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In this post, I’m sharing an epic social anxiety transformation.


Sebastiaan: Bonjour, hello, this is Sebastiaan from and I’m here with my friend Zizou.

Zizou: Hey.

Sebastiaan: I’m from I’m a former social anxiety disorder suffer and I help people overcome social anxiety so you can feel calm and relaxed in social situations. Today I’m interviewing Zizou on her social anxiety experience, how she experienced social anxiety in her area and how she’s kind of become more comfortable with herself and the kind of things that she’s done and how she’s feeling now. I’m sure she also has some good tips and tricks for you. This is very an impromptu interview so we’re sitting at the beach and she’s like, “Oh wow, is it going to be question or answer?” I’m like it’s just going to be in the moment interview and we’ll see how it goes.

I’ll give a little bit of a pre story of how we met. We met salsa dancing and I said to her you’re quite good for someone who just started. It’s kind of like a half pass compliment. I said something along the lines. I said I think that’s because you’re quite comfortable with yourself. Do you remember?

Zizou: Yeah, yeah, totally.

Sebastiaan: And what did you say?

Zizou: Then I was like well basically no, I’m not that much because it’s been a hard time for me since I started salsa. I met him maybe three months after starting or like two months. I maybe look more comfortable now but it’s been hard time.

Sebastiaan: By the way we’re referring to salsa dancing a Latin dance just in case some people really don’t know what it is. It’s a Latin dance. You said something along the lines like that and then I said well, guess what work I’m doing? I’m a social confidence coach and I help people overcome social anxiety.

And then I found it interesting I’m like wow someone with social anxiety dancing salsa. That’s quite like a step outside of your comfort zone. I asked you about well, what are the things that you’ve done that helped you be more comfortable then? What did you answer?

Zizou: I said salsa helped me a lot. I’ve done some workshops, I did some exercises too like step out of my comfort zone and push myself a little bit, Acroyoga also. This kind of practices where you have more contact, you’re more exposed.

Sebastiaan: I don’t know how much you want to share or how much you’re comfortable with sharing but what was your social anxiety experience like? Because some people might watch this for the first time so they don’t know my social anxiety experience so I’ll just share like a few thoughts of how it was for me when it wasn’t is worse so we have a good idea.

For me it was super self-conscious. I would walk the newspaper I was like 14-15 years old I walked the newspaper and I’d start at the beginning of the street and be like oh people are probably watching me and I was even uncomfortable about am I going to swing my arms or am I going to keep them next to my body  I’ve blushed all the time if I was the center of attention I would blush, if there was talk about sex or dating or attractiveness or whenever I was the center of attention I would blush.

As a result of that I would get anxious a lot and so my brain started fearing those experiences. In the morning when I would wake up, I’d already be scared of the people that I might run into that day and there was going to be an awkward situation. It was all like I have to uphold this reputation that everything is okay and that that I look fine and that I’m cool and that kind of stuff. That it was a very anxiety-ridden experience. So, it really sucked and I couldn’t overcome it.

Eventually I overcame it. Long story, if you want to hear about that go check out another video or go here and I’ll edit this in later. For you what was your social anxiety experience like?

Zizou: Well, I’ve always been very shy and extremely introverted in class. I was struggling by just asking questions or when I was just in social events, I felt exposed in all kind of situations like having an order in McDonald’s or these kinds of things.

Sebastiaan: Like it will be difficult to order in McDonald’s?

Zizou: It was always a hard time. Okay, I’m going to struggle this time and again and again it was like literally a nightmare every day, all day because being around people and everything like that’s what happened all day every day.

Sebastiaan: And how would you feel on the inside? What emotions would you experience or how would it feel?

Zizou: Well, just discomfort, depending on the situation but usually it was fear, feeling embarrassed but for no reason be stressed having like a knot in the stomach and in the throat, becoming red and sweating. All these things but depending on the kind of situation, it was kind of a mix of all these things. I thought that by the time it would just go off.

Sebastiaan: There will go away on its own?

Zizou: Yeah.

Sebastiaan: Yeah.

Zizou: But it didn’t and then I had like some more issues let’s say with men and other relationships. I just become worse and worse and I couldn’t do pretty much nothing. I tried to push myself and go to some events and start dating and all these kinds of things but I couldn’t.

Then I spent five years in Canada, I was a little bit better but still I was struggling and having a hard time every night. Especially when I didn’t know anyone then I came to Bali last year. My first six months here it was kind of a reconstruction and I didn’t really try to go to talk with people like making friends or new relations. I wasn’t ready for this.

