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[LIVE] “I stopped blushing but it came back”



In this post, I’m doing something I’d like to do more of…

…live broadcasts and webinars.

I recorded this live on YouTube and I’m answering a viewer question about when a blushing problem returns.

Head on over to my YouTube channel here and submit your question.  I might answer them in an upcoming video.


Sebastiaan: All right, here I am. I’m Sebastiaan from I am doing this live because I’m thinking of doing some more live videos and so I’m kind of figuring out how does this work. I’m not going to waste your time; I’m actually going to answer a question.

Real quick, I’m a former social anxiety disorder sufferer and a social confidence coach and I help people feel at ease and relaxed in social situations. I just finished a live webinar that I did for my live webinar coaching series with Mahsa and we did the fourth one in the five-part series and she resolved pretty much all of her fear of negative judgement.

We’re going to see how she’s doing next week.

That’s very cool to a bit on a high even though it’s like 12:30 in the morning. I’m going to answer a question that I had under one of my videos. If you’re watching this and you have a question for me, pop it in the window and if I can actually find it because this is all new to me, I’ll answer it afterwards.

All right, so, here we go. Question by Ofux. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Anyway,

“Thank you, Sebastian, for taking the time and doing this video for free. By the way this video was called “How do I stop blushing” which I released a couple of weeks ago.

He says, “I’ve recently discovered that the blushing was my main problem after one year of tapping and I made insane progress in just one session. Next day, I felt almost completely free but I felt a bit vulnerable and I believe resistance kicked in and put me back to blushing again. Should I just keep tapping on resistance and get more familiar with being confident? Please share if you had any thoughts and ideas and how to move forward from this position. Thanks again. Awesome work”.

Ofux, I love your name. I’m going to repeat it many times.

When you’ve been tapping on your blushing problem and it’s gone for a day and then it comes back, for one, it’s highly unlikely that in a single session you resolve a long-standing blushing problem. That is possible but unlikely. What might have happened is that you addressed a part of it.

Your blushing problem is like a pizza and the pizza is sliced up into say twelve parts maybe you addressed three parts of it and as a result you feel some good relief and the more obvious part of your blushing problem might have been addressed and as a result you felt the relief that you felt the day afterwards.

In other words, there might still be the remaining nine pieces of the blushing pizza to deal with.

Okay, that’s one. Further you ask should I just keep on keep tapping on resistance and get more familiar with being confident?

Well, it’s also very likely that you’re dealing with resistance to not having the blushing problem.

You might ask yourself,

Well, if I’m not a blusher anymore then who would I be?” And you might say, “Well, I’d be a confident guy”.

And you might say, “I would be a confident guy”. All right, then there’s likely resistance, almost guarantee it to you being a confident guy. You then want to tap on the resistance to being a confident guy. It’s not safe to be a confident guy, maybe you don’t deserve to be a confident guy.

“Who would I be if I was a confident guy? I’m so used to being a guy that blushes all the time and is insecure. I don’t see myself in that way.”

We always act in accordance to how we view ourselves.

So you want to get rid of the self-image of a blushing guy and you want be an at ease guy.

Okay, so, that’s one important thing that you want to tap on and focus on. Get rid of that resistance and get yourself in alignment with being what it is that you want.

These are the two main things that I would focus on. You have more pieces of the puzzle, more pizza slices to deal with and you’ve got resistance to the outcome. Maybe you are also resistance to letting go of the identity of a blushing kind of guy. That’s why I would focus my attention.

All right, I hope it’s been helpful. I don’t see any questions. Maybe I should probably announce something like this on my channel before I do it. But this is an impromptu thing. I wanted to check it out and see if it actually would work. If you have any questions leave them under videos and I might just get back to you and make a video like this.

Thank you for being here live. This is a Sebastiaan from Exciting things are coming up. I’ve got a lot of exciting things in the works so you’ll be hearing about that very soon.

Okay, should I say something about that actually? I think I should. Hey, so, what are these exciting things?

I won’t go into detail but I think a big part of what my job is, is to help you believe that you really can overcome your social anxiety. I’m doing that with video testimonials and interviews with PhDs and psychologists and quoting the research that has been done on the effectiveness of tapping and how it was on Huffington Post and on the BBC and this, that and the other.

But I’m constantly looking for more evidence and I found more evidence. There are some cool things coming up, let’s just say that.

All right, I’m going to leave you at that. Subscribe here or there or whatever and if you’re listening to this on the podcast, I’ll talk to you soon.

All right, have a good one, enjoy your week. I hope it has been helpful and bye for now. Cheers.

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