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The Secret Key to Beating Social Anxiety #shorts


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You’ve probably heard that the key to social confidence is to “accept” the fact that you have an issue.

But what does that mean? And how can you start with acceptance?

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After I experienced my first emotional shift with EFT tapping, I thought I’d be anxiety-free in no time.

But while I did make a lot of progress, I kept getting triggered for many years.

I was still scared of getting anxious.

And the problem just wouldn’t disappear.

It wasn’t until I truly embraced the power of acceptance that I overcame it completely.

Not accepting social anxiety, and not accepting yourself because you experience it, makes the problem worse.

You suffer more.

And the problem remains locked in place.

To overcome social anxiety completely, you have to first accept where you’re at.

You have to come to terms with the fact that you’ve got an issue.

You have to accept the seemingly unacceptable.

As it turns out, acceptance is a pre-requisite for lasting change.

So you have to come to terms with the status-quo.

Doesn’t mean you like it, prefer it, or approve of it.

Doesn’t mean you give up on getting rid of it.

It just means you truly accept ‘what is’

By releasing your negative emotions and judgments about the issue, and towards yourself, things are changing for the better.

You’re no longer at war with yourself.

Anxiety can complete its cycle.

And you’re opening the doors to effortless social ease.

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