Sebastiaan: What would you do then? Hitting your room?

Zizou: No, yoga. I did yoga all day, five to eight hours a day, it depends.

Sebastiaan: Five to eight hours of yoga a day? That’s hard core, okay.

Zizou: It was all yoga and then I went back to Morocco because I’m from Morocco and when I went there for summer, I had a lot of expectations with my friends but I had nothing for six month and it wasn’t as good as I expected. So, I said okay when I come back, I need to change and I need to make something. And so, I started dancing and I started Acroyoga the same time six months ago again or even more.

Sebastiaan: And how was that in the beginning? It’s quite a courageous decision to make.

Zizou: Yeah, well, I was passionate by all the Spanish and Latin cultures. It wasn’t to help my mind. My problem or my issue it was really because I was curious about this. I knew it would be quite tough for me but still I tried I went to some social nights which is basically just nights where there’s a live band or just DJ and Latin dancing. It took me month and almost and a half to like just there actually go dancing in front of everyone,

There was just no way for me to just go and pick up a guy’s okay, let’s dance. I didn’t know how to dance; I was shy and all these things. But then Jorge, a good friend was my very, very first partner and it doesn’t grab me one day and let me dance. It was awful. I mean I loved it but I don’t know what I was thinking about, it was just physically there.

Maybe I was thinking all the people who are watching me, looking at me, watching me because it’s just basically dancing in the middle of the table so it’s very embarrassing or okay, I don’t know how to dance, I’m missing the steps. So, it took me maybe another month or month and a half to overcome this. That’s when I met you more or less. We started dancing and in a couple of weeks I think that’s when you told me…  I don’t know how we talked about this but then I said I’m trying to get some attitude so then it doesn’t show.

Sebastiaan: So that you show the outside world that you’re comfortable and the outside world thinks that you.

Zizou: Yeah, it’s easier for me if I just close myself and nothing happens.

Sebastiaan: Acroyoga? What is it?

Zizou: Basically, it’s yoga and acrobatics. We’re playing with partners, one or more partners and there’s a lot of contact, some tricky positions sometimes.

Sebastiaan: Is it sexual?

Zizou: No, not at all. It’s more sport I say or hobby. It’s kind of acrobatics.

Sebastiaan: Like when people are lying on the floor because that we’ve actually done it on our retreat by her recommendation. So, I took the people from our retreat through an acroyoga class. People were lying on the floor and then someone else is on top of that and flying and all that kind of stuff.

Zizou: Exactly. So, you have the [13:00 Inaudible] most of the time or more and we’re just playing.

Sebastiaan: Yeah, different poses and that kind of stuff.

Zizou: Yeah, body weight and everything. So, there’s a lot of fun there’s a lot of connection but it’s mainly connection with the flyer. There’s a kind of trust inside because you’re just upside down sometimes and these kinds of things and a lot of contact everywhere and where most of the time women are in shorts and the men are topless. It’s quite intimidating for first time. And also, everyone’s very good, like the girls are perfect, flawless, good shape. It’s quite intimidating in the beginning and it’s really fun and really worth it.

So, how it helped me?

Well, I don’t know what the process that happened but I remember on the first days or weeks I was having a very hard time by just letting people and specially men touching me. Nothing sexual but just like the hips or the back was really, really hard for me to just let go either in acro or salsa but much more in salsa because when you dance salsa bachata like all the Latin dance sometimes you have some tension, the sexual tension even if you don’t want to but like this dance allows this.

Yes, I was very uncomfortable. But then by the time going there couple of times a week and also making new friends because most of the time are the same people so we’re just building more confidence.

Sebastiaan: Familiarity, know each, similar interest.

Zizou: And then it’s easier and you can let go more and more. In the end I did lots of workshops exercises, I traveled alone and I had no other choice than go for it.

Sebastiaan: What I want to point out is that we had Matt and she had social anxiety and shyness problems to a big degree and she didn’t really know what to do. Because she had an interest in yoga and dance that’s an area where she naturally was drawn to and she went there and she went a bunch of times and she went over and over and over and as a result she started to become more familiar with that and started to form some friendships and that build some confidence. Those are things that you can do.

I talked about that before because that’s been my experience as well. When I go towards things that inspire me, that I like, that I enjoy doing that builds some confidence. Not just that it builds confidence but it also builds a social life. Connections, people that are like-minded, you run into the same people over and over and it can be a bit scary and intimidating in the beginning but as you keep doing that, the more you do it, the more familiar you become with them and the more familiar they become with you.

