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Social Anxiety Quick Tip: Never Fail with this Mindset



In this post, I’m sharing a quick tip that you can immediately apply to your life…

…this is especially useful for those times when you are feeling a little stuck with your social anxiety.  Like when you think you’re too tough a case or that you’ve failed in some way, and are looking for what to do next.

I have a bite-sized tip that will help you out with your mindset so you can always make the most out of your situation.


Sebastiaan: Hello this is Sebastiaan from and here is your social anxiety tip. Okay, so, I am a social confidence coach and a former social anxiety disorder sufferer. In case you’re wondering, “Hey, who’s this guy giving a tip?” And I’ve been interviewing tons of people psychologists, coaches, psychotherapists, healers, scientists, best-selling authors for their best social anxieties solutions on my podcast and you can find that in iTunes under social anxiety solutions.

I’ve overcome my own social anxiety using a technique called EFT tapping. If you’re wondering what that is go to my website Social Anxiety Solutions. I’ve also worked with hundreds of people for roughly 5,000 hours since 2009.

Now one of the tips that I’m going to give you today, I’m going to keep this under two minutes is the idea that there’s such a thing as failure.

Okay, so, people try to overcome their social anxiety and then things work, and things don’t seem to work even if they learn the technique like EFT, which I used to overcome my social anxiety. And then they’re like,

“Oh, man, nothing works for me. I’m a failure. I’ll never overcome this. I’m a tough case. It’s just not in the cards for me” etc.

But here’s a mindset I suggest, and I got this from my NLP training way back in the day.

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming it’s a set of techniques and mindsets to go from a particular problem state to a particular outcome state and this is going to stay under three minutes, let’s not get crazy.

And one of the presuppositions that they have in NLP is there’s no such thing as failure, there’s only feedback.

And yes, I learned that, and it was very helpful for me because what it really means is when you try something, and it doesn’t instantly work, you’ll get feedback on it not working.

You can figure out, “Well, why doesn’t it work?” And then you use that feedback for your next attempt. So, there’s no such thing as failure, there’s only feedback. When you use that feedback in your next attempt, you’re more informed and you’re more likely to succeed.

So, there’s no way to fail if you actually keep going, if you keep learning.

Instead of having the mindset of a victim, have the mindset of a learner – “Hey, what can I learn here?”

Alright. So, that’s my social anxiety tip of the week.

I hope it’s been helpful for you. If you want more of these tips hit the subscribe button somewhere here and screen or subscribe to my podcast which you can find in iTunes on their social anxiety solutions or by going to my website

Alright, thank you and I will talk to you soon next week. Every Thursday I release a video. Bye for now.

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