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My Social Anxiety Came Back! Why?



In this episode, you will:

  • Identify what is involved in achieving an effortless social ease
  • Understand what truly happens when you feel that your social anxiety has reoccurred
  • Know what to do when you are in this situation


Hey! This is Sebastiaan from and today I’m going to cover the following. When you’re going to overcome your Social Anxiety, you’re going to go on a journey. The Journey to Social Confidence. You start somewhere in your Social Anxiety, and you’re going to have an end goal – effortless Social Ease. To get from A to B, there’s a journey involved, and there are 5 stages. Which I’m going to talk about at some point.

What I hear frequently is the following:

“I was going so great, I didn’t feel anxious anymore, and I felt comfortable on that situation, but then my Social Anxiety came back”. And when someone tells that to me, I say to them: “Stop! You’re wrong!” – I’m not as mean about it but, I want to point it out, and make it very clear that’s actually not what’s going on.

It’s not that your Social Anxiety came back, it’s more that certain parts belong to the Social Anxiety problem that has not been addressed yet. So, it’s not that your social anxiety comes back, it’s that, that particular scenario still triggers the anxiety in you, so it’s simply another piece of the puzzle that hasn’t been looked at yet. Another aspect of the overall social anxiety problem that has yet to be addressed. It’s still something that does not address yet.

So, what going to do, well it’s not like “Oh, my Social Anxiety comes back, nothing works for me, boo hoo it’s back again.

No, it’s not that. It’s “Ok. What actually triggered my anxiety there?”

Well was this particular person, or it was this particular thing that was set to me or this particular circumstance. There is something that still triggers, that triggers your brain perceiving a threat, which leads to the activation of the Flight-Fight-Freeze response, which result in you experiencing the anxiety.

There you go, anxiety is not going to come back, it was still there. There was just a lot less of it. So maybe you got rid of 70% of your triggers, and now you found part of the remaining 30% that you can then work on and work through, so that, that 30% turns in to 28%. And then you can go around for a while and be like “Hey! My Social Anxiety is gone! I feel so great”, and then you’re running for the next trigger, “Oh my Social Anxiety is back”. And then you remember this video, and you remember me saying, “No my friend, it’s not back, you’re just running to part of the remaining 28%.”

And, you just repeat the process. Systematically, you chip away your social anxiety until all the aspects are dealt with until every single part, every single smaller piece of your social anxiety has been released and let go off, you feel totally at ease, socially.

So, there you go, I think that’s an important thing to share with you. There you go. By now, it’s been shared with you. Have a great week, I’m signing off, I hope you’re well. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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