into the sensations, the emotion. You need to be connected, but its not so hard. Energy psychology for me the best solution. It changed my life.” -Yves Weather

Yves Wauthier is a psychotherapist, supervisor to therapists, and experienced EFT practitioner and trainer.

#12 – “This technique (EFT) hands down has been the best thing for anxiety and has not let me down for 18 years.” – Carol Look

Carol Look is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and EFT Master.

And there you have it.

I hope this inspired you in your journey through social confidence.

You can check out the Social Anxiety Solutions podcast by going to any podcast player of your choice and typing in Social Anxiety Solutions.

Wishing you all the best in your journey to effortless social confidence.

You can definitely overcome this. All the best for now. Ciao.

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