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The Truth About Rejection



In this post, I’m sharing the truth about rejection.

I think it will bring you some relief.


Sebastiaan: Hi, this is Sebastiaan van der Schrier from I’m a former social anxiety disorder suffer and a social confidence coach. In this 2-minute video I’m going to give you the truth about rejection. It’s a particular mindset that isn’t just a mindset, it’s the actual truth. But most people suffer more from rejection because they don’t understand this truth.

So, what is this truth?

Well, the truth is that people are actually not rejecting you. Now you might say, “Well, that’s not my experience. They actually are rejecting me, and they have been for a long time”. Yes, but it’s actually not “you” that they’re rejecting. So, what do I mean by that?

Well, they’re rejecting your behavior or they’re rejecting your vibe and that’s ultimately not who you are.

So, when I meet someone, and that person is really seeking my approval that’s not a very nice vibe to be around or when someone is really anxious around me that’s not a very nice vibe to be around. If someone is trying to impress me, you can feel that, you can sense that energy.

If someone is very insecure you can sense that energy and it’s not very nice to be around. That’s what people are rejecting because the energy that is around you is not very attractive. It’s not very, “Oh, wow, I want to spend more time in that energy”.

It’s more like a bit of a repulsive energy and that’s what people reject because people want to feel good, they don’t want to feel bad.

What does that mean?

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with you and it’s just these patterns in your mind, it’s just that old stuff that keeps repeating itself and luckily you can actually shift and change that around so that your vibe becomes very comfortable and at ease and nice for people to be around and they won’t reject you anymore.

Okay, I hope this has been helpful. I release more videos like this every week, every Thursday.

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