You start to recognize each other’s name and it’s like, “Oh, that person is showing up again”. It’s inevitable that you have some conversations with people and people are generally nice. Yeah, maybe not if you’re 12 and you’re in some kind of crappy school but generally people are nice. If that hasn’t been your experience then unfortunately your past experiences are coloring your perception and your perception is telling you people suck and they’re going to be mean and that kind of stuff. That’s something you need to clean up which you can do with energy psychology and tapping, combining traditional psychology with energy psychology. Which kind of brings us to…

Zizou: Yeah, just a second.

Sebastiaan: Yes, go ahead.

Zizou:  What helped me the most, first thing is being part of a community as you said because for me seeing more and more the same people you create kind of confidence in the circle and it helps, it’s easier and also trying to do something you are very interested about or passionate about because then this would bring the motivation you’ll have to do something you really want to or you really love will be stronger or bigger over past your stress or fear or anxiety or something. Like okay, I really want to do it. Either with salsa or acro sometimes I was just almost crying because I was stressed going there alone and say, “Okay, what if nobody wants to play with me?” It was constant stress and anxiety.

By doing something that you love with a group that you see frequently I think it was the best combo for me.

Sebastiaan: For some people that’s hiking, for some people that’s martial arts, for some people that’s playing football. Whatever, there’s a variety of things, there’s lots of things.

There are communities around everything right now. Just type in the thing that you’re interested on Facebook and then your city and you’ll find lots of groups that are interested in that kind of stuff. If you’re in salsa dancing come salsa dance somewhere and we will meet up.

Cool. Then I had my retreat and I invited some friends to come over to help out with some salsa dancing. The people on my retreat did some salsa dancing. It was with my favorite instructors, super comfortable class, it was very fun and we needed some extra dancers. Afterwards as Zizou came over, we did a little group session, so I sat down and I tapped with everyone on their fears, their anxieties and so on. What was your experience of that?

Zizou: When I went there all new people but I came and they were already dancing because I came late as usual. I just popped up by dancing and I was very okay. Thank God I have no more issues by dancing in all situations, even with people that don’t know and everything. I was really okay and then it was over and so okay, let’s have a seat and do this workshop or exercise or whatever you want to call it.

Then I started to stress because okay, now I’m going to talk with people and open a little bit myself and everything. I wasn’t really ready for this even though I knew I was coming for this exercise. I started to like close myself more and more. I think we started directly with the tapping.

Sebastiaan: I opened the little workshop space by saying hey, this is a retreat on social anxiety and a lot of people experience anxiety and we’re now sitting in a circle so we’re going to talk, everyone is going to express their feelings and tell me what’s going on with you and do you feel anxious right now in a moment. Normally that is something that everyone wants to hide but this is a place where it’s open, where you can talk about it.

We had a bunch of people from the retreat but we also had some new people into the group and interestingly enough you opened up by saying yeah, I feel anxious a lot but I just don’t let anyone know. There are so many people socially anxious just nobody really talks about it, it’s this big secret.

Zizou: Then when it was time to jump into it, I said okay, I’m really uncomfortable but when I’m uncomfortable usually I just laugh and pretend everything is okay but I’m just melting inside. Yeah, I just expressed clearly and honestly what was happening and then we started to try to understand what was going on and how I feel it in my body and where it’s located and imagine some situations and all these kinds of exercises.

We did this tapping thing where you like to talk about this on your channel and it was very new and tapping everywhere like this and I was watching everyone doing this but normally, it was very natural but tapping like this and talking it was so embarrassing but still I was okay, this might be part of the game. I cannot explain it, but at the time it helped me.

Then we did repeat some sentences. I don’t really remember but like was negative at the beginning and then positive and still tapping and then I felt layers going down and going down. Also, we had to imagine some situation where we would be embarrassed and I could see it very clearly but after maybe one hour of work it became fade until the emotion was gone and the vision when I closed my eyes and I tried to reimagine myself. Then I was very surprised, I was okay. Maybe because I had to leave and you put more focus on me but it wasn’t even one hour and I felt the effect. I was like I don’t know what is happening but this is working.

Sebastiaan: One second, let me explain it real briefly. We all did tapping exercises and one of the exercises that we did is I had her imagine a particular scenario that she would be afraid of. I don’t know afraid of becoming embarrassed. I didn’t have her imagine becoming embarrassed and I think we came up with a past experience where she was embarrassed and when she thought about that.

