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What if I don’t feel bad emotions when I visualise a S.E.E. and try to feel what I felt back then?

Watch the “Trauma Busting Video” that you find at 4. Initial S.E.E.. After that, follow the instructions of “Trauma Buster Technique” that you find at “troubleshooting step #6. You Can’t Move Past Subconscious Resistance Yourself” in this article.

By doing this exercises you will scramble your brain, interrupt the way you represent the problem, and naturally change the meaning of what happened. A powerful solution for when you do not feel the emotions.

After having done this exercise, assume that you have dealt with the memory completely and move forward to the next memory, or the next step in the SCS.

What if no SEE comes to mind when I use the exercise in “Eliminating Emotional Wounds” PDF or the audio?

Likely, you’re trying too hard. You don’t have to do these exercises perfectly. You don’t have to come up with the earliest and most intense memories, even though these are the most important ones to clear. You cannot do this wrong, especially not when you try hard to do it wrong. Anything that comes to mind is OK. All you’re wanting to do is to go with the first thing that comes to mind. If nothing comes to mind, that’s OK too.

Just to relax you a bit, before you do the exercise, tap over your points saying the following phrases:

EB: I must find memories
SE: I have to find S.E.E.’s
UE: If I don’t find any memories I can’t progress
UN: This exercise has to work for me
CH: If this doesn’t work I’m screwed
CB: I don’t trust my mind
UA: I can’t trust my subconscious
LP: I need to come up with the right memories
WR: I should do this perfectly
TH: I cannot relax and I will not relax!

EB: Something must come to mind
SE: I don’t want to find any memories
UE: Yes I do!
UN: No I don’t
CH: I have to make this work for me
CB: I fear this won’t work for me
UA: This really, really, really has to work for me
LP: Perhaps, if nothing comes to mind, another exercise will work for me
WR: Even if this one doesn’t work for me now, it’s still OK, I can move forward and come back to it later
TH: It’s OK if something comes to mind, if nothing comes to mind that’s OK too

After you tapped on the above phrases, perhaps twice, and you feel more relaxed about the exercise, give it another go. If nothing comes to mind, move forward to the next step in the SCS and come back to it later.

You advice to only visualise one particular scene a day for 2 min. What if I want to visualise 5 or maybe even more particular scenes? Is it still ok? I’m pretty good in visualising, so focus is not a problem.

Yes. What I write are merely best-practice suggestions. If it feels good when you visualise, you can do it longer. 

Visualising is done to get into the good-feeling. If repeating the visualisation in the same way over and over keeps you in the good feeling, then do so. If different scenes get you in the good feeling, do that. If you’re pushing, struggling, trying hard, you’re not feeling good while you visualise. It’s about feeling good when you do it, and getting into the good feeling that is associated with what you visualise. Be easy with this.