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Social Anxiety Help and Solutions

One difficult thing when determining what social anxiety help to get, is figuring out what actually works and what gets you to the results you’re after in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Having struggled with a social anxiety disorder myself, having tried just about all the known and less known types of social anxiety help out there, and having been a social confidence coach for 3 years, I have done all this research in an attempt to find the most powerful and easy solutions.

I have experienced and tried out these techniques, therapies and tools and found that one of them is BY FAR the most effective social anxiety help of them all.

And that is the scientifically proven to be effective EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). EFT combines elements of cognitive therapy, somatic intervention, and brief exposure therapy. Check out the video below to see what it is:

With the help of people that knew what they were doing I have used EFT to solve my own social anxiety disorder, and as a personal coach I use it as my main, most powerful tool to guide people to feel calm and confident in social situations.

Why is EFT the Most Powerful Social Anxiety Help?

To answer this question, we first need to know what social anxiety is, and why it is that you have it. This way you understand what’s going on with you, and how to overcome your challenge.

So what is it?

Social anxiety is simply a program your subconscious mind is using to keep you safe from things you fear might happen when being around others. When you feel anxious in social settings this is due to your fear of something or of multiple things (whether you are conscious of the things you’re afraid of or not…).

Some examples of things you might fear:

  • embarrassing yourself
  • being disapproved of
  • saying something stupid
  • getting teased
  • not being liked
  • getting rejected
  • looking foolish
  • etc.

These things you fear are all learned somewhere in life. And you learned them through what you experienced (or what you observed others experience).

How Do We Learn To Fear Things?

Here’s a simple example of how our subconscious mind learns to fear something. Knowing how this works helps you to understand how the EFT social anxiety help will make all the difference.

Let’s take the example of Jerry. He’s 11 years old and he has to spell a word in front of the class. He makes a silly error and everyone in the class laughs at him. He feels very embarrassed.

Since our subconscious mind is always trying to help us out and keep us safe, it learns here for Jerry that it’s not safe to be the center of attention. It learns this because it notices that being the center of attention leads to an emotionally painful situation (feeling embarrassed).

So as a result of this, Jerry now gets an anxiety response when there is a future situation where he might become the center of attention.

The anxiety is an alarm bell from his subconscious shouting: “Attention Jerry, be careful here! This situation is just like the one where you felt so very embarrassed. You might experience that again!”

Now this is just an example of course and generally social anxiety consists of multiple fears, but what you can do with EFT is go back to these experiences where you learned to fear certain things and then use EFT to neutralize the emotions from it. This will result in letting go of the lessons (beliefs) learned there.

So in Jerry’s case, he would go back to the memory of him making the spelling error in front of the class and use EFT to release the embarrassment and other possible negative emotions.

By doing that and some other simple EFT applications, the learning that it’s not safe to be the center of attention will be released also and as a result Jerry’s subconscious won’t ring the anxiety alarm any longer in situations where he might be the center of attention, because it no longer thinks it’s unsafe for Jerry.

Social anxiety is a collection of fears caused by negative limiting beliefs (these things we learn become beliefs).

By applying EFT in the right way you will eliminate the negative limiting beliefs and so all the fears responsible for the anxiety. And when you no longer have these fears of being around others your subconscious mind no longer has to fire of the anxiety response to keep you safe!

EFT achieves this unbelievably fast compared to all the other tools and techniques, and it does so without going out and forcing yourself to do the thing you fear. It also has the potential to completely eliminate all your anxiety, and the results are permanent.

That’s why EFT is the best social anxiety help out there, and this is why I specialized myself in applying it to overcome social anxiety (disorder).

When you are “just” dealing with social anxiety, and not with a full blown social anxiety disorder, you could overcome it in one single coaching session. I know this might sound too good to be true, but I have helped clients overcome this in one single coaching session.


“After just one session, those feelings of discomfort had completely vanished, I found myself feeling completely calm and relaxed in situations that had previously made me stiffen up, feel self conscious, awkward and generally very uncomfortable. The EFT exercises he guided me through had proved remarkably effective.”

Charlie, UK

Click here to read his full testimonial and many others

When you are dealing with a a full blown social anxiety disorder one single session –while it will likely already make a big difference- of social anxiety help from me is probably not going to be enough to solve all your social anxiety.

This because a social anxiety disorder is almost always linked with low self esteem and therefore it takes some more time and guidance to fully resolve it. Which is why I offer social anxiety help coaching session packages.

If you like to do this all by yourself and prefer online social anxiety help then read the specifics about my EFT based Social Confidence System where you via articles, audios and videos will be guided to resolving your social anxiousness step-by-step.

Whatever social anxiety help you are looking for, you now have the solutions available to you. You can be completely free of social anxiety and enjoy feeling calm, confident and at ease being around and interacting with others.

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Kind regards,
Sebastiaan van der Schrier

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