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Social Anxiety Myth: You Cannot Overcome It



Imagine when you were young, and all the things you did looked and felt FUN.

Now…imagine having a similar experience where everything suddenly became awkward!

What is the reason behind it?

Why did it happen?

Do you want to know the answer?

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In today’s episode, Sebastiaan will be busting another misconception people have about Social Anxiety.

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Here’s some bullshit: “You cannot overcome your social anxiety.”

Hey, I’m Sebastiaan from

[I am] former social anxiety disorder sufferer and now, a social confidence coach.

And today, I just want to briefly spew my fury!


Rather, [I will] just talk a little bit about this idea – this myth that is out there that’s causing a lot of people to believe: “Oh man… I’ll be stuck with my social anxiety for the rest of my life.”

I watched a documentary on Netflix a while ago about anxiety.

Actually, it was about mental health and there was one particular episode dedicated to anxiety and [I was] like, “Oh, interesting. Let’s see”…

At the end, one of the psychologists was asked, “Can you cure anxiety?”

He said something along the lines: “Well, rather than curing anxiety, we rather want to think about how we can change the relationship with anxiety because anxiety is something normal and something everyone experiences and it’s not something you cure.”

And I couldn’t disagree more with this guy.

I don’t talk about curing [social anxiety] because ‘curing’ implies that there’s something broken and anxiety is actually not a sign that you’re broken -it’s a sign that your brain is functioning fine.

Anxiety is something that you need when your brain perceives a threat.

So your system is working fine [therefore], nothing is broken. It’s just the software that it’s running on -that is in need of [updating].

But it makes perfect sense to produce anxiety when you’ve learned through a critical mom or dad, or bullying, or [humiliation] with your teacher.

Whatever it is, that certain people are not safe, or certain experiences are not safe.

You know that those are threats -that those are threatening experiences.

It makes sense that, that software have been your real experiences so then your brain needs to warn you about these things that are going to happen.

It does this to protect you because it’s like, “Hey, careful! Dangerous! You might be bullied all over again like you were in high school. So be very careful, this is a risky situation.”


It’s actually doing that to help you [therefore], anxiety is not the real problem.

Therefore, it’s not something you cure but it is something that you can overcome.

And you can update that software.

By updating the software, [it means] neutralizing those experiences and the negative learnings that you got from it.

And that is something that doesn’t happen overnight usually, especially if you’ve been dealing with social anxiety for a longer period of time [because] the anxieties [are being] linked [to] threat.

[The anxiety] has been linked to situations, people, and circumstances.

And the problem is something that you’re obsessing about and thinking about a lot.

It’s going to take some time to overcome it.

This is going to require a journey from social anxiety to social confidence.

And there are different kinds of stages on that journey.

[I will] probably talk about that in next week’s video.

But it is a misconception or better said it is outdated thinking to think that you cannot overcome your social anxiety because you can completely overcome it.

Now a couple of things that people say, “well, anxiety is normal and it’s part of life and everyone deals with it.” Very true. Very, very true.

And when you’re in a scary situation, if you’re about to get hit by a car (boom!) you need that anxiety to jolt you.

When you are walking in a dark alley late at night and somewhat you hear someone sneaking up behind you. Yes, that’s a healthy response to feeling anxiety because that’s an actual threatening situation.

But when you’re in a social situation and you feel anxious because you’re worried about embarrassing yourself, or you’re afraid to get rejected, or you are worried that you’re saying something stupid, or you’re going to run out of things to say…

That’s not a real threat therefore, you do not have to have anxiety.

That is all learned anxiety.

You’re only born with two fears: fear of falling [and] fear of loud noises so all the other ones are learned.

All the other ones are software in your brain that your brain is operating on but that software can be changed with Tapping.

The mainstream thoughts that you cannot overcome your social anxiety is being said by people because [they have experienced it].

This psychologist in this Netflix special is not a bad guy, right?

He’s a psychologist, [which] means he wants to help people.

And that means he’s going to tell them the truth.

But [the truth he has been telling] is based upon his experiences and clearly, he’s not an EFT tapping expert.

Because otherwise, he’d be telling you different things so he has his [own] method and approach.

And these are the results that he has experienced with his clients and many of his colleagues [too].

And so, therefore, [he is sharing the general consensus which is], “you can only change the relationship with [anxiety].

Well, that’s not true.

I’m telling you.

I’ve been telling that since 2009. Look up in my old videos.

I mean, [it’s] the same shit for more than a decade.

And you’ve seen lots of video testimonials and you are going to see more video testimonials.

And you hear psychologists, coaches, and psychotherapists who used to think the same on my podcast but then discovered tapping incorporated into their practice and then realized, “Wow! Actually, this problem can be overcome.”

And you know, so things are different.

So even the mainstream belief that you can’t overcome your social anxiety doesn’t mean it’s the truth -it just means that most people believe that.

But do you want to be part of the limiting of what most people believe or the new, cutting, and leading edge of what is actually possible?

