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My Story (Chapter 5)

heI had come to a place of acceptance.

That emotional shift that day was pro-found.

But, it was just the beginning of my recovery.

I wish I could tell you that this was the end of my social anxiety.

But this was not really the case.

After this initial shift, it was a long journey with a lot of effort, persistence and a ton of money (borrowed from my mom who got a second mortgage on her house for me) invested in quality help.

I worked with 8 different top-level therapists, practitioners of the technique.

It took a lot to clear my social anxiety.

It turned out I was quite a “tough case”.

And most people with social anxiety think they fall into the tough case category.

That is because social anxiety creeps into every area of your life. Because it sucks so much you can’t stop thinking about it. And when nothing works when you focus on “beating it” you can feel tremendously stuck.

But not being able to overcome it has very clear reasons.

Overcoming your social anxiety using this technique in the right way isn’t hard if you know what to do.

It’s just a matter of putting in the time and doing it.

Anyway, after this initial shift I was committed to use this technique to overcome my social anxiety.

And thanks to some brilliant therapists and a lot of study and persistence, I’ve been fortunate enough to get where I am today.

Being comfortable and at ease around others is now normal.

Thankfully, I’ve now been anxiety-free for years.

I say anxiety-free, but that’s a generalisation.

I have gotten anxious in the last year. But only a handful of times.

And, that was not in common-day situations, but in situations where I was massively outside my comfort zone.

When I did things I had never done before (like starting a podcast, speaking publicly, certain dating situations, etc.).

In a few situations I got anxious.

But, I used the technique afterwards to the underlying reasons for the anxiety.

And in doing so, I became comfortable in these situations too.

I’ve expanded my comfort zone in that way, and these new situations are now included in my comfort zone too.

In my free social anxiety starter-kit I’ll teach you the basics of this technique over a series of short videos.

You can then start using it immediately to release some negative emotions.

You’re likely able to relieve some of your anxiety.

And just these things alone can already be life-changing.

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