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The #1 key to beating social anxiety #shorts



Social anxiety is a real thing, and it can be really hard to deal with.

It’s not just a feeling that makes you feel uncomfortable in social situations—it’s the way your brain perceives a threat.

In this short video, we’ll share with you what triggers social anxiety and the #1 key to overcoming it. 💪

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Think of the person you feel the most comfortable with. Can be your spouse. Your child. A family member or close friend…

And remember a particular moment you interacted with him or her that was really nice.

It was easy. Enjoyable. It felt good. Natural.


That is effortless social ease. This is your natural state.

And whenever you feel strong anxiety, or whenever you’re all in your head and you can’t be yourself…

… you’re triggered! Something has triggered you away from your natural state.

An old memory got activated and you’re reliving the emotions. A belief started clouding your perception. Or some negative fantasy of a worst-case scenario took you away from the present moment.

These painful memories, limiting beliefs, and negative fantasies are responsible for your brain perceiving threat. They are your social anxiety triggers.

Logically, the no#1 key to overcoming social anxiety is neutralizing these, one by one, until no anxiety gets triggered any longer.

Eliminate the memories, beliefs and fantasies responsible for the perception of threat…

… and you will remain in your natural state when you’re around others.

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