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The Astonishing Power of Tapping: A Proven Technique To Neutralize Your Social Anxiety


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Do you know what’s the WORST feeling in the world?

It’s the feeling of shame, insecurity, and being anxious all the time.

And we blame ourselves for feeling this way.


Witness the Power of EFT Tapping demonstrated via a Live Coaching Session!

Be there on SATURDAY, September 5, 2020, at 4:00 PM (Amsterdam time).

Watch, observe, relate, and tap-along!

Go to:


Do not miss out on the Live YouTube Coaching Session where I’m going to be using tapping to help someone reduce their Social Anxiety Live on screen. 

Hi! My name is Sebastiaan van der Schrier. I’m a former Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer and a Social Confidence coach. Now, I want to talk a little bit about what’s going to happen this coming Saturday at 4 pm Central European Time (Amsterdam Time) because I happen to be in Europe at the moment. I’m going to be doing these Live Coaching Sessions once a month, at the first week of the month, on a Saturday at 4 pm. That’s going to happen every month. Very cool, very exciting. 

I’ve done one before live. I’ve done many, many, many coaching sessions – thousands; and group coaching sessions – over a hundred now. Since two years, I started doing these inside my Social Confidence Community and my Social Confidence Club and it’s really great. Because what happens is, there’s a particular dynamic that’s being created. And it kind of depends on the kind of dynamic that I choose because sometimes I coach one person and it’s a one-on-one session between me and say “Carly” and then, me and Carly are the main people and Carly shares her Social Anxiety story. She shares the feelings that she’s having, the thoughts that she’s thinking, the struggles that she’s having with Social Anxiety. And I’m helping her with the tapping to calm down and to release and neutralize those worries and concerns and dreads and negative expectations and limiting beliefs about herself and shame and all of that.  

In the process of doing that and us tapping, you watching this are going to relate to it like “Oh, wow! I feel just like that, I thought I was alone in feeling like that!” No, you’re not.  And it’s going to help foster more self-acceptance within yourself because it helps you realize that “Wow! I’m not alone in this and I’m not as crazy as I thought that I was, and my thoughts and my feelings are actually very similar.”  

Not only that. As you’re watching this and I’m talking to Carly, and Carly talks about a particular experience that she had with her boss saying something to her and her freezing and feeling inferior. You’re like “Wow! I have a similar experience in my life”.  It’s kind of what your brain does: it starts to link to how you can relate to that. And now you’re thinking in the background of what this is related to for you, while you’re simultaneously tapping. 

And the beauty of the tapping is that it starts to calm down and neutralize the emotions that come up that are connected to what it is that you’re thinking about. Studies have shown that tapping sends a little signal to the part of your brain called the Amygdala, which regulates your hormones and studies have shown that it reduces the production of Cortisol (your stress hormone) and it increases the production of Serotonin (your happy hormones).  

Now, I’m working with Carly on her feeling of inferiority that she had last week when she interacted with her boss (employer) and for you, what came up was that feeling of inferiority that you have when you meet with your friends and this particular person shows up. As you’re then thinking about that, and you’re doing the tapping, now your Cortisol levels go down, your Serotonin levels go up, and that starts to create a sense of calm. Your feelings are going to release and reduce either quickly or slowly over time.  

It’s very powerful when you start applying the tapping in the right way to your Social Anxiety.  It’s difficult for people to believe that something like this can actually work. That’s why I’m going to demonstrate it to you so you can see it with your own eyes and even better you get to experience some relief yourself because what we’re looking for, what my goal is I want to update Social Anxiety treatment worldwide. Because currently what’s being used is mostly a Cognitive Approach – change your thoughts, be mindful, and progressively face your fears. All of those things have value.  

I’m not saying we should stop doing that. I’m just saying we’re missing a key component. We’re not addressing the emotional side of the problem. In my personal experience and professional experience, I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. I was a personal coach helping people overcome Social Anxiety. I’ve helped hundreds of people if not, might even above a thousand, and I’ve got video testimonials on my channel to prove it.  

This is a far more effective approach to actually getting rid of your Social Anxiety completely and so we want to merge these two fields where we have the best of Traditional Psychology, as well as the best of Energy Psychology so we can overcome our Social Anxiety much more gently, much more effectively, and we get lasting results.  

You can get actually, with persistence to a point where social anxiety is not an issue anymore, where it’s gone, out of your life and you just feel relaxed, you feel at ease and you can actually be safe being you with others so that’s what we’re after.  

That’s not going to happen in this one single session that I’m going to do with this person on YouTube. But you’re going to get a taste of what’s possible. You’re going to see the power of this amazing tapping technique so make sure you tune in for that.  

That’s September fifth, this coming Saturday at 4 pm Central European Time (Amsterdam time) so pretty much regardless of wherever you are in the world, you can find a way to make it live. And be there live! It’s more exciting than watching a replay. Sure, I’ll put the replay up as well but try to be there live and please tell your friends about it, tell anyone who has Social Anxiety, or if you’re part of a forum or some kind of a group, or support thing or wherever. Call your friends. Let them come join that session and we’ll have a jolly good time. 

All right. Coaching doesn’t have to be such a serious engagement even though, yes, these problems are very, very deep; very, very powerful, and very limiting and they cause tremendous suffering. Laughter is actually a fantastic medicine combine that with the tapping and lots of other things. Like I said, the best of all worlds and you’re going to have quite a powerful experience. 

If that’s what you’re interested in, go check it out this coming Saturday the 5th of September, and like I said, every first of the month from now on going forward at 4 pm European time. 

You can go to the following link if you’re listening to this on my podcast. That link is   

All right! Looking forward to seeing you then. This is Sebastiaan van der Schrier from and I’ll connect with you then. Bye for now.  

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