I’m not telling you any fairy tales, this is the real thing.

Tapping works!

It has 102 scientific studies backing it up.

It’s growing continuously…

The evidence is mounting…

It keeps pouring on because more people keep creating these scientific studies.

It’s just expensive to put a test together. They’re not thousands or thousands [of dollars].

(I’m planning to do one myself, actually, using tapping for social anxiety. It’s going to take a few more years to put that together but that’s a big goal and that’s definitely going to happen).

So… [I am telling you that] you can overcome it.

And so that’s the exciting news I wanted to share in anticipation of what’s going to come [to] the 30 Day Social Confidence Challenge.

And that starts people on their journey to social confidence.

Or if you’re already on the journey, it’s going to enhance it.

And whether you are familiar with my work, or you own some of my programs, or you’ve been following along for a long time, or you’ve been doing your own tapping…

Regardless of where you’re at…

There’s something in there for you…

There are lots in there for you that will take you from wherever you’re at to the next level.

I’ve even had former clients who’ve gone through it who said that they found it very empowering or that things shifted for them. It is really, really amazing.

I’ve poured everything into this, it’s 30 days of you receiving an email in your inbox with a story, or a particular mindset, or concept.

There are a lot of the stuff [that] I’ve not shared here because, in an email, I can think things out properly, and I can strategize, and so on and so forth.

So certain things are a bit difficult to share in just one simple video.

And a lot of the emails are like a warm-up to the video of that day.

So you read that email, it’s entertaining, it’s interesting, it’s empowering, makes you feel good and then at the end of it, you’ll see a little video of me (this guy, again, yeah, I know).

And then I’ll guide you through some tapping or I’ll explain a particular concept on a whiteboard.

But every single day, you’ll be tapping and you’ll feel a little bit better or A LOT better.

Sometimes, you make a profound shift in a single day [that] is the result of all the little steps that you’ve done before it.

So that’s my invitation to you today.

You can overcome your social anxiety completely.

Now, it’s not going to happen in these 30 days, most likely -these are just short bits.

But you are going to reduce your social anxiety, you’re going to feel better about yourself, you’re going to have more compassion towards yourself, you’re going to feel so much more empowered, you’re going to have more self-acceptance.

A lot of things are going to improve because we’re going through this challenge with thousands of people.

You’re going to see hundreds and hundreds of comments, maybe thousands of comments underneath these videos of other people going through the challenge together with you [who are] also on their journey to overcoming social anxiety.

So this is exciting and it’s super simple –all you [have to] do is to open your email, read for five minutes, tap for five or 10 minutes.

And then, 15 minutes later, you’re going to feel a little bit better and it’s all going to add up.

I said this to my mom the other day as my mom’s not doing so well.

Even though I’m doing this work, it’s challenging to convince her to go see someone.

She’s like, “It doesn’t help. I’ve seen some people before”.

[I am] like, “yeah, you’ve seen them for like few sessions but you’ve got a big problem and it’s going to take a bit of time to overcome that.”

And like, look, this friend of my mom was very overweight. If she goes to the gym, (I think the lady is maybe 150 kgs or 175 kgs, she’s significantly overweight) for three times, or five times, do you think she’s going to be at her ideal weight? She’s not going to be overweight anymore?

Mom’s like, “no, of course, not.”

[I said], “Exactly, that’s it. You’re going to need to work on this for a period of time chipping away at it. But it’s not going to be that difficult. It’s actually going to feel good. The difference with the gym analogy is like if you have not gone for a long time and you’re overweight, that’s going to suck and the first couple of times is going to suck, maybe the first, three, four, or five times it’s going to be difficult. This is different. Here, it’s actually going to feel good, the very first time you open that email. The very first time you tap along, you’re going to feel a little bit better, a little bit more hopeful, living more optimistic, a little bit more relieved.”

I’m pimping this challenge so much because it is this good.

It’s worthy of this much promotion.

I really want you I want to invite you to come to join us.

It’s going to be fantastic.

You’re going to love it.

Do not miss out on this.

We’re only doing [this once] a year.

And we’re doing this for the fourth time because it’s so great!

Because people love it so much.

So come join [us]!

Go to That is

You do not have to live your life with social anxiety for the rest of your life.

Work on this.

Overcome this.

Chip away at it because it takes a bit of time, don’t let that stop you.


Imagine what life would be like when you wake up and you’re actually feeling good about yourself and you enjoy socializing so you look forward to it.

It’s not something you dread anymore.

You’re not constantly worrying, “Oh, who am I going to run into? What am I going to say? What if this happens? I’m scared of this. I feel insecure here.”


You can neutralize all of that.

You can get rid of that stuff.

You can become okay with who you are.

[You are] no longer afraid of feeling particular emotions.

[You are] actually enjoying connecting with others, having fun, having a good time socially.

Don’t you deserve that?

Alright, so come join us and we’ll start that journey towards that.


So go to

Alright, end of plug.

Hope this inspired you and see you on the inside.

Bye for now.

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