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The Secret to 100% Self-Worth



In this post, we’re sharing the secret to having 100% self-worth…

…we’ll give you some perspective and a step you can take now.

Here are some things you’ll learn:

  • that everyone does bad stuff
  • stop the cycle of self-sabotage
  • tackle our skeletons to reveal your self-worth

Make a list and share where you are on a scale of 0-100% for your self-worth and where you’d like it to be.

Let us know if you want more videos on increasing your self-worth number 🙂


Rachel: Hi, this is Rachel Bourne and I’m filling in for Sebastiaan for Social Anxiety Solutions and I want to talk to you about discovering your self-worth. So, I say discover versus creating versus boosting. It’s something that’s already there. You’re granted self-worth when you’re born and it’s only through negative experiences and traumas, things that you’ve heard, things that you’ve experienced or seen or taken on as truth that just wasn’t true.

Three points I want to make.

Number one, you’re not alone, we all do bad things.

Number two is stop self-sabotaging behavior, stop beating yourself up, stop the cycle of destruction.

The third point is bring up your skeletons, bring up this stuff in the background and use a clearing technique like tapping that you see on this channel constantly. EFT tapping, emotional freedom techniques, tapping on acupressure points to release negative emotions and healing traumas. Really the goal would be to move towards 100% self-worth.

So, say on a scale of 0 to 100 think about where you are right now. Maybe 60, maybe 40, maybe 30. So, the goal would be to journey towards 100% and 100% could be possible for you, just keep moving on that journey. Maybe one day it’s up, one day it’s down but it’s always progressing towards that 100%. It’s not about perfection but it’s about improving the quality of your life by improving how you see yourself because you are worthy.

This is more about removing things that aren’t true versus taking on a competent persona or taking on what to say or how to act, how to move. It’s more about releasing those things that are in the way of you seeing your worth and your value. Your outward life will start reflecting that, your relationships, money, joy, this is what I hear.

So, this is the journey I’m on. If you’re not on this journey I recommend to get started because what better journey could there be but improving your entire life including social anxiety.

We all make mistakes (you aren’t alone)

The first point you’re not alone, we all do bad things, we all mess up, we’ve all made mistakes. Maybe you think what you’ve done is so bad that you’ve kind of tucked it away and you don’t want anyone to know, you don’t even want to know yourself. You just kind of tucked it away and thought I just need to be a better person. A lot of us do that, we think we need to just be better but you’re not alone, we all mess up, we’ve all done bad things, everyone’s done something bad, everyone. And it’s part of the journey, so maybe you have this idea that you need to be perfect, not made mistakes.

If you were ridiculed or put down or told that you’re bad, you’re going to believe that and take that on as truth and you’ll start it self-sabotage in some way to get you back down to what your reality is. And if it’s really bad then you can do something about it, there’s no need to punish yourself and keep yourself there.

But being aware of it is really kind of the first step because we get so used to things being bad or we get so used to things being the way they are its familiar and really breaking up that pattern can really make a difference.

Stop the Self-Sabotage Cycle

Again, you’re not alone. Two, if you are self-sabotaging do your best to become aware of it. Become aware of your behavior that’s self-sabotaging and really start to look at that and say, “Why am I doing this?” Don’t just automatically do that behavior because you’re used to it at some pattern. Really start to look at it and question it and say “Maybe I don’t need to be doing this. It’s not doing me any good, it’s not adding to the value of my life”.

It’s not about all or nothing. Maybe it’s just about gaining some control over those self-sabotaging behaviors or self-defeating behaviors, the negative thinking, the negative self-talk that you do. So, stop that self-sabotaging behavior, stop beating yourself up.

Heal Your Skeletons

The third thing is look at the reasons why? Dig up those skeletons and look at those reasons why. Maybe you did something you’re ashamed of or maybe something really bad happened to you and you wanted to just move on. You just said that I don’t think that was supposed to happen, that was wrong or I’m wrong. Let that come up, let yourself go back there and maybe that means making a list of things and spend some time just thinking about that experience and letting the emotions come up while you’re using a healing technique.

It really can open up this whole world and then the more work you do the more you will discover your self-worth.

So, it’s a journey I’m on, it’s a journey that I hope you’re on. If you’re not get on board because you are worth it, if you don’t realize it yet. You are, you’re already good enough as you are right now. This is just a matter of discovering that and clearing away all the reasons why you don’t believe that anymore.

Maybe your outward life isn’t what you want it to be, maybe there’s something on the inside that you can work to heal and your outward life will start to improve and really start to look at those reasons why you don’t feel worthy because it’s not true, it’s a lie. We can be on that journey together of clearing all the things in the way of truly believing that 100%.

Share your number, share what works for you and you’ll start to see your outward life improved the more you do this. Your social anxiety will decrease and the quality of your life will increase. I can’t imagine a better journey to be on and I’m excited to be on it. This is exciting, I want to see what changes.

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