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Thank You Sebastiaan

I was once a confident (yet slightly shy at times) popular guy. After a lifetime of negativity from people, a break up with my girlfriend combined with a few traumatic social experiences,

I fell in a very negative, anxious and paranoid state for years. It got so bad; I was terrified just leaving the house. I thought of myself as a worthless loser, I was constantly paranoid about what other people thought and I was always fighting anxiety and checking in to see how anxious I was.

Hitting rock bottom (agoraphobia), I realised something had to be done and I put myself on a mission to get rid of this anxiety. However, it was an ongoing struggle.

After coming across Sebastiaan’s videos on Youtube, I liked what I saw as I had some results with EFT prior. I really wanted to go ahead with it, but being socially anxious every doubt and negative thought came into my head…. “He’s going to think I’m weird, how could this possibly work for me? Can he really make me socially confident? This guy has to be a scam!”….. the list goes on .. However, I thought, what if this guy could actually turn my life around and what if I did become confident? He wasn’t asking much in return and he did have the money back guarantee.. I put negative thoughts aside and I just did it.

I emailed Sebastiaan and from the start you could tell this guy meant business and was a great guy. Once I logged on to the Social Confidence System I was highly impressed.

Before the first session with Sebastiaan, I was very nervous.. Doing a weird technique over skype with a stranger and telling him about my problems, that were my secret and noone knew about, scared the hell out of me. However the things that terrified me to open up about, he had experienced exactly the same, or similar.. Remember he has been in socially anxious shoes.

After the first session with Sebastiaan, I remember feeling lighter. The next day at University, talking to people wasn’t so bad and I could concentrate in class. I was actually learning instead of worrying about my anxious thoughts and about what everyone else thought.

Although the process wasn’t linear, as I write this it seems ridiculous that these ludicrous thoughts of the past frightened me so much.

I am a whole different person to what I was when I first started, I am more powerful and in control.

Sebastiaan is an excellent and inspirational EFT practitioner, he is very professional, intelligent, compassionate and a down to earth good bloke 🙂 He has gone above and beyond in helping me overcome my social anxiety. I highly recommend you to go ahead and get skype coaching and Sebastiaan’s Social Confidence System. It’s a small price to pay for a life without fear. You won’t be disappointed.

I can’t thank Sebastiaan enough!.. Thank you

– Michael K.
Sydney, Australia