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In my world you can’t praise other people too much so here comes a praising mail to you J
– In this moment I’m so happy and grateful, for having found this program and for the first time in my life, being apple to make EFT work for real. – I’ve now several times been able to remove a strong anxiety feeling in my solar plexus with only one round of tapping! (after I’ve applied the k+k tapping and removing the subconscious resistance for letting go of the feeling) It’s such a step through for me – so many times in the past I’ve tried to work with my heavy emotions, especially this one in solar plexus and only manage to change it a few times out of many times trying. So actually being able to remove the same feeling so quickly is SO amazing! And with all this gratitude and happiness bursting through me, I wanted to send some of it your way for being so brave to make this program and stand forth to help other dealing with the same problem. J What a treat for the world!

Thank you so very much