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What If You Have To Live With Your Social Anxiety Forever?

I was. Because none of the recommended therapies, strategies or techniques worked for me. The scary exposures just demanded too much of me because I was simply so afraid of embarrassing myself that I could not consistently keep up them. I was afraid people would realize what an anxious wreck I was (I was terrified they would notice my anxiety, or see me blush) and that I was doomed forever.

I was ashamed of myself, felt like a loser, and was just desperate for something that would work better than changing my thoughts and facing my fears. Eventually I found this silly looking technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). At first I discarded it because it looked so stupid, but since it sounded so promising I did a lot of research and found out it is the real deal. I then worked with many EFT specialists to overcome my own social anxiety disorder, and after that have trained myself in the tool and have used it as my main tool to assist clients overcome their social phobia for more than 3 years now. I know from a lot of experience, having tried out just about any tool, therapy or technique on the market, that EFT is:

Simple, Scientifically Proven, And Most Effective
To Permanently Overcome Your Social Anxiety
Without Scary Exposures

I know that a bold promise like the above probably raises at least some doubt within you. The possibility of this being true probably sounds “too good to be true”. Promises like the above made me very suspicious back when I was still suffering from social anxiety disorder.

If there was such a technique, then why had I not heard about it yet? Is this some marketing scam? And what is it, and why is it so much more effective than other techniques?

Well, as an experienced social anxiety coach I’ve been successfully applying this powerful technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in combination with the best techniques from the recommended therapies to overcome social anxiety to help my socially phobic clients become anxiety-free as quickly and gently (yes, gently AND much more effective) as possible.

EFT turns out to be BY FAR the most powerful approach I have found to overcome anxiety in over a decade of searching for solutions to my own anxiety, and coaching others.

Why Is This Approach SO Powerful? WATCH THIS VIDEO:

A few questions…
  • Do you feel that you will never be confident, and you can’t seem to figure out why you just can’t relax around others?
  • Do you worry about what to say, how you will come across to others, and what they will think of you?
  • Are you terribly afraid of making a fool out of yourself, or being judged negatively?
  • Do you often feel lonely because you avoid certain social situations because you just know that you will feel anxious and uncomfortable in them?
  • Do you think that other people “just know” how uncomfortable you feel on the inside?

And is your biggest fear that you will never have a normal life, that you will have this debilitating social anxiety forever, and that nothing you do will really help?

That sounds a lot like me, some 6 years ago… I used to suffer from social anxiety (disorder)for years.

My name is Sebastiaan van der Schrier and I’m a social anxiety coach, specialized in applying EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to become 100% anxiety-free and feel completely confident in all social situations.

I used to suffer from a severe social anxiety disorder and lived in constant fear of being rejected or disapproved of.

I was very afraid of embarrassing myself in social situations and being judged negatively, I felt terribly anxious in them.

Worrying about how I would cope in upcoming social situations often caused me to lie awake panicking about all the things that might happen, wondering how I could ever cope. I felt like a loser, was ashamed of who I was, and often dealt with feelings of hopelessness, despair and depression. My life was a living hell that I couldn’t seem to escape.

After reading a psychology book which gave me an understanding that I could change I made myself a commitment to find a solution for my situation, and after a long personal journey to social confidence, I’m today very grateful to feel confident truly being myself in social situations.

I enjoy socializing and connecting with others, love meeting new people, am dating the woman of my dreams, and I actually look forward to social gatherings of any kind. I’m traveling all over the world and I’m living the life that seemed impossible to live back then.

The reason why I’m telling you this is not to impress you, I’m saying this to let you know that this is what it possible for you too.

You can become completely anxiety-free and feel confident in all social situations.

In fact, this is possible much faster than what might have been told you, or that you might expect is possible.

Now I’m pretty sure you have at least some trouble believing that. It might even sound “unbelievable” or “too good to be true” to you (especially if you’ve been dealing with these uncomfortable feelings of social anxiety for a long time and have tried many other “solutions”)…

And because of that, I’m inviting you to watch the following video where I explain in detail exactly HOW to step-by-step overcome your social phobia for the rest of your life:

This video series is the accumulation of most of my knowledge and experience from my own journey from social anxiety disorder to social confidence, and from more than 3 years (it’s October 2012 now) of coaching socially phobic clients to social confidence.

