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Please watch all of the seven videos so you know what is going on with you, and how you will systematically get rid of your social anxiety disorder. Even if you have already seen the videos once, be sure to watch them all again. It’s key information to understand. After you watch each video, write down the 2 or 3 biggest realizations or insights you had.

SCS video #1/7 : What is SAD really?

SCS video #2/7 : Socially anxious map of the world

SCS video #3/7 : Joe’s limiting beliefs

SCS video #4/7 : Why we believe what we believe

SCS video #5/7 : Social Anxiety is a SKILL

SCS video #6/7 : The Structure of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

SCS video #7 : Overcoming Social Anxiety with EFT