Yes, I'd like to overcome my Social Anxiety!

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My experience with the Social Confidence coaching was life saving and life changing. It turned my life around and turned me around and pointed me in the right direction to cure my Social Anxiety and depression. Instead of walking backwards and falling back to my regular negative cycle, the coaching and the tools in the coaching was what gave me hope.

They kept me going to be free from anxiety and negative emotions because I knew the coaching was working session after session.

Sometimes I didn’t even realize I improved until I was like “what the hell did I just do that?!” I was doing things I wasn’t able to do without feeling intense anxiety and negative thoughts.

My life before the coaching was like a trap that I couldn’t escape. I was agoraphobic and I had a lot of trouble going out of my house. I missed out on a lot of friend invites to hangout and lots of parties. I couldn’t even sit in class in my desk in peace and concentrate on my work because I had too many anxious thoughts and feelings and I felt like everyone was judging my every move.

I was practically paralyzed by anxiety. I felt like there was no way out of this hole I was in. Until I bumped in to Sebastiaan and he introduced me to all his coaching tools that gave me immediate results and I was moving forward week by week getting better and better.

My experience with the coaching was great. Sebastiaan (the coach) was very understanding and encouraging and had my best intensions in mind. Session after session I gained a ton of new knowledge to keep me motivated and coming back for more.

He is a great coach and knows all the shortcuts to cure Social Anxiety Disorder as quick as possible and permanently. When you feel better and notice progress the only thing that happens after that is more and more progress. The anxiety doesn’t come back. Its all uphill.

The EFT technique was an awesome tool to get rid of my negative feelings and emotions like anxiety, hopelessness, depression etc.

Now I am able to be relaxed and have fun in social situations without letting fear or anxiety ruin it for me. I feel positive feelings and emotions that I’ve never felt before in a long time and it brought back memories of times were my anxiety wasn’t bad and I remember feeling those same emotions and feelings and I knew the old me was coming back.

Now talking to people and going out doesn’t sound like a nightmare and I no longer worry about it weeks before the situation because I know everything is going to go well and I will have a great time. And I do.

This is a great package I would definitely recommend anyone suffering with social anxiety disorder to try. I was a bit skeptical before trying it cause it sounded to good to be true but I’m glad I did it and didn’t let my negative mind win and decided to give it a try. There’s nothing to loose and everything to gain!

-Cesar Portillo