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Hi Sebastiaan I was going to write you a testimonial, hopefully it serves you.

From the moment I hit puberty, around age 11, I started having trouble with social situations.  My focus was more with the other kids, instead of having fun myself, and living my life.

From that moment the discomfort and awkwardness has never left, and my problems only got  worse in middle school. Here there were new kids, and older popular kids who always had  something to say and were ready to verbally attack me. I therefore remained silent and in the  background. During this period of my life, when “popular” people started talking to me, I  became extremely nervous. And when they were girls, I locked up and closed off completely.

Also during my college years this problem remained.

I made some slow progress, but the inner stress and worry (anxiety) remained constantly.

During this period I also started to develop panic attacks, because I couldn’t deflate the  anxiety. Especially when I got a girlfriend everything got worse and out of control. It eventually broke off after 3 years mainly because of my anxiety.

After my study I’ve gone –mainly to overcome my problems, face my fears and face the  unknown- on a wolrd trip. I thought that if I were to do that, then all my problems would  resolve themselves. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Because after 5 months I came home  earlier than planned, completely exhausted. I even started taking anti-despressive  medication.
After many therapy sessions with psychologists, (3 years long) I found Sebastiaan’s Social  Confidence System. I could relate to his story about his past, and decided to give it a go.  And I’m very happy I did! I definitely notice a difference. I’ve become comfortable in busy  places (bars, cinemas, trains, restaurants, concerts, etc.) and have more energy to do what I  feel like doing. Of course I sometimes still have some fear that something will go wrong, but the  beauty of this program is that you take that into consideration, use EFT, and then go for it!
I’m not anxiety-free yet, and I daily use EFT to keep moving forward. The differences with EFT  before and after are very subtle, that’s the beauty of this. You sometimes after a few days think  to yourself, he I don’t feel so nervous anymore. Step by step I become more and more calm and  relaxed! Really a tremendous relief.
That’s why I can say to you reading this, if you suffer from a social phobia, definitely give this  program a chance!