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How To Find A Social Anxiety EFT Practitioner



Are you looking for a therapist that can help you overcome your Social Anxiety?

In this episode, I will be giving out your go-to places where you can find someone to support you with your #SocialConfidenceJourney.

Also, I will briefly talk about how getting outside help can ease your social anxiety issues much better than doing it on your own.

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Hey! This is Sebastiaan from I’m really, quickly answering a question that was posted under a YouTube video. The question is something along the lines of “Hey! Thank you for this information. Where do I find someone like you who specializes in helping people in overcoming Social Anxiety?” 

Now, the short answer is that unfortunately, there aren’t many people trained in helping people overcome Social Anxiety using Energy Psychology. That is a project that is in the works that I’m going to create probably a partnership with some people. That’s a project. But that’s not going to happen in the coming 3 months. That’s more like 6 months, maybe 1 year. Who knows? Who knows how fast that can go. 

But that doesn’t help you right now.

What you can do right now, for example, is go to and look for people who specialize in addressing anxiety. That isn’t necessarily Social Anxiety and they may not be able to address everything. But at least, they’ll have a good grasp (hopefully) on what anxiety is. And in general, just working with a practitioner versus doing things on your own is going to be so much better. Because practitioners can spot your subconscious blind spot, can see what you can’t see yourself, to them, it’s obvious. They’re trained to help you through it. They hold your hand and that allows you to feel safe enough to go to the places where you need to go in order to do your healing. 

There’s a lot that you can do on your own. But, when you get stuck – that’s your time to reach out and find someone. or – those are places where you can find great practitioners. I would look for someone who is already a therapist, who has added some kind of Energy Psychology component to their practice. Be it logo synthesis, be it EFT, be it a simple energy technique, tension-based tapping – something like that. There you go. Hope that’s helpful for you.

I also recommend going to my website and just tapping along with coaching sessions that I have done with other people who are suffering from social anxiety. Lots of people have done that already and they’re reducing their Social Anxiety simply by watching these sessions and by tapping along. It’s amazing how that works, but it’s really how it works. Even if you don’t have the same issues, there something that happens when you’re observing that coaching session with someone else. Because you can relate to it. You’re feelings get triggered and now you’re processing things because you’re tapping while you’re watching it. I worked with my client, and she has a particular issue, and your brain is like “Ah! That reminds me of this time with this person back then!”. Now, you’re starting to get insights as to what memories to tap on and you’ll get lots of a huss, you have guided tapping that you’re going through, your beliefs are being shifted. It is fantastic. I would recommend a combination of those two things. 

You can get these coaching series on my website. One of them is called “Overcome Your Fear Of Being Seen Anxious Coaching Series”, another is called “Eliminate Your Fear Of Judgment Coaching Series”, and the last one is called “Neutralize Your Shame And Fear Of Embarrassment Coaching Series”

You can get all of those by going to or just go to 

Alright. Thank you for your question. Hope that helps.  Keep an eye out once I’ve actually got a therapist trained in Social Anxiety in Social Anxiety Solutions, as well as who is Energy Psychology trained. That’s going to be fantastic. That’s going to be a big project that’s in the works. Anyway, stay tuned. Thank you for your question and have a great week.

Bye for now.

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