Yes, I'd like to overcome my Social Anxiety!

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So far I am really liking the program I bought.
You offer a lot of tapping sequences for the resistance. I am going through them and feel a subtle shift in awareness of how SAD has impacted my life in ways I never realized. Amazing.I hope to continue every day. It is quite tiring after 3 tapping sequences…but I love that you have so many tap alongs! Really great! I am a ‘tough case” 🙂 is great… I could have tapped all day on that one.

Oh and the test was eye opening. I had NO idea I was sooo social anxious…but as I learn more… I am realizing how pervasive it is. And how not wanting to go to a party or even visit my family might not be an meaness or rudeness on my part or disconnection (selfish) — it might be simply that I am scared… and not even realize the fear in it all. Thanks for your rich program – thus far. Only up to the subconscious resistance step 4 or so out of 18? Looking forward to being committed to doing the work. I believe that even if I don’t get it all ‘cured’ EFT is bound to make a dent (tap tap tap).

Thanks again!!!