After watching this video, you will not only have a clear and concise understanding of what’s truly going on with you and why you suffer, you will also know exactly what is possible for you with regards to being totally anxiety-free. And, you also will have a positive attitude towards the process of step by step eliminating your social anxiety.

You Don’t Have To “Push Through” And “Face Your Fears”

The key to eliminating your social anxiety — and the core principle of the Social Confidence System — is to eliminate your negative limiting beliefs responsible for your anxiety using a technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or MTT (Meridian Tapping Techniques).

EFT is a psychological form of acupuncture. Instead of using needles, you tap specific points on your body while focusing on the problem you want to eliminate.

It’s quick. It’s simple. It’s not a placebo. And best of all, it actually releases your negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

I know this might sounds a bit”woowoo” or out there — and I was one of the biggest skeptics myself when I first heard about it, but this great technique is the most powerful technique to overcome social anxiety disorder that you can self-apply that I’ve found in almost a decade of searching.

It’s the cutting edge of healing techniques, the smartest I-phone under the healing tools.

Science now shows that with EFT tapping we send a calming signal to the part of our brain called the amygdala which is responsible for firing of the fight or flight response which puts our body in stress. The tapping releases this stress, and since all negative emotions are just stress in the body, the tapping releases the negative emotion.

By using EFT you don’t have to “get out there and do the thing you fear.” There’s no need to do a thing you fear, “conquer” that fear and then attempt to tackle an even bigger fear as the experts claim is the only way to make progress.

To the contrary, you step first broaden your comfort zone by releasing all your fears and limiting beliefs in the comfort of your own house. You become confident in total privacy FIRST and THEN you go out in the real world and be surprised by how calm and at ease you feel.


I’ve spent most of my teens and twenties looking for *the* social anxiety cure, if such a thing actually existed. After a 10+ year search (& plenty of snake oil salesmen), I stumbled over the psychological equivalent of the holy grail: EFT &Sebastiaan’s EFT-based Social Confidence System. I’ve made more headway in a few months using the SCS than the previous 10+ years of talk therapy, cog-behavioral therapy, hypnosis & affirmations combined. Seriously. This s–t works. Thanks again, Sebastiaan!

What Will I Get?

First of all, you can start immediately, just place your order and you will receive an email within a minute and you will have full access to the program on your own computer.

Rather than telling you what you will get, let me take you through a video and show you the whole Social Confidence System,demonstrating how you will become socially confident in 18 easy steps:

Get the Social Confidence System risk-free (60-day money-back guarantee) now:

As a result of following the steps in the SCS, you’ll be able to:

  • fully accept yourself, and the challenge you had
  • FREE YOURSELF of the fear of embarrassment and disapproval
  • stop blushing, sweating or panicking
  • lose your intense fear of rejection
  • calmly deal with criticism
  • sincerely laugh when people seem to make fun of you
  • feel comfortable being the center of attention
  • maintain eye contact calmly and confidently
  • stop caring what people think of you and live your life for yourself
  • let go of your negative thinking and develop positive thinking habits
  • feel at ease meeting new people, including the opposite sex
  • start enjoying conversations and socializing
  • be surprised by the speed of improvement in your social skills (because your basic social skills are usually just hidden behind the anxiety!)
  • finally let your true self emerge in social settings
  • Create sincere, warm, loving connections and relationships
  • look forward to the weekends, birthday parties, social gathering, weddings, family gathering and so much more!


“… I’m 44 years of age and I think I had gotten so used to feeling bad and feeling resentful,that to feel nothing feels, well, kind of weird!

My bad feelings to people at work have lessened so much that I feel a bit of empathy with them like I’m starting to understand where they are coming from.

I’m excited because I really feel changes already. I feel lighter and am even starting to interact with people at work who I never could talk with much before. And this is without really trying and pushing myself to.

