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The Power of Self-Acceptance On Your Journey To Social Confidence



In this post, we reiterate the importance of self-acceptance…

and give you an inspiring perspective through a short, heartwarming clip.

On the current 30-Day Social Confidence Challenge, I teach of self-acceptance as a journey in itself.

It is never an easy journey, to come in terms of all of that you are …

… but with some guidance and support, healing is possible.

So that once you get to that beautiful place of self-acceptance, social ease comes naturally of you.

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Hey, this is Sebastiaan from

I’m a former Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer and a Social Confidence Coach.

I’m right now, nearing the end of the 30-Day Challenge. I’m going to talk about something within that context.

On the 30-Day Challenge, we’ve talked a lot about the journey from social anxiety to effortless social ease, and the five stages to get to that place. Concurrent within that journey, or along with that journey, or as a sub-journey of that “social anxiety to social confidence journey” is the journey of self-acceptance, of becoming okay with all of who it is that you are.

So that, it’s like, the positive aspects that you have that everyone likes, “optimistic, friendly, a great sense of humour, being nice, being intelligent, being a good person, and a good friend, etc.” those aspects of your personality are a lot easier to accept.

But there are also these aspects of your personality and emotions that you feel that are a lot harder to accept. Being grumpy, feeling anxious, feeling awkwardness, weakness, vulnerability, crying, etc. These experiences, emotions that you feel, and ways that you see yourself that is unacceptable.

All that non-acceptance is in the way of your self-acceptance. There are certain parts of you that you’re not okay with, that you want to hide from the world, that you’re rejecting, and you’re not bringing these parts of yourself to the social situation. You hide those parts of you. You can truly be yourself and it’s risky to show these parts of yourself to others. It’s risky for a lot of people with social anxiety to show that they’re anxious. It’s risky for a lot of people with social anxiety to come off in a way that is weak. Right?

They haven’t made friends with those parts of themselves. That’s a lot harder to do than it is to make friends with the parts of yourself that hey, I have a great sense of humour, except that about myself. Hey, Intelligent Yeah, I accept that about myself. But how about when you’re dumb and you look stupid?

Do you accept that about yourself? Do you accept yourself in those moments? How about when you feel nervous or awkward? Do you accept yourself in those moments?  Accepting those parts of yourself as well makes you more whole. Then you don’t have anything to hide anymore.

Now, I want to show you a brief clip that kind of inspired me to do this little video for you. It’s from a talent shown in Thailand. I used to live in Thailand for quite a lot of years. I’m not going to give it away but let’s just say this has to do with self-acceptance. I’m going to show you the clip and then afterwards I talk about it.

Watch it here.

We’re back. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I do. I think it’s a very heartwarming clip and it very much shows how important self-acceptance is.

A lot of people with social anxiety have feelings that they’re different. That it’s bad. There’s a lot of shame associated with it.

When your ladyboy in Thailand, as Miss Bell (the one who was singing) mentioned at the end, there’s a lot of grief that you get. People calling you names and not even her own father accepting her. It’s a very sad thing. So, she had to do a lot of work on self-acceptance in order to be able to come to the stage in front of a large audience and change your voice and show “Hey, I’m not just a lady, I’m also a guy. This is who I am. Like it or not, this is all of me. I like it.”

She had to come to terms with all of her. That’s a lot of what this journey to social ease is about. A lot of people with social anxiety struggle with that because of the stuff that happened in early childhood. But luckily, you can heal that.

What this Thai lady singer did, I do not know. What YOU can do is what I do know, and that is to tap. To release the emotions from the experiences where you were you were not accepted.

If you have a father that didn’t accept you, or if you have a mother that didn’t accept you for who you were, then that caused a lot of negative emotions and a lot of shame that became somewhere stuck or locked in your body. By tapping on that, you can process that and release that, let go of that.

In doing so, you get rid of that non-acceptance that came from outside of you. You neutralize that. You can start accepting yourself despite the fact that your parents didn’t accept you for who you were. You can work to become, “Hey, I’m this, and I’m great. Sometimes I suck, but I still accept myself when I suck. Sometimes I feel great. I accept myself. Sometimes I feel horrible and still, I accept myself enough. I accept my emotions. I accept all there is to me.”

That’s a fantastic place to be because now you’ve got nothing to hide. I’ve got nothing to hide socially, and then you can be authentically yourself, then it’s safe to be you. Then your brain doesn’t see any threats anymore. And hey, no anxiety. Just let the good times roll.

I hope it’s been helpful. If you have any questions, post them underneath this video. I release videos like this every week.

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I hope this was helpful to you. See you in the comment section below. Sign up for that 30-day challenge and I want to connect with you soon. Bye for now.

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