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How Do I Use EFT To Beat My Social Anxiety



How do I use #EFT #Tapping to overcome my #SocialAnxiety?

And how often should I do that?

Will that instantly #resolve my Social Anxiety issues?

Watch the full video to know my answer.

In this episode, I’ll briefly explain how the power of EFT Tapping can help you with your Social Anxiety and how my FREE Starter Kit can help you on your #JourneyToSocialEase.

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How do I use EFT tapping to overcome my social anxiety?

Should I just do these 11 videos and follow along with them?

And how often should I do that?

That is a question that was asked in one of my YouTube videos. And I’m going to answer that today.

Hello, my name is Sebastiaan from

I’m a Social Confidence Coach, and I help people overcome their Social Anxiety.

And I specialize in combining traditional Psychology with Eastern Energy Psychology, of which EFT tapping is the most well-known scientifically proven to be an effective technique, whereby you tap on certain acupressure points in the body.

And that starts to reduce and release negative emotions connected to the problem that is causing or contributing to your Social Anxiety.

On my website, I have a FREE Social Confidence Starter Kit. And that has 11 videos in it. Five or six of them are educational. It teaches you about tapping, teaches you how to do it. And then five or six of them are like guided.

And this person was asking, “Well, should I just do all of those EFT tapping things? And is that then going to instantly resolve my social anxiety? And if so, how often do I need to do it?”

Good question. The answer is as follows:

This is just an introduction to the technique that helps you overcome the problem.

However, just doing a little bit of tapping or following along with tap-along is not going to resolve your social anxiety.

I have created these videos, and I’m giving you a starter kit to give you a taste of what’s possible. Because most people, all they know is that:

  • For one, I can’t overcome my social anxiety. That’s the mainstream understanding, which is outdated.
  • And the best I can do is to change my thoughts, make a hierarchy of the things that I’m afraid of, and then start forcing myself to face my fears so that I can live a bigger life. Still having to fear but feeling the fear and doing it anyway, that’s very outdated.

You can actually overcome your social anxiety completely to the point where you don’t have it, and you are just at ease, and you feel safe being yourself with others.

But getting to that place is a bit of a journey. It’s going to take some time.

And this technique of EFT is the difference that makes the difference. Because now you can actually look at “Why do I fear rejection so much? Why is it such a big deal for me? If I embarrass myself or other people, they’re fine; it’s not a big deal for them?”

Well, because you learned if you had painful experiences. And maybe you had a difficult mom or difficult bad, or you were criticized; you had perfectionistic parents, or there were high expectations, or you were bullied or whatever. There’s the stuff that happened early on in life that set the stage that created the problem of social anxiety.

And with tapping, you can go in, neutralize the emotions, shift the learnings. Get rid of the beliefs that were learned back then that now cause your brain to see – situations as threatening, resulting in activation of the fight-flight-freeze response, and then leads to anxiety symptoms.

So, with tapping, you can do that.

However, it’s not just going to happen by a bit of tapping. But the bit of tapping that I share in that Social Confidence Starter Kit, that gives you a taste of what’s possible.

Because you actually feel your emotions shifting. You feel more comfortable, feel more at ease, and notice that you feel one way in your body, then you apply the tapping, and then you feel more relaxed or feel more calm.

And you notice that something is actually really different.

And that then gets you curious, like, “Oh, wow, I’ve never experienced this. This is amazing. This is powerful. This is different than just cognitively trying to think differently. This actually uses my body, and I feel better, and I have a sense; I have more control over my emotional state now because I can change my emotions with this tapping. AHA! let me learn more.”

And then it’s a whole study to learn how to apply the tapping to overcome social anxiety.

And you’re then further taught how to do that by following along with the emails that I send you and the education out there or the many podcasts that I have with psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, healers, bestselling authors, Ph.D. researchers, doctors on my podcast. Go to the earlier episodes. I do that there.

Alright, I hope this was helpful.

So direct answer: these videos are an introduction. You can go over them many times, but they address the surface layer; it doesn’t look at the core foundational problem of your issue.

That is something that you need to learn how to do. And we do that over a period of time.

There’s a lot to learn about your psychology: the psychology of change, your emotions, how to handle your emotions.

And you get all that when you’re in closer communication with me, which you do by getting the FREE Social Confidence Starter Kit because you get those 11 videos and you also get stories that I share. Clients that had transformations, and information I share about how your emotions work, etc., and so on; and so forth.

So, go check it out. You can get that on my website,, or by clicking the link below this video.

So thank you for your question. I hope this was helpful, and I’m going to connect with you very soon. Bye for now.

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