You didn’t even tell me what it was by the way, no need to do it but I’m just saying because you can work even without content. We rated her level of embarrassment on a scale of 0 to 10 I think it was 8 or 9 and then we did the tapping and afterwards as always happens when you do it in the right way that emotion shifts. It processes, it releases and it’s then no longer in your system and you feel different because you don’t feel embarrassed anymore.

You’ve processed some old emotions, some old emotional wounds have been healed, emotions from younger you’s that you were holding on to are no longer there and so you feel more comfortable, you feel more at ease, you’re more at peace with who it is that you are, you’ve integrated a part of your past into your here and now being and so you’re more present.

Zizou:  That is very good said but that’s exactly what happened and how we feel it. I was very surprised and enough who knows about this method and how it works and you proposed me to work on this good. I think I called him or I saw him a couple of days after that saying okay, this thing is really magic, it’s worth it and then he proposed to do a session.

Sebastiaan: Yes, because you said that you have a particular bigger issue and you told me that before the retreat already and I said I could probably help with that. Since we were sitting in a group session and I knew that was going to be something very personal I said we’ll meet one-on-one for that one. That’s how it went.

Zizou: I could talk about this.

Sebastiaan: Oh, yeah, share if you want to share.

Zizou: Yeah, I have nothing to hide and then I’m really glad and happy that it’s not an issue anymore or not as much as before but mostly with men and sexually and in my relationships and my behavior with guys and everything.

Sebastiaan: What would happen when the problem was there? How would you feel?

Zizou: I think just full of fear and I’d feel bad and just feel like I need to open and open and open and I feel compression in my chest, sometimes in my throat, on my belly.

Sebastiaan: What would trigger those feelings? Men in general?

Zizou: Yeah, but it’s really paradox because on the other hand I’m very comfortable with guys like more than girls. I mean most of my friends are men and everything but I think as soon as there’s this sexual tension… If I feel comfortable with the guy it’s quite okay but as soon as like we just shift yeah, I block.

I had some ideas with the past and there’s some things that happen and I can relate and I said I had no clue to just overcome it.

Sebastiaan: You had no idea how to overcome it?

Zizou: Yeah, because I was attracted in so many men and I would just watch them and say okay, they’re quite handsome or hot or attractive or interesting but then I just couldn’t go for it for months or even years ago.

Sebastiaan: Because that feeling would get triggered and then you close up and it’s a “no” everywhere.

Zizou: Basically, I always had this kind of troubles but before when I was young, I was okay maybe. I was thinking it’s because I’m young and I didn’t want to face this as a real problem and then I had my hearth broken and all the girls know it is to be heartbroken and all these things. So, for a year I was still in love and not interested into this at all.

Sebastiaan: Dating with boys and anything like that?

Zizou: Yeah. And then one year after my breakup I was okay, time to move on and do something and then I realized I couldn’t. I literally couldn’t. I wanted to, I was attracted by guys, really gentle man, kind guys but for some reason I just couldn’t. And the more I waited the bigger the problem became and so I was just kind of lost.

Salsa dancing helped me a little bit but still I couldn’t know properly date or feel good in my body. This problem was still here. The very first day when we talked about this like when you said if you are comfortable and do you have some issues with men.

When we were doing this exercise in the retreat, this workshop of course, I was thinking of this kind of situations but also, it’s more general like even socially I have a lot of issues and it’s even worse with men because socially sometimes I can feel really okay and comfortable. At one point I can shift and I can feel okay like what’s outside but with men I would still have this boundary.

Sebastiaan: It’s a block.

Zizou: Yeah, huge block and that’s why you proposed me to do the private session because I think you guess what might be the problem. We went for this session, it lasted whole afternoon like a couple of hours.

Sebastiaan: Yeah, two-and-a-half-hour session.

Zizou: Even more, it was really tiring for me, intense, we went very deep into the childhood and some problems that I have faced before also. We talked about some more intimate topics so it was very hard for me. I knew it was essential at this time and very important to open because I was tired of the situation but it was emotionally challenging.

Zizou: It was mixed inside my body and my mind my brain.

Sebastiaan: Was it beyond what you could handle? Was it too much and you couldn’t handle it?

