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The 3 keys to going from social anxiety to social confidence #short



Do you want to BEAT social anxiety and BUILD social confidence?

In this short video, you’ll discover the 3 MAIN keys to becoming socially confident and getting rid of the MAIN obstacles on your journey to social ease. 🔑

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Socially your brain is perceiving threat while there actually is no real threat. Or, it’s seeing real threats as much larger than they truly are.

This perception of threat activates our survival response. And anxiety results.

Eliminate this perception and social anxiety is gone.

That’s the main key: Eliminating the perception of threat.

However, there are two main obstacles to this:

1. Our lack of acceptance
2. Our subconscious resistance to change

As long as we judge ourselves for having social anxiety, and struggle to accept the problem and its consequences…

The problem stays locked in place.

And as long as our subconscious mind believes change and social ease isn’t safe for us, we at best make temporary progress. We will never reach social ease.

To get to effortless social ease we need to accept ourselves, and our social anxiety issue, while we still have it (KEY#1).

We need to get our subconscious onboard (KEY #2).

And by then eliminating the perception of threat we will feel safe being our perfectly imperfect selves with others. (KEY #3).

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