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Social Anxiety Quick Tip: Power of Questions



In this post, I’m sharing a quick tip that you can immediately apply to your social anxiety problem…

…this is especially useful for those times when you want to be able to shift your focus and feel better.

Struggling with social anxiety can feel pretty lousy when you are in a particular mindset. So this will get you out of that mindset and into a better one when you need it.


Sebastiaan: Hello, I’m Sebastiaan from I am a social confidence coach who is sitting in an airport making a quick video. So, this is your social anxiety tip of the week. The video was liked by a bunch of people last week so I’m going to keep this really nice and short and it’s one of the talks this week about the power of questions and I got this from good old Tony Robbins. He says how your focus is controlled by the questions that you ask yourself. And so, you can ask yourself lousy questions which leads you to come up with lousy answers which results in lousy feelings. And so, in order to change your focus, to shift your focus you want to ask yourself better questions.

So, if you’re struggling with social anxiety common question that you might ask yourself is “Why can’t I overcome my social anxiety?” And your brilliant brain will give an answer to any question that you ask it. So, if you ask that question it will come up with answers – “Well, because nothing ever works for me. Well, because I’m doing it wrong. Well, because I’m a tough case. Well, because I should be doing this and I’m not doing that” and so on.

So, you’ll get all these answers that will confirm why indeed you can’t overcome your social anxiety. So, my tip is to change that question around. So, why is it that I will overcome my social anxiety?

And then see what comes up for you and then post your answer below the video or write it down for yourself, okay?

And the more often you ask yourself that question the better answers you get to that and that will give you a proper focus that will make you feel better, that will make you take more action.

So, I hope that’s been helpful and this is something that you can apply across the board. So, that applies to any area of your life. Ask yourself empowering questions and notice how that shifts things for you.

I hope that’s been helpful, you have my free social confidence starter kit where I guide you through a bunch of exercises to release some of your social anxiety. Go to and click on a tab “overcome social anxiety”.

Alright, I will talk to you next week. Bye for now.

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