Zizou: No, I knew that we would go to these kinds of things because obviously at one point we need to put the finger on it. I know it would be painful or just disturbing. That’s why I was very stressed actually before going to the session but we went beyond my expectation. I talked about my parents and my childhood and some bad issues. But I think I still could handle it. I remember at the end of the session I felt very light fresh release. I cannot explain why; I don’t know what happened but I felt better like instantly. During the process no but like as soon as we were into this more peaceful end and meditation, I felt I didn’t have to cry anymore.

Sebastiaan: She’s just an example of your issues for everyone. Her particular situation was when attractive men would come up, she would get all these feelings in her body, in her chest, and her stomach and her throat and it would cause her to freeze up and she couldn’t be herself anymore. Am I saying that right?

Zizou: Yeah, totally. I could talk or sometimes move or sometimes breathe. Sometimes it could be very stream for no reason.

Sebastiaan: Right, right. Then is a big limitation in our life because then she can’t date, have relationships, get close, no intimacy. Those kinds of issues are caused by that. So, it’s these feelings and the anxiety. When we were in a session, I know that these feelings that she’s having they don’t make any sense, they don’t make any logical sense and she cannot talk herself out of those feelings. I’m sure she’s tried. It’s okay this guy is really nice, he’s very gentle, everything’s okay, I’m fine blah, blah. You can do that and it might help a little bit but it doesn’t deal with those strong negative emotions in your body that prevent you from being able to be yourself. Why not? Because these emotions are too strong and these emotions that come from… How old are you? 23?

Zizou: Yeah.

Sebastiaan: These emotions were not her 23-year-old self-emotions, they were the emotions from little Zizou who is nine years old or from Zizou that was 18 years old and she was reliving those feelings. What we did is we first connected with those emotions while we were doing the tapping. And yes, sometimes that is uncomfortable and painful because you get to experience them but she experiences them throughout her life anyway whenever an attractive guy shows up or their sexual tension or anything like that. So, those feelings are there whether you like it or not, you can’t run away from them so we purposely face them.

It’s kind of like an exposure therapy but not an exposure therapy where you go run up to a stranger and high-five them or other ridiculous stuff. Instead you face those emotions in the comfort of your own home and then as you bring up these emotions you add the tapping to it.

My coaching is focused on provoking those emotions and then doing the tapping to neutralize a let go of those old stuck emotions so you can process them so that those old emotions from seven-year-old Zizou connectedly complete their cycle. Because emotions are like waves on the ocean eventually, they peak and the tapping allows them to reach the peak and then process through and it’s a very relieving thing.

Then those feelings are no longer lodged or coded in your body but they’re actually processed. Then when an attractive guy shows up for her and she has some sexual tension or anything she doesn’t revert back to feeling like a nine-year-old or like a fifteen-year-old or whatever the case may be. Because those feelings are not there anymore to be triggered because they’ve been processed then she can just react as a 23-year-old and be free and making her decisions based upon her values.

That process sometimes involves tears, not always, it involves feeling uncomfortable, feelings like insecurity or shame or embarrassment. Any kind of negative emotion really but it’s a process that involves tapping, usually it involves quite a bit of joking around, there might be some visualization involved and you’re basically repeating a lot of what I say and I ask you questions you answer it and simultaneously we’re tapping, we’re bringing up stuff from the past that you no longer want to hold on to and we release it and let go of it and there you go. And how did you feel at the end of it?

Zizou: How did I feel after the session?

Sebastiaan: All of it.

Zizou: As soon as we ended and finished, I remember I couldn’t wait to just try to be with people and try something with guys because I felt kind of unblocked and liberated.

But I was still curious to see how it would be translated in real life. I remember the next the next two or three days my sleep was very disturb. Not nightmares but I guess we went very deep into this subconscious.

And I was prepared for that but then well I don’t know why for some reason my dance changed, the way I moved. I was just walking, sitting, talking with people and the will to just go to some more events alone, not just dancing ones but more general, big parties or more intimate ones with people that I don’t know, go for some aqua beach trips, these kinds of things. I was more comfortable; I won’t say no more problems but almost.

Sometimes yeah, I would feel a little bit close but I was much more aware of it and I could react easily and it wasn’t no more this very big shame or the thing where I can’t breathe. I was very, very happy with that and with men. Actually, I had before and after the session because I tried to apply what we talked about and also work on my mindset and react before it goes too much. Now if I don’t do something with someone is really because I don’t want to rather than I cannot because I’m out of control.

Sebastiaan: You are at two ways now. You can choose to move forward and pursue when you’re attracted and you don’t have to run away from it anymore because the feelings are overwhelming you.

