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The 6-Month
Social Confidence Challenge

This is NOT your typical face your fears advice…

What if you could become 100% anxiety-free & be yourself around anyone?

Discover the latest insights from Western traditional psychology, and

Experience the unbelievable healing power of Eastern energy psychology

Get the right mindset. Beat your social anxiety. Create social confidence!

The 6-month
Social Confidence Journey

“Combining Western Traditional Psychology (WTP) and Energy Psychology (EP)”

Week 1 – Understanding Acceptance (WTP)
Week 2 – Achieving Acceptance (EP)
Week 3 – Understanding subconscious resistance (WTP)
Week 4 – Releasing subconscious resistance (EP)
Week 5 – Understanding impact of childhood (WTP)
Week 6 – Overcoming your childhood’s impact (EP)
Week 7 – Understanding Initial S.E.E. (WTP)
Week 8 – Releasing the Initial S.E.E. (EP)
Week 9 – Understanding emotional wounds (WTP)
Week 10 – Healing emotional wounds (EP)
Week 11 – Understanding value of Self Love (WTP)
Week 12 – Increasing Self Love (EP)
Week 13 – BONUS (????)
Week 14 – Understanding shame and perfectionism (WTP)
Week 15 – Neutralizing shame and perfectionism (EP)
Week 16 – Understanding importance of Self-Acceptance (WTP)
Week 17 – Improving your Self-Acceptance (EP)
Week 18 – Understanding social fears (WTP)
Week 19 – Letting go of social fears (EP)
Week 20 – Understanding Non-scary exposures (WTP)
Week 21 – Creating Non-scary exposures (EP)
Week 22 – Understanding deliberate optimism (WTP)
Week 23 – Building deliberate optimism (EP)
Week 24 – Understanding effortless social confidence (WTP)
Week 25 – Living effortless social confidence (EP)
Week 26 – BONUS (????)

Is this for you?

This free 6-month challenge is for anyone suffering from social anxiety who wants to become completely anxiety-free and enjoy calm confidence in social situations.

How does it work?

By listening to a weekly podcast and watching an accompanying video you’re guided through the 12 steps to social confidence.

After you’ve registered (everything is free, and you can remain completely anonymous) you’ll receive an email each week containing your podcast and video that covers one of the 12 steps.

You’ll listen to that podcast and watch the short accompanying video. By doing so:

A. You’ll absorb the latest knowledge from leading experts of Western traditional psychology

B. You’ll experience the healing power of Energy psychology as you’re guided through simple, powerful emotional release exercises.

Step-by-step you become less anxious and more calm and confident in social situations.

What is Energy psychology?

Energy Psychology (EP) is a family of integrative approaches to psychotherapy, coaching and healthcare treatment that work with the mind-body connection.

Using simple methods and techniques the brain's neural pathways can be shifted to quickly help you overcome fear, guilt, shame, hurt, anger, and anxiety and enhance your ability to connect, love, and enjoy life.

These methods are helping people around the world experience rapid relief from trauma, stress, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and more.

Who’s organizing this and why?

My name is Sebastiaan van der Schrier an I’m an ex-social anxiety disorder sufferer. Thanks to Energy psychology and the help of some brilliant therapists I’ve been able to become completely anxiety-free. I now feel relaxed and at ease socially and I’m enjoying a satisfying social life with great friends and a lot of fun.

In 2009 I started as a personal coach and since helped socially phobic clients to social confidence for 1000’s of hours. I’ve been fortunate enough to study under and get mentoring from some incredible superstars from both traditional as well as energy psychology. I since also created the Social Confidence System and I host the Social Anxiety Solutions podcast show.

When I was still suffering I swore I’d help as many people as possible if I’d ever overcome it, and via this free 6-month journey I hope to give back and empower you with some of what I’ve learned.

I also want to help facilitate a merging between traditional and energy psychology to offer the best solutions to people suffering, and update social anxiety treatment worldwide.

Is it really 100% free?

Yes! It’s completely free now and forever. And you can unsubscribe anytime. And nobody will have to know you participate. No hidden fees, nothing!

How do I sign up and what will happen?

Signing up is easy. Register by clicking here (again, it’s free and you can remain anonymous).

After you’ve registered, you’ll receive a welcome email from me.

In that email, I’ll give you some amazing information to prepare you optimally for this journey you’re about to embark on. After consuming this, you simply wait for the weekly email to show up, and when it does you’ll listen to the podcast, watch the video and follow the easy steps.

This is life-transforming information you’re about to hear, and incredibly life-enhancing techniques you’re about to experience…

So fasten your seat belts, this is going to be a very empowering, exciting ride!

Beat Social Anxiety