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Hello and welcome to the High Self Esteem Now program.

In this powerful program we will systematically change your low self esteem to high self esteem.

This will be achieved over a period of mere weeks. We will…

To achieve this fast result we will be using an extremely powerful (yet funny looking!) tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques.

With EFT we will eliminate your negative emotions and limiting/negative beliefs as well as your negative inner voice.

We will do this in 3 easy steps:

1. We will eliminate your childhood stuff where you first learned the negative/limiting beliefs responsible for low self esteem (such as “I’m not good enough”)

2. We will treat the negative life experiences that have reinforced your low self esteem

3. We will systematically change your negative thinking into positive thinking so that feeling and being high self esteem becomes a new habit and your new identity

Please watch this video below if you are not familiar with what Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is, and to find out what the ‘tapping points’ are that we will be using to change your low self esteem:

EFT Tapping Points:

And now download the PDF file The Tapping Points

by right-clicking on the link. Then choose ‘save as’ and save it to your desktop

Have a look over the PDF file “Tapping Points” and familiarize yourself with the location of the points.

If you’re new to this I’m sure you might have some doubts about all of this and you will probably be skeptic about this working. Which is understandable and perfectly healthy. I was very sceptical myself at first. However, this weird EFT works (even if you don’t believe in it). And it works like magic.

In case you want more specifics about what it is and how it works, please read this article: EFT Therapy.

And then read this article and be sure to watch the two videos on that page as well (one video starts once you click on the link on the page and the other video is on the page itself). How Does EFT Work? if you want to get the science behind it and proof of it working.

Note: It is not necessary to read and study all the above information to get the results you are looking for. The thing it will do for you is it will get you very excited about what’s possible and it will crank up your motivation level even higher.

STEP #2A. Core Issues

To have a good understanding of what the work is we’ll be doing, please download the PDF file Core Issues. Cause/Trigger, Pile on’s and Blocks by right-clicking on the link. Then choose ‘save as’ and save it to your

After this you are ready to start out with the “Childhood Baggage” article and video. This could very well be one of my best work (well, I didn’t think of it, EFT Master Lindsay Kenny did, but I’ve put it into article/video form) 🙂

It will help you to bundle all your childhood together and release all the negative emotions and the bad feelings from that whole period.

Lets get to it!

Download the PDF file My Childhood Baggage by right-clicking on the link. Then choose ‘save as’ and save it to your desktop

Bundling Baggage video

Bundling Baggage Gamut Video

If you’re still at roughly a 1, use the below video to go to a 0 out of 10.

STEP #2C. Clearing a S.E.E.

Download and read the PDF file Uncovering Significant Emotional Events by right-clicking on the link. Then choose ‘save as’ and save it to your desktop

The following tap-along video is of extreme importance. By clearing your S.E.E.’s using this video you are doing the deep inner work necessary for change. Without doing this work you will not achieve social confidence. Important!

Instructions/notes before watching the video:

  • Have your S.E.E. title ready.
  • In the video I instruct you to say “Even though I have this…” and you then have to say your S.E.E. title out loud. In my personal example this becomes a sentence like this:

    “Even though I have this “Teacher Mocked My Ears Emotion” which is grammatically not perfect.

    Don’t worry about that, it’s not necessary at all. Just say your S.E.E. title out loud and don’t be concerned about using proper English grammar.

  • This goes without saying really, but if there’s written advice that goes too fast (the instructions in orange that appear), pause the video. It will still work if you do so.

    Especially pay attention to the written advice at these times in the video. Stop the video if you have to and maybe even write the advice down if necessary:

    -At 8 minutes and 11 seconds.
    -At 16 minutes and 53 seconds.
    -At 18 minutes and 13 seconds.
    -At 18 minutes and 25 seconds.

  • When you get the hang of it -which you will soon as it’s very easy- you don’t have to wait for me to say a word.

    I for example say “Even though I have this -and here I wait for you to say your S.E.E. title out loud- and then I say the word “emotion”.

    You can simply say your whole S.E.E. title + the word emotion behind it without waiting until I say the word “emotion”.

    You then for example would say out loud : “This teacher mocked my ears emotion”.

    Or you can wait and say the word “emotion” when I say it. Or you can also not say the words emotion at all, doesn’t make that much difference. As you can see, it’s a very forgiving technique. Just do what is most easy for you.

    In case you can’t get the emotions of your S.E.E. to a 0 out of 10, download and follow the instructions of the PDF file Troubleshooting S.E.E.’s and Limiting Beliefs (right-click on the link and then choose ‘save as’ and save it to your desktop.

It is essential you get your S.E.E. to a 0 out of 10!

If you don’t get the S.E.E. to a 0 out of 10 completely this will have a negative effect on the results in real life. Not releasing the trauma from a memory completely will cause you to not completely get rid of the social anxiety in your current life either!

It can take you 30 minutes to completely clear the emotion, but it can also take you 2+ hours to completely clear it. Take as much time as you need. Come back to it if you need to.

Please be persistent and test to make sure you have zero emotion left before you move on to a next step.

Please follow along with the video below: