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Social Anxiety Medication To Cure Your Social Anxiety?

In this article on social anxiety medication I’ll provide you with the pro’s and con’s of taking medicine when suffering from social anxiety. I’ll then get into it whether it’s advisable to start using medicine and finally I’ll give you my thoughts on what the best way forward is to solve your social anxiety completely.

Pro’s and Con’s Of Social Anxiety Medication…

When you suffer from a social anxiety disorder and you’re thinking of starting the use of medication, please take the following into consideration…

“Social anxiety medicine can decrease the frequency and intensity of anxiety and it can reduce negative thinking.”

That sounds really great, doesn’t it? Well, it is indeed something that can be very helpful.


Social anxiety medication does not guarantee you the results you might be looking for. It is not working in the same way a simple medicine for headaches does. For a headache, medicine works fast and effectively.

You have a headache, you take some aspirins, your headache is gone.

When you have a social phobia and you take medicine for it, this is not really the case… Social anxiety medicine is more for being able to cope with the social phobia than that it is useful for solving the phobia. You will almost surely get the anxiety and negative thinking back once you stop taking the medicine.

The way I see it is that social anxiety medicine is a short term solution to a long term problem.

Social anxiety medication will simply NOT cure your social phobia, it will only temporarily reduce or minimize it.

It’s like having a broken leg and getting a painkiller. Due to the painkiller you don’t experience so much pain from your broken leg, but it doesn’t heal it. Once the painkiller wears off, the pain and broken leg is still there.

Same thing goes with taking social anxiety medication. Once you stop using the meds, the social phobia is still there. And aside from that, most medicine come with some heavy negative side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

And most social anxiety medicine’s effectiveness wears off after a certain period of using it. Plus you might become addicted and dependent on them.

So there are a lot of negative sides to using social anxiety medication.

Am I Against The Use Of Social Anxiety Medication?

Well, yes and no…

I have investigated most social anxiety medicine out there and for some people it has great benefits. Others have little or no benefit from it and some people have terrible experiences with. Some have major side affects, some almost don’t experience any side effects.

This all depends on your situation and the type medication for social anxiety you use.

There are several factors, like the intensity of your social anxiety, your medical history and the use of other medicine, that need to be taken into account.

Since I am not a medical doctor this article is merely based on my opinion and I therefore strongly recommend you discuss the possible use of social anxiety medicine with your health care professional. And then take responsibility for yourself and make your own decision.

In my opinion, it might in some cases be beneficial to use social anxiety medication. For example when you really don’t see a way out of your situation. You might be so overwhelmed with anxiety that you are simply to fearful to make any decisions.

It can help you to cope with your social phobia and it might give you the temporary courage you need to make the right decision.

Since you’re possibly less overwhelmed by anxiety and negative thinking, it might give you the courage to go for it and contact that coach, therapist, psychiatrist etc. that can help you to overcome your social anxiety.

Plus it might also help you to see the world through the eyes of a person without anxiety for a while. This might motivate you and help you realize that it’s just a mental condition that you have.

When To Take Social Anxiety Medication

There are solutions to overcoming your social anxiety for good. With or without any social anxiety medicine.

This is done by using one of the treatment options that get to the core of the issues and deal with it. Think about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy etc.

The one I most strongly recommend is the use of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. And since social anxiety disorder is a challenging phobia to clear I suggest getting help from a qualified and experienced practitioner.

In closing, I think that some people can benefit from having the assistance of taking medication to solve their social anxiety.

But I also believe that people tend to quickly want to look for a the easy way out. The quick fix. Doctors have a simple fix for you. Got a problem? Here’s a pill!

And it doesn’t cure your problem, it merely helps you deal with it…

Keep in mind that it’s always better to get to the root of the issue and take the more challenging, long term approach than to be dependent on drugs for the rest of your life and possibly having to face your problem later on.

I think medication can be good, but only if you use it as a means to an end, not as the only solution to your social anxiety.

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