– Sean

Gain Confidence From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The key to eliminating your social anxiety — and the core principle of the Social Confidence System — is to eliminate your negative limiting beliefs responsible for your anxiety using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). You do this in the comfort of your own home.

Sitting at your own computer, you simply follow the exercises and be surprised by your fears dissolving — in the privacy of your home, in your free time. It’s the easiest and most comfortable way for you to cure your social anxiety from home once and for all.

Nobody has to know that you’re seeking help for social anxiety. No searching for therapists, no embarrassment, no rushing to make your appointments on time.

Feel Better Immediately

The Social Confidence System gets you results fast. You can expect to notice improvements in your attitude and emotions after the very first exercise.

Your social anxiety won’t vanish overnight, of course. But you can expect a progressive reduction in the severity of your social anxiety within days or weeks.

By the time you finish the program, you can feel completely at ease around anyone — in any situation.


By the way, the program so far has helped me immensely. I am getting more comfortable with myself and social situations every day.



How Much Does It Cost?

Fifteen coaching sessions with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (the most recommended therapy and recommended amount of treatment sessions to see progress) will set you back around $2000,-

Ten 1 on 1 EFT coaching sessions with me will cost you $1150,-

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on world class coaches, programs and the highest level training available, along with many years researching the best therapies and techniques and coaching others to be able to achieve social confidence for myself, and to put this system together for you.

The entire Social Confidence System — The videos which visually explain the structure, the 50+ articles making you very well versed in EFT, EFT audio tap-alongs to move beyond all resistance, EFT video tap-alongs to overcome any challenge, e-mail support and lifetime updates — is yours for $197 ; roughly the price of a SINGLE SESSION with a typical cognitive therapist.

It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you risk nothing. If you don’t get way more than you had hoped for, I don’t want your money and I will happily refund your money. I offer this because when you put in the effort and you follow the easy and effective step-by-step proven to work structure, you will soon have the confidence to create the connection and relationships you deserve.

Only $197 for a Lifetime of Social Confidence

Why Is The Social Confidence System For You?

Because you want to:

  • finally release all these fears and negative thoughts
  • stop feeling lonely and frustrated
  • feel at ease anywhere you go
  • be yourself in social situations
  • finally feel comfortable at your workplace or school, which will lead to better results
  • get ahead in life and enjoy exciting new adventures
  • feel more attractive (confidence is attractive)
  • enjoy a happy, active social life
  • get involved in satisfying intimate relationships
  • feel excited and LOOK FORWARD to upcoming social events
  • stop beating yourself up for not living to your potential
  • completely trust yourself
  • feel so powerful that you know you can handle anything that comes your way
  • be happy with, and feel really good about yourself
  • truly like yourself, NO MATTER WHAT
  • enjoy social confidence for the rest of your life. Once you help yourself cure your social anxiety, it’s gone. As in gone FOREVER, never to return.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so sure you’ll love the Social Confidence System that I’m ELIMINATING ALL RISK for you. Here’s your ironclad guarantee :

If you use the Social Confidence System and don’t notice a significant improvement in your social anxiety after 60 days, I will happily give you a full refund — no questions asked

It’s that simple. But keep in mind that social anxiety disorder is a serious problem. You can solve it with the SCS program, but you of course want to put in the effort and do the exercises if you want to start seeing results. And You WILL see results if you do them.


”My trigger situations were getting less and less and my confidence to speak out was rising and now when I think about certain situations that would normally make me anxious I can’t make myself feel anxious.I solved 95% my social anxiety… an amazing life changing feeling. I feel like a different person.”

– Joanne

Get ready to start feeling at ease around anyone and everyone FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Order the Social Confidence System now:

Only $197 for a Lifetime of Social Confidence


Just wanted to drop some words saying the programme is working great: as of now I’ve reached the part of accepting myself no matter what (point 7), and separating myself from SA and not identifying with it. I’ve felt good results in terms of not worrying about being socially anxious, which now I can see accounts for maybe 60% of the anguish/anxiety…

the remaining 40% is just happening and I’m more able to

just let it be. The results till now have been very good !!

So thanks so much !!