Zizou: Yeah, totally. Either with men or with more general relations or events or doing an interview with I don’t know how many people that I don’t know and expose myself because it’s quite intimidating but still I never could do this before. My English sucks and all these things but now I’m really feeling lighter and fresher. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful because there was the more efficient way and the most efficient exercise thing to just deal better with that because I tried many things for years. I tried to go to some associations, organizations, sorority experiences before but it was never, never, never that intense and that helpful in like three hours.

I’ve done lots of things before so maybe it was easier to open myself and just be okay to do this kind of exercise. I knew it was going to be quite tough but still it changed me, it changed me literally inside deeply. I cannot be more thankful and grateful for that.

Sebastiaan: Awesome, thank you.

Zizou: Thank you.

Sebastiaan: Well, thanks for sharing, this is helpful. It’s actually quite difficult because I work with clients a lot and there are many people that make a transformation and that have an experience like this but they’re not so eager and willing to share on a video. They’re kind of like hey, this is my personal thing and I don’t necessarily want to share that with others. So, thank you for sharing.

Zizou: My pleasure. When you asked me, I was thinking okay yeah but I was like okay, I didn’t think long time I think I just said yes right away. First you help me so I think that’s the minimum I can do. It’s half back and I’m sure like there’s many, many people dealing with the same struggles so if it can help at least someone worse than me and I’m sure it can help at least one person, I would be more than happy to help. Even if it’s very intimate and they’ll have some friends or some people that I know them see this but I really have nothing to hide. I’m really proud of all this journey because I think having issues and struggles it’s normal, it’s part of life.

Sebastiaan: Thank you, yes.

Zizou: And most important thing is overcoming it.

Sebastiaan: Exactly, doing something about it. And the good thing is you can actually do something about it and something that is effective and efficient and works quickly so that you’re no longer reliving your past but you can actually be present in the moment, you can enjoy yourself, you can have enjoyable relationships, you can sit in front of a camera and talk and have a good time and then you can dance salsa.

Zizou: And do some acroyoga.

Sebastiaan: Now, it’s not as easy for everyone. This was just a single session, it happened to be three, two-and-a-half-hour session which is uncommon. For some people it will take longer period of time. About 35% of the people that I work with resolve their social anxiety in three sessions. That’s three times 90-minute sessions. Other people I work with, sometimes they take a long a longer period of time. I sometimes work with six sessions, nine sessions, in rare cases even longer than that but the good thing is each single session you progress.

Because after 90 minutes of tapping regardless of however big your problem is something will have shifted and that shift will be permanent because when you clean things up from the past it’ll be gone, it will not bother you anymore and you won’t be able to get upset anymore about that thing. If this is your social anxiety problem a single session will take a chunk off of your problem and that chunk might be in her case like almost all of it and in other cases it’s like a little bit and you need to do something else and you need to do something else in order to get free of your social anxiety.

And in other people it needs to be more sessions. It just depends but whenever you start applying this in the right way and if you need to get help and you reach out for help you do that you take action and you actually start to release and let go of your past then things will start to shift in your life. It’s an amazing time. We’re not just living as a victim of our thoughts and emotions anymore.

We can take control of our brain and reconnect with our heart and actually live liberated lives which is very, very cool. And I like what you said, everyone has issues, it’s not something to be ashamed about, it’s normal. If you live anywhere in the world, especially in the Western world you’re going to grow up with a whole bunch of issues and now you can work through them and as you work through them you grow yourself internally, you become more resilient, you have more depth to you because you’ve experienced the dark side and so now you’re just more well-rounded.

It’s becoming too much of a hippie-dippie talk so we’re going to end up here and dance some salsa.

But I hope this has been helpful to you. To get my free social confidence starter kit where I teach you the technique that I’ve used to overcome my own social anxiety, that I’ve assisted Zizou with you can go to and click on the “Overcome SA for FREE” button if that still does the same button. But that’s where you can sign up. You got 10 videos where I teach this technique to you for free in 5 of them and they’re all like 5 or 10 minutes each, you run through them easily.

I teach you the technique so you can immediately start applying it to yourself and already start reducing your social anxiety. In 5 of those videos actually I guide you through releasing some of the most common social anxiety problems that people run into and you can reduce those big problems there. That’s my little marketing plug at the end, thank you very much. I’ll show you where we are going and that is there. We’re going to join them and dance some salsa.

Zizou: Yes!

Sebastiaan: So, thank you.

Zizou: Thank you very much!

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