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Welcome to the Social Confidence Now 11-part video course. In this course you’ll learn how to use and apply the social confidence technique to reduce to your social anxiety and get closer to social confidence.

The 11-part video course will give you the tools to:

  • Easily release most negative emotions
  • Reduce some of your social anxiety
  • Neutralize some of the less severe painful memories/life experiences/traumas
  • Create a more balanced emotional state and have more emotional control
  • Experience more peace and calm in your life

1. What is the Social Confidence Technique

Download the EFT tapping points demonstrated in the video here.

2. Social Confidence Technique Basics

3. How to Properly Apply the Technique

4. How to Clear a Painful Memory

5. What if the Technique Doesn’t Work for Me?

Now that you’ve learned how to properly use the social confidence technique you’re ready to put it into action. Use the videos below to experience it yourself right now.

The following videos are all aimed to give you a perspective that helps you, a mindset that serves you, and to feel some relief from your social anxiety. These videos are generalized and aimed at common issues for people with social anxiety. Some of these will allow you to experience relief while others might not have as much of an impact for you. Many people have reported great relief and results from applying the technique. The remainder of the video course will serve as a good way to get a taste of what’s possible for you.

As you go through the videos and actively participate, it is highly likely you will experience a significant relief from your social anxiety.

6. Applying the Social Confidence Technique

7. Social Anxiety treatment I (overcoming subconscious resistance)

8. Social Anxiety Treatment II (acknowledging and accepting your anxiety)

9. Releasing Negative Emotions About Your Social Anxiety

10. How to Stop worrying What Other People Think

11. How to Release Fear and Worry About Upcoming Social Situations

This social confidence technique is a tool you can use for the rest of your life. Awesome!

To become totally calm and comfortable socially is a different story though.

It’s not as easy as knowing basic tapping and clearing a few past painful experiences (though this
is an essential piece of the puzzle).

The whole approach to overcome social anxiety is possible but takes more than a few videos. That’s
why I created an entire course consisting of the 12 steps to social confidence.

It naturally started to come together as a result of my own healing journey, studying the top EFT
tapping experts, 1,000’s of hours coaching socially phobic clients, and a lot of experimentation.

I started seeing clear patterns in my socially anxious clients’ problems and was using the same
techniques to overcome these problems.

I also discovered that there are various stages of transformation, which have an order to them.

From this I created an EFT-based course to overcome social anxiety. Over the years I’ve gotten
tons of feedback, tested and refined it, and now people consistently report life-changing results.

If you want to learn more you can check it out here: Social Confidence System

Enjoy your journey to Social Confidence!
– Seb