Yes, I'd like to overcome my Social Anxiety!

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When I started the program I was highly motivated and dedicated to doing the exercises every day. The exercises were all clear and reasonably easy to follow, although it could be time consuming at times but the time spent working on the exercises was worth it.

When I first started, I was experiencing social anxiety, especially at work and when catching up with old friends. Now I feel more confident that I can hold a job, and I actually find time to enjoy catching up with old friends and see how they’re doing.

I’m much more comfortable at stores and crowded places now, and I don’t have much anticipatory anxiety as I used to. I also enjoy going to church now and spending time with my family.

You can expect to spend an hour a day, every day, and expect to dig up all of your old pain, limiting beliefs, and anxious feelings. However, digging up all of the old feelings isn’t painful, you only dig it up for a couple of minutes before clearing it out and expecting some more peace.

EFT seems to be very unconventional, however I found it to be much more effective than CBT, traditional therapy, and even hypnosis and NLP. EFT seems to work well for clearing social anxiety.

You should buy the program if you are dedicated, open minded, and optimistic because putting the time in will reap the benefits as promised. But it does take time and dedication. I believe I have probably solved 80% of my social anxiety so far, although I still experience social anxiety at work and at some big parties.

I still have some anxiety when meeting new people, but that is normal to an extent. I feel more optimistic about my future, and I believe that if I continue working on this then I will be able to get rid of the social anxiety that I still feel at work and at big parties.

I also look forward to going to parties now, as well as going on dates and meeting new people.

Thank you and all the best!