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I came across sebastiaans site when I was doing a search for remedies for social anxiety as I have suffered from feelings of discomfort in social situations for a long time. Having chatted to him on email, I decided to embark on some one on one sessions over Skype. After just one session, those feelings of discomfort had completely vanished, I found myself feeling completely calm and relaxed in situations that had previously made me stiffen up, feel self conscious, awkward and generally very uncomfortable. The EFT exercises he guided me through had proved remarkably effective, I was literally re-writing my subconscious and freeing myself from old negative emotions and beliefs.

I had also discussed with sebastiaan my binge drinking problem that had existed for many years and we set about tackling this next. Issues from my past, relationships with family members etc etc were looked at and one by one were dissolved on a subconscious level with the guidance of sebastiaan and EFT tapping. I came to understand that the subconscious is incredibly powerful and whilst it always believes it is helping you, often negative events, emotions and feelings get stuck in there and rear their ugly heads beyond your control, causing all sorts of problems in your life – from social anxiety to depression to binge drinking to over eating etc etc etc. EFT work has to power to transform you back to your true self, to your highest potential, to clear out your system of all the bad stuff. Sebastiaan has clearly mastered this technique and guides you through it effortlessly.

The results I have had have been amazing. After many years of trying various things in vain, I have seen spectacular results very quickly since working with sebastiaan.

Quite frankly, I have never felt better and I strongly recommend his work, it has done wonders for me.